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Post by Allenj Wed Jan 30, 2019 7:41 am

[b][size=18][color=#c23b3b]Guru Currency365[/color][/size][/b] [size=18]  I would love to see something done with the CBI and the rate change before the American troops leave...[/size][b][size=18]I don't want the troops to leave before the rate change...We made that mistake the first time and we know what happened[/size][/b][size=18]...if someone can take this back to Donald Trump...[/size][b][size=18]we do not want the troops to leave until they have completed the mission by removing the program rate and raising the value...giving them purchasing power and distributing the oil revenues to the citizens[/size][/b][size=18]...they were supposed to have done that already...they have not held up their part of the bargain...[/size]

[size=18]you so full of crap i but when to go taker a crap it take you a hour and then you don't get, you can't get it (the crap) out because you keep bring it here for us to look at  :throwing up: [/size]

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