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 "Financial Inclusion" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/27/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Financial Inclusion" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/27/19

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 "Financial Inclusion" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/27/19 Empty "Financial Inclusion" - Sun. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/27/19

Post by Ssmith on Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:27 am


Marcia3 » January 27th, 2019

Looks like that wall thing is catching on..lol

Don961 » January 27th, 2019

Iraqi demands to build a fence between Iraq and Iran

Sunday 27 January 2019

Khaled Al-Qara Ghuli

I am the first Iraqi to demand the construction of the separation barrier and the fence is no longer enough, and therefore a wall must be built between Iraq and Iran.

The project is gigantic and its costs are huge, and the question remains who bears the costs. In a dangerous precedent to the democracy of the invasion and the war on Iraq, the Iranian side in Iraq has entered with blessing and praise, whether in the previous or current stages by a number of senior Iraqi politicians.

This dangerous matter can bring Iraq back to the stages of sectarian mobilization. Is difficult if it is not the core of the Iraqi people who know well what the Iraqi wants. When this happens, then we can preserve the truth in order to support Iraq, to ​​serve the country and the people and take care of its interests that the new process of Iranian intervention threatens a new war between the great masses of the people, Body tendentious,

In order to change the efforts of politicians from the corrupt and the fugitives and the fugitives from our wounded Iraq, believing that they became political leaders, yes, the politics in Iraq today are crashing waves of strife and problems thanks to traders and brokers of war and politics, and escalating the evils and strife and crises so were their will and not for those in his old age

This is what happened on the Iraqi political scene, which I am afraid are the prelude to the destruction of the Iraqi political file in full and burning in what is in it is a severe pain But these strong stabbings may find a war for these traders of this kind or even sectarian breaks, I find that the manifestations of sectarianism exceeded the limit and measured and the Iraqi political house expresses today the concern about what is happening in the strife and splits in the political center and the start of the large demonstrations that began in Anbar and spread in all parts The land of Iraq, And that the government of Baghdad did not find effective solutions to end this political crisis and come out with results that meet the needs of citizens, and our esteemed government did not realize the seriousness of this dangerous position on the political arena.

Yes, politics is in a serious and serious crisis and just one aspect of the general crisis that includes everything On the democratic methodology in the management of the Iraqi political public, both in its national and economic, social or moral, and the method of running all the items of the Iraqi elections, devoid of good management methodology, but a manifestation of the obvious manifestations of this crisis, Here are the predators in uncovering the corruption files in all the joints of the state, in the capital Baghdad amidst the stupidity of the United Nations and the Arab and international community in Iraq, By the Iraqi Judicial Commission before the end of its legal time adopted by the international legal and international standard, the drop that flared the cup and this beautiful response provided by the Commission to the Iraqi and international community!

The world is still preoccupied with an important issue: the crises and problems of the Iraqi government. This great concern came after the world witnessed today a dangerous warning card threatening to build on the levels of security deterioration after The chaos of the formation of the government, which was not completed until the writing of this robbery, the deterioration of political relations crisis between the Iraqi partisan alliances, and non-response to the demonstrators, and the need to assess the suffering of the people of this country, specifically in some of the provinces, especially in our country Saber, from disasters once or will pass by The leaders, wise men, presidents and kings in this world are in a position to identify the ways to confront these dangers with great care and awareness.

We need to find a quick solution to the political crisis in Iraq and through the language of direct dialogue through the round table. To achieve a qualitative and fundamental shift in the general reality through long-term, strategic plans and programs, and to advocate the importance of seeking new ways to solve the problem of the Iraqi political crisis.

These days, he refers to the different position of all parties in line with the destruction of the house The Iraqi politician, And that the Iraqi policy today is going through a major crisis and requires the start of a broad movement, and a great work by all concerned and sectors of the people, from civil society organizations and employ all available resources to change the reality and achieve tangible achievements in this area, and the importance of seeking to serve the Iraqi policy through communication with Iraqis "The most important thing today is discussed in difficult labor because of the problem between the parties and the political blocs.

