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How to raise the stakes in front of investment ?! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

How to raise the stakes in front of investment ?!

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How to raise the stakes in front of investment ?! Empty How to raise the stakes in front of investment ?!

Post by claud39 on Mon Jan 28, 2019 9:12 am


[size=30]How to raise the stakes in front of investment ?![/size]

 28/01/2019 04:19 PM

How to raise the stakes in front of investment ?! Thumbnail.php?file=_______660789724

Qassim Al Ajrash 
After the great change in April 2003; was promoted to the desire to get out; the economy subject to the domination of the launching state, and the vocabulary of this trend to establish an institutional structure of investment, and this in the early years of the new system, and should be this structure has produced something significant, This is a long time of its creation
Dozens of conferences, most of which were held outside Iraq, have been set up with the stated goal of attracting foreign investment. This structure also has cadres and a central headquarters, And a large number of general managers and owners of special grades, as well as cadres and tail management long, very long ..!
Do you achieve something that parallels these large expenses ?! Or is it that we have formed an investment body, with the intention of employing a number of Iraqis in this field?
The data indicate that investing in Iraq did not provide anything equivalent to the cost of conferences and activities, and the "tours" in which the cadres toured most of the world and the four directions.
The media is full of news about hundreds of investment projects, which are said to have been contracted with investors, but a large number of these projects have not seen light for many reasons, foremost of which is the lack of an appropriate security environment.
 Moreover, the legal environment that supports investment is still deficient or backward. Most of the administrative officials in the country deal with investment and investors according to a radical concept. The investment process is thought to be a looting of the Iraqi national wealth and the investors are the colonizers.
With regard to the Investment Authority and its departments in the provinces, the truth declares itself, as there are major intersections with the state institutions that are supposed to be supportive of the investment process, and these intersections are characterized by the convulsive nature of the relationship, not to mention the shortsightedness that we have referred to.
In the Authority and its departments, all indications indicate that there is a weakness in the efficiency of performance and institutional capacity, the General Authority for Investment in the process of attracting investments.
As a result of this weakness, the lack of coordination and communication, between the Investment Authority and the concerned government agencies, deals with the implementation of investment projects.
There are other means more feasible, including the reconsideration of the size and the role of investment authorities in the provinces, and the viability of already exist to stop thefinancial bleeding, and the proposed solutions; assigning the task councils Mahafezatoo governorates, in   order to be the responsibility of face - to - face, In order flying stones Stumbling, which The institutions of the State concerned to invest.
Talk before peace: provide investment climate and improve the investment environment; need a revolution in this sector, but not through trips and conferences outside Iraq, which drain a lot of money ..!
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