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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/28/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/28/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/28/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/28/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Jan 29, 2019 10:23 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY TNT Ray-Tony Call 2019.01.28 Mon bullet pts by AZhombre: Monday, January 28, 2019 https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65268137/tnt-monday-conference-ca​ll-all-notes-replay-links-january-28/

Tony/Goooooood morning TNT. Can’t see anything on my crystal ball. Too many pieces in the puzzle. News? Nobody knows anything! They are making it look like they are disorganized, but they really are not.Told you Friday expecting something Sat or Sun morning (lower denoms were supposed to happen over the weekend. Sometime 2 days to 1 week ahead, but by the end of the month!

Contractors were told they need to pay their people by Feb the 2nd. Let’s take what we have and see what they would get. 1st said 299 billion then came back and put 133 trillion (several announcements). Came out with $4.44 or somewhere around there! Didn’t happen over the weekend. Preparing to happen.

Bank personnel have been assigned new positions. Rate is $4.44. Called other people and banks, didn’t say this week, was supposed to go yesterday. These are the next 2 days on their schedule. Bank rate is $4.40. This is what they were briefed on this morning. Can’t tell you what I think could be better. Right where we need to be. Can tell you between now and Feb the 2nd. Trillions/billions gave us the right rate, … it is this week. Not today Monday. Strong banking days are Tue thru Thr. Best time Friday after 3:45 pm.

Board Questions:

Tish: if Zim goes will the AB series of the 100’s and 50’s trillions be accepted as well as the AA?

Answer: yes!ZIM AA & AB. 2008-2009.

Rvalready: how much US oil credits have been sold?

Tony/don’t have the number. 30-year deal to buy oil at $2 a barrel.

Bap/ I attend an “intervention” w/a friend that his family has planned?

Ray/tell them to schedule it for next week then don’t worry about it. Go to that intervention and 3-way me in. Would like to hear that conversation.

Tony/a bunch of people have gone thru that already, including myself. Kids bought it and wife thinks Tony needs counseling. Be respectful about it. We’ve done the history. Can’t predict when nor control it, but know it’s going to happen.

Jiminck #1/, waiting for 2/02 date given to contractors next window? Ans/now waiting for something happening this week! If they want it done this month, that’s 3 days. Scheduled for 2 of those 3 days. Not hard. Fri 1steverybody gets paid new rate on Sat. Has to be prior to that day.

#2/ Zim? Bbanks say Zim is still on the screens.

#3/ Dong? .47-$2

AZhombre/Ask each other a good question.

Tony/ Ray, if the rate was really $4.40, would you be the first to go exchange?

Ray/No, unless there was a leverage opportunity. Sit on rate to appreciate. Tony/ so Ray how are you going to leverage $4.40? Only way is offering a deal that offers “layaways”. Other currencies I would exchange and buy more Dinar for future purchases. If didn’t appreciate I just moved my money from one currency to another. Sounds complicated but really not. I have Dong and Dinar. Dinar comes out at $4.44. Do I just go exchange my Dong? Or let’s say I exchange for $1m and then go buy all the Dinar I can get. Wait until it went up to $5, $6, $7, $8, and doubled my $1m worth! If I watched it go up, I would instantly double my money. Leverage! Everybody could double their $ in 10 days!

1General. For those in “prosperity” programs, when those funds are released would it prevent us from “double dipping”.

I don’t know which programs you’re referring to.

CoachT/someone exchanged but called back to return the money and kept the currency. Could that be a concern with Zim?

Tony/no! Bank messed up. They said exchanger tricked teller. Our currencies will be in more than one location, so the bank can’t get away with that.

Iray/would you put your currencies in separate accounts?

Ray/No, not necessary!

Tim/tool man. Exchange rate $4.40, would sell rate be lower?

Ray/buy rate is higher.

Tony/Look at sale vrs buy. How much is it going to go up? Anything over that is a profit.

Live Callers:

951/So Cal. Was that a siren on the intro song?


C/any symbolism on that?


C/Who will make the announcement?

Tony/don’t know. Just know the 2 days it’s scheduled for. All I care is the 2 sec’s after the announcement.

954/Fort Lauderdale, FL. Any truth it’s stopped because someone doesn’t like POTUS?

Tony/no! Was for Hillary to get the credit. We’ve had 3 presidents. Just how to be released.

C/gov’t shutdown ended so release could take place.

Tony/some ridiculous scenarios again. Govt shutdown effected more than expected. Everybody could see where it was going. Had nothing to do with the RV.

C/if by Feb 2ndwe don’t see the RV, what happens to the contractors and people who need to be paid.

T/they will give them a new date, just like they have for years! Nothing is guaranteed in stone. Contractors are to pay their workers the new rate. If they don’t have a new rate, they’ll have to sit and wait for the next time! They do have a date.

