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 "Do 800 Numbers Make Any Sense?" by Gene - 1/27/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Do 800 Numbers Make Any Sense?" by Gene - 1/27/19

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 "Do 800 Numbers Make Any Sense?" by Gene - 1/27/19 Empty "Do 800 Numbers Make Any Sense?" by Gene - 1/27/19

Post by Ssmith Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:22 am

To me, given the nature of the Tier 4B (the internet group) exchanges/redemptions, it makes no sense the NPTB would want to broadcast the call center number to the world. People other than us would get it and it'd make the rounds like wildfire and many of the general public who have no clue as to what its about, given its a number they can call for free, would call it to find out what the deal is and this would very quickly overload the call center. This is what a publicly available 800 number on a PUBLIC forum would degrade to quickly. Think about it.

It also makes no sense notifying us via the emergency texting system because again, thats not selective to the individual (I think a state or region is as fine as they can get), notwithstanding the fact that a goodly 25%+ of the population failed to get the message during the test last year.

What does make sense is using one (or all to guarantee we get it) of the private contact methods to get the message to each of us individually - email, cell phone call, home phone call, text message. I have no clue what this message might say though the possibility we get an 800 number we're asked to keep private makes sense to me. If so, given the call center computer would know what the phone number you're calling from is, it could quickly accept or reject the call based on whether you're on the "list" or not (all Tier 4 B would be on that list - they know who we all are and have our contact information) where if not, it hangs up on the caller. Of course, this is only speculation on my part because none of us know beyond getting contacted how we're going to be asked to proceed to set our appointments.

The NPTB need us to fix the world quickly! Governments can't get it done and this has been proven many times and the NPTB know it. If we can't get through because the general public is overloading the system for calling the number to find out whats up, thats not good.

These are just my observations and personal opinion. Simply think about what I've said and ask yourself if a toll free number on a public forum makes any sense at all.

Are we being lied to about toll free numbers? I don't think so. I think this is a catch all the intel providers contacts use to simply mean we're each going to be contacted in a way we're not going to miss out - a way to get everyone on the same wavelength where no one really knows for sure until its a done deal and we're making appointments. Honestly, at this point for being contacted, would you really care if the method didn't include 800 numbers? I wouldn't. I'd have my appointment and wouldn't care about anything else other than convincing the banker to damn near give me a blank check (wink).

Its time to stop taking what people say literally and start thinking about it and start making our own judgements. Discernment is going to be a VERY necessary part of being a humanitarian and the sooner those of us who have lousy discernment skills grow them and hone them into something usable, the better.

Please lets lose this need to argue with others over their own personal opinions (because thats all this and a lot of other bickering on IDC is - is the glass half full or is it half empty?...) and lets focus more on the important stuff because post-RV, this is all thats going to matter. Also, the better prepared we are for our exchange/redemption appointments, if private negotiated rates are actually allowed (again here, we don't know one way or the other - just that its been mentioned though there is no proof for or against it), the chance of getting a better rate for shining brighter when we're sitting across the table from the exchange/redemption banker, for being better prepared, is greater.

Signed: Gene

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