We must work to unify the word and the Iraqi political decision from its current predicament and reach it to high levels. The most important step must be Take it to revive the policy in Iraq is to restore political figures to the political house of the Iraqi track that serves Iraq to unify the steps and positions the current crisis and help and contribute to solving the current crisis. ​

Of civil society organizations and to use all available means to change the reality and achieve tangible achievements in this area, and the importance of seeking to serve the Iraqi policy through communication with the indigenous Iraqis and not the Iraqi Diaspora with dual nationalities in that the most things today discussed in difficult labor because of the problem between parties and blocs Political and we must work to unify the word and the Iraqi political decision from its current predicament and reach it to high levels.

The most important step we must take to revive politics in Iraq is the return of political figures to the Iraqi political arena, which serves Iraq to unite the Toat attitudes and the current crisis and help and contribute to solving the current crisis. link

Samson » January 27th, 2019

AMF organizes a meeting on the concept of financial inclusion in the Arab countries

27th January, 2019

The 16th meeting of the Regional Task Force on the Promotion of Financial Inclusion in the Arab States kicked off Sunday at the Le Royal Meridien Hotel in Abu Dhabi

The meeting will be attended by representatives of the Global Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI), the Association of Iraqi Private Banks, the Islamic Development Bank (IDB), the German Development Agency (GIZ), the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the World Bank Group (WB

"The panel will discuss a number of important issues and issues, including follow-up to the recommendations of the first Arab Forum for Modern Financial Technologies held on December 12 and 13, 2018 in terms of financial inclusion, including a discussion of the proposed establishment of the Arab Monetary Fund, The panel will discuss the subject of modern financial technologies and the protection of consumers of financial services, the gender diversity in financial services of emerging companies, and the theme of digital identity and the consolidated database. l process to identify the customer and reduce the cost of compliance with legal risk

He added that the panel will discuss the issue of responsible finance in enhancing financial coverage by shedding light on the policies and tools available in this regard, in addition to the issue of enhancing the position of microcredit through reducing credit risk weights within the framework of capital adequacy ratio.

Participants in the implementation of the G20 principles of financial services in the case of Arab countries Finally, the team will discuss the most important preparations for the activities of the Arab Day for Financial Inclusion of 2019 and the updates of the Regional Initiative for Enhancing Financial Coverage in the Arab Countries (FIARI). Review of the program activities of the initiative for the current year 2019

It should be noted that the Group is working on developing policies and procedures related to enhancing the financial coverage of the Arab countries, improving the indicators of their financial coverage, enhancing the exchange of experiences and experiences among the Arab countries in the issues of financial inclusion and preparing studies and working papers on the conditions of financial inclusion in the Arab countries. , As well as enhancing awareness of financial inclusion and consumer protection issues in financial and banking services

The Arab Monetary Fund, based in Abu Dhabi, is responsible for the technical secretariat of the team. Its responsibilities include preparing papers and studies related to the team, and coordinating with international institutions and bodies concerned with issues of financial inclusion LINK

Sunkissed » January 27th, 2019

The MOST INTERESTING correlation that I found in this article was the multiple times they connected FINANCIAL INCLUSION:

1. Financial Inclusion: Title of article

2. Financial Inclusion in the Arab States

3. Financial Inclusion in the Banks: Private - Development - Investment - World Bank ---- BOOM!!!

4. Financial Inclusion in Modern Financial Technologies

5. Arab Day for Financial Inclusion 2019!!!

6. Financial Inclusion to improve the exchange of experiences in the Arab nations

7. Financial Inclusion for working papers on the conditions with Arab countries (sounds like contracts with their Arab brothers)

8. Financial Inclusion awareness and consumer protection therein

9. Financial Inclusion responsibilities of the AMF

I wonder if the writer intended to put this term in exactly NINE times??

If not.... it certainly is stressing the work DONE with Financial Inclusion!!!!

For Frank: 3 X 3 = 9

And for interested in Biblical numerology

The Meaning of Numbers: The Number 9

Used 49 times in Scripture, the number 9 symbolizes divine completeness or conveys the meaning of finality. Christ died at the 9th hour of the day, or 3 p.m., to make the way of salvation open to everyone. The Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) is the only one of God's annual Feast days of worship that requires believers to fast for one day. This special day, considered by many Jews to be the holiest of the year, begins at sunset on day 9 of the seventh Hebrew month (Leviticus 23:32).

The number 9 also represents the fruits of God's Holy Spirit, which are Faithfulness, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Long suffering, Love, Peace and Self-control (Galatians 5:22 - 23).~ Sunkissed

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