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"800#'s, Military Bases, and Concerns" by Terity - 1/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"800#'s, Military Bases, and Concerns" by Terity - 1/29/19

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"800#'s, Military Bases, and Concerns" by Terity - 1/29/19 Empty "800#'s, Military Bases, and Concerns" by Terity - 1/29/19

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:44 am

You know... I've been on this forum for a few years now. Reading diligently on a daily basis, trying to make sense of this ongoing RV saga. 

And I have come to respect the posts of a few members including, but not limited to, Mr. Ron Giles. 

Over the past few days there has been a lot of discussion around these elusive #800 numbers. 

Anonymous and ubiety have raised what, in my opinion, are very logical and sound questions. Yet they have been bashed as trolls to say the least. 

And my question is WHY! 

Why is it unreasonable to want to know where these #800 numbers come from?

Why is it unreasonable to want to know who will issue them?

Why is it unreasonable to want to know who will be answering on the other side?

Who decided that Patrick, or Bruce from the Big Call Universe will have access to these numbers?

Why have they been the selected/chosen ones?

Perhaps they themselves can enlighten those of us who wish, and I believe have a right to know, where they will get these numbers from and why we should really trust them.

I have personally gone to The Big Call Universe site on many occasions to sign myself up for their newsletter and to be contacted when the #800 numbers are released and nothing ever happens. I enter my name and surname, my valid email address, hit submit and what do I get? Nothing. No confirmation, no link in my inbox to confirm my subscription. Nothing. I even contacted the site through their ministry email address expressing this issue and asking how to go about resolving it but if you've received a response then so have I. What happens after I hit the submit button is I am instantaneously taken back to the sign up page as seen in the screenshot below. It doesn't work! And believe me I know how to sign up to newsletters only this one never works.... 

"800#'s, Military Bases, and Concerns" by Terity - 1/29/19 Big%2Bcall%2Buniverse

So who is this Bruce? And how does he have access to these numbers? And where does he get his information from?

Is there anybody here that can verify for me that they have, in fact, successfully signed up for this newsletter?

Another question raised by Anonymous and/or ubiety is the unmarked military bases. 

So let me get this straight, folks. I call this #800 number, while having absolutely no clue who is behind it, to follow instructions to go to an unmarked location, possibly with military escort, to hand over my currency in order to have it exchanged/redeemed without knowing WHO I am dealing with. 

Who can assure me that this is all trustworthy? Because Bruce or any "Bruce" says it? How can I be certain this is not all some big set up to strip people of their currency? Who is to tell me that I won't be escorted to my appointment only to have it taken away from me at gunpoint and then released, in the best case scenario, with a warning to hush hush in order that my life me spared? Just saying. Are these not reasonable concerns? Are you kidding me? To me it's insulting to peoples' intelligence and trust. 

And the other matter of concern. It is said that HSBC will be the (chosen) bank to handle exchanges. Is the HSBC NOT part of the Central Banking System we, as humans aspiring to an honest banking system, are making efforts to wipe off the face of this planet? 

Yes, fellow readers of this forum, these are my concerns. And they are sound and logical concerns based on sheer common sense and anyone who tells me otherwise is very gullible or does not have my best interests at heart. And before I, too, am labeled a troll know this. I come from a place of integrity with only good intentions in my mind and heart. If my questions/concerns can be answered in a respectful manner it would be greatly appreciated. 


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