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The ISX 101 Report

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The ISX 101 Report Empty The ISX 101 Report

Post by phantomssecret Wed Oct 05, 2011 12:33 am

Greetings BH Group Members and Potential Investors,

After 'tens of thousands' of viewings of our "Dinar 101" on-line video, we are now enthusiastically recommending a new educational report, The ISX 101 Report, developed by a team of investment specialists that fully understand the Iraq Stock Exchange (ISX) and the outstanding opportunities that are now available to American investors. The following are some of their thoughts that I believe will answer the one question we receive most often: Where can we invest our money NOW and AFTER the Dinar revalues?

Along our “journey” we’ve learned a tremendous amount about Iraq. As we all know, the United States has been investing military and financial resources for more than a decade in Iraq, while many other countries are now committing financial resources to help rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure. Iraq has the potential to become the next international economic “super power" based on their massive oil and natural gas reserves and other valuable resources such as phosphates, sulfur, gold and water (the Tigris and Euphrates rivers flow directly through Iraq offering additional agricultural potential).

Americans are tired of the volatile risks of the domestic stock markets, the miniscule interest returns from their banks or being victims of the catastrophic real estate market. Investors realize that if they are going to profit in the future they are going to have to start thinking “outside the box”! Iraq is an “answer” but up until now it is been difficult to know HOW to participate!

These advisors have addressed this question and created The ISX 101 Report. This is a complete “how to” guide to participate on the Iraq Stock Exchange. Like our popular "Dinar 101" educational video, this new report enables anyone to learn how to get your own Trading Account set up on the ISX. It’s a comprehensive instructional step-by-step “How-To” procedure outlined in complete detail. These leading experts on the ISX have combined their talents to produce this valuable report that you can download instantly for a one- time purchase price of only $49.95.

You will receive 11 chapters of ISX investing information in one “package” that has been assembled for your education and convenience.
· Complete Introduction to the ISX
· Forming a Personal Trading Account Application
· ISX Trading Instructions
· ISX Company Listings by Sector ISX Stock Broker List and Contact Information
· Instructions to get a U.S. Passport necessary to trade on the ISX
· Complete Listing of Private and Public Iraq Banks
· ISX Securities Laws
· Iraq Banking Laws
· Iraq Company Laws
· ISX Regulatory Structure Information
The ISX 101 Report was developed for potential investors looking to learn more about investing in one of the newest and most profitable Stock Exchanges in the world.
The ISX has averaged over a 60% return during 2011 and some market analysts predict that key indexes of the ISX could rise as much as 200% over the next year!
“According to the IMF (International Monetary Fund), Iraq is projected to grow faster than China, in the next several years and I’m encouraging American Corporate Executives to make a commitment to have their companies get a piece of this burgeoning market…” Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State

Why the ISX?The adoption of new security laws and the creation of regulatory structures have allowed domestic and foreign banks, business enterprises and investment companies to feel secure about listing their shares on the ISX for trading. These changes have resulted in a significant investment of domestic and foreign capital helping gain much confidence.

The Chairman of the National Technology Group recently stated: “The ISX now offers excellent investment prospects, being one of the most promising stock markets in the Middle East”. Foreign investors are allowed to invest via the ISX and there are NO foreign stock ownership restrictions.

However, before foreigners can buy or sell Iraq stock shares, they are required to have their identities verified by a licensed Iraqi broker and provide specific documents that must be certified by the Iraq Embassy in the investors’ home country, i.e. Iraq Embassy in the United States. This is all included in The ISX 101 Report package.

Why wait? The ISX 101 Report is the fundamental educational and starter kit for investing in the ISX. Take advantage of this comprehensive package that will take you step-by-step through everything you need to register and participate with your own ISX Trading Account.