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Tues. PM KTFA News Articles 1/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tues. PM KTFA News Articles 1/29/19

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Tues. PM KTFA News Articles 1/29/19 Empty Tues. PM KTFA News Articles 1/29/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:36 am


Samson » January 29th, 2019

Report: Venezuela devalues ​​currency to match black market

28th January, 2019

A report said the Venezuelan government has devalued its official currency to match the black market

"The government wants the value of the local currency to go with its value traded on the black market," AFP quoted an official source as saying on Monday

The official value of the Bolivar is 248567.75 per dollar, according to data from Fakstit

The report comes as political tensions mount in the South American country, which also suffers from a severe economic crisis and excessive inflation

Venezuela is suffering from a sharp devaluation of the local currency as well as surging inflation, which is expected to hit 1 million percent last year

Last August, Caracas announced a new currency that would cancel 5 zeros from its local currency, the Bolivar, called the sovereign Bolivar

Caracas witnessed mass demonstrations last week to demand the departure of President Nicolas Maduro amid accusations that he won this month's election fraud and fraud

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guido declared himself the interim president of the country and received considerable support from the United States and several Latin American countries LINK

Anbar calls on Interpol to arrest its officials involved in stealing public money

29th January, 2019

The Anbar provincial council on Tuesday called on Interpol to pursue and arrest wanted officials from the province who are outside the country and hand them over to the Iraqi judiciary.

Council member Mahmoud al-Dulaimi said in a statement that the local government of Anbar calls on Interpol to pursue and arrest the officials of the province on the background of their involvement in financial and administrative corruption and waste billions and handing them over to the Iraqi judiciary and to retrieve all the money smuggled out of the country and to benefit from them in the reconstruction of infrastructure.

"Information on the presence of a number of wanted individuals in neighboring countries, especially in Turkey and Lebanon, has prompted us to call on Interpol to pursue them, arrest them and hand them over to the competent Iraqi authorities," Dulaimi said.

"A number of wanted persons fled to neighboring countries and others in the past years, taking advantage of the critical stage experienced by the country," he said, adding that "most of those involved in financial and administrative corruption have fled abroad to ensure that they are not prosecuted legally."LINK

Labor recovers 1 billion dinars from transgressors on social protection

29th January, 2019

The Director General of Social Protection Fund at the Ministry of Labor, Jacqueline Salia, said Tuesday that the refunds to the Fund amounted to nearly one billion dinars during the month of January of 2019.

"The amounts recovered from the transgressors on the salaries of social welfare included Baghdad and the provinces except for the province of Kurdistan," Salwa said in a statement received, "a copy of it," indicating that "the total amounts recovered from the transgressors amounted to more than (900) million dinars, plus more From (422) million dinars of the ratio of 0.25 ".

She added that "the Fund's Department continues to recover money from the excesses of subsidy and at a rising pace in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Labor in the name of Abdul-Zaman, the judge to expedite the completion of the file to recover the debt and the suspension of suspensions to maintain public money and also re-launch of the salaries of the subsidy to stop their salaries." LINK

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