805/Oxnard, CA. What have you heard about taxes?

T/anything over $200 was to be taxable. Been told taxes have already been paid. Put 50% aside (in another account, making money), just in case it is a taxable event.The IRS is going to get paid with the money that your money makes!

C/how were “contract rates” initiated?

T/starts with the Treasury.


XXX/ Why would they revalue?

R/to be worth something! When we started it was to revalue 5 cents, grey to 47 cents. When I heard about the Dinar I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Was supposed to be $3.41, people got paid ridiculous amounts of money. Said that isn’t possible. Then the Dong. Contacted by the Treasury and told it was real. Banks saying here it is. This is what I got! Then I got the contract rate from China for $21.50. Turned out to be real deal. 300 different groups doing what they wanted to do to get what they wanted to get. Things aren’t fair in this world. Don’t know of any groups with the Dong.

C/if I give a mil Dong to a family member what’s the best way to do it so they don’t lose it?

R/put them on an entity position where they can manage it and have a salary. Foundation is best because you get a write-off when you put it in a charity and they run the charity. Children paid to run the charity!

727/St. Petersburg, FL.

C/do you think we’ll have a call on Friday?

T/if it goes on Wed or Thu, and people are going to the bank, we’ll still have a call and learn from one another. I’ll be here as long as I can be here.

240/Germantown, MD.

972/Dallas, TX. Small town where he lives probably have 200+ owners of currency!

T/ scheduled for this week! Don’t be afraid of texting us!

509/Spokane, WA. LD’s were to be released?

T/yes, this past weekend. Now they have 2 new days.

C/positions filled in Iraq?

T/no, they don’t need to be filled by June 30th. If they reach an agreement earlier, they will do it earlier. Still have 3 positions.

407/Orlando, FL. Is Zim going to be in the first basket?

T/told it would and rates on the screen. Whatever happens don’t throw your Zim away. You’ll know when you make your appt they will tell you.

205/Birmingham, AL. $2.65 for Dong on back screen?

T/don’t remember $2.65 at all. Dong 47 cents to $2.37. Even $2.10 would be wonderful.

610/Gman in PA. Make checks out to “Ray Renfrow P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, N.C. 27822. Electronic donations now accepted at: http://www.tntsuperfantastic.com/or http://cash.me/$TNTSuperfantastic thank you for being a part of our TNT Family and your Donation!

404/CIA lady! Last 4-5 yrs. the US stopped the RV. US and EU are the two biggest players. Yrs. ago,

Tony put Champaign on ice. In the pentagon they popped the Champaign bottles open and it didn’t go. Anytime after 2 min it can be stopped. This year is the year of the “pig”, symbol of wealth. Iraq is planning for the year of the pig by celebrating for the Chinese New Year!

Tony/did you get paid for the past 2 wks?

C/ hahaha!

413/Springfield, MA. Nope!

209/Stockton, CA. Do we still need a “verification” at the bank?

T/in smaller banks they may have to send it off to another location to be verified. That’s the reason for the verification.

708/Cicero, IL. “double dipping”, cash-in on dong and go back and exchange dinar. Can we always buy currency?

Tony/yes! When rate changes and it’s $4.40 it’s that rate.

MA lady in South FLIs it true we can take out $7k and up to 5 checks that day?

T/once set up, should be able to leave with cash and debit card.

Ray/I wouldn’t pay-off debts the day of exchange. You’re going to pay the bills but why rush on the day of exchange? Know the opportunities.

907/Anchorage, AK. Did you get a lot of donations?

T/R no!

214/ Dallas, TX. Hoping the bank has 4 tickets for her for the SuperBowl. Concerned about Iran, how are they going to revalue their currency?

T/When Sadam was in power, the Dinar was worth $3.+. Iran is the same thing. They are going to say what it’s worth. Won’t be accepted in the US.

Ray/we can’t use it in the US.

Tony/none of the countries we deal with won’t take it either. Could possible exchange in Iraq.

C/? to Ray about a living trust.

R/only for probate. No legal or tax status until the grantor passes.

Closing Remarks: Tony/3 days, somewhere in there, the end of the month. They let it slip out. And now we’re on to it. And I verified it. CBI contact. Now everybody can figure out what the rate is to be. Now we’re just waiting for the day.

Contractors told they need to pay the new rate. Davos mtgs said by Feb the 2nd. If you planned well all your dreams should come true. Some of the best plans don’t go right. Life happens, so have a back-up plan. Plan A and B. So, you’re not sitting like a deer in the headlights. If Ray/Tony can’t come back to the forum, others should be able to. What are you doing in your community? We won’t be scared to blast it out. See you Wednesday!

Ray/thinking we would be having a different conversation today. If going after the contract rates don’t wait.

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/28/19 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/28/19

Post by Captain259 Tue Jan 29, 2019 12:47 pm


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