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Anonymous - "Currency Scammers" by (Anonymous) - 1/29/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Currency Scammers" by (Anonymous) - 1/29/19

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Anonymous - "Currency Scammers" by (Anonymous) - 1/29/19 Empty "Currency Scammers" by (Anonymous) - 1/29/19

Post by RamblerNash Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:26 am

I have been an avid reader here for quite some time and I invested in the RV in 2012. My purpose for this post is to provide a bit of information in order to help protect the IDC community. It is my first post, however, I will do my best to keep it short and sweet. 

After having been involved in the RV for so long and, just like all of you, I am still waiting for those illusive 800 numbers. I recently decided to liquidate some of my Iraq dinar to catch up on the never ending bills. I went to DinarCurrency.com and found that they are offering $1,000 per million of uncirculated Iraq dinar. After having spoken with one of their representatives, who called himself Todd, I made a deal to sell them back millions of uncirculated Iraq dinar for the specified price of $1,000 per million. On January 7, of this month, I sent the registered and insured package to the address specified to me on the site. According to the USPS, the package was delivered to that address on January 12. I did speak with the same representative two days prior to the delivery of the package and he told me he would contact me as soon as the package arrived. That call never came. In fact, I placed many calls to the site along with many emails and got NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER, until January 24thwhen I received an email stating that I had sent them an empty box and that I should contact the sender to collect my insurance. No name was placed on the email. I went directly to the post office and was told that the package weighing over four pounds was most certainly delivered to the correct address and was fully intact, therefore, there would be no insurance payment. The manager there also expressed to me that the address on the site is not a valid physical office location as it is simply a UPS drop off point. Anybody can rent these boxes! Yes, someone signed to receive the package, however, as you can imagine, the signature is far from legible. I have attempted on many occasions to contact the representatives from DinarCurrency.com and, of course, again, with NO RESPONSE WHATSOEVER. I have been asked by the authorities to acquire some full names, employee numbers, and photo IDs of any of the representatives. They continue to ignore me entirely, thus this matter has been turned over to the proper authorities including the FBI. I lost millions of Iraq dinar and I want each of you to use your own discernment should you decide to sell any of your foreign currencies or bonds. DON’T

SEND THEM TO ANYONE. I will more than likely never recover my losses, although, I have been assured there will be an investigation into this matter. Oh I almost forgot the package was sent to D.Holdings per the” representative”so no one would realize there was currency inside. Seems someone found out. So now, after having read this, would you like to do business with DinarCurrency.com? 

In peace to all, Anonymous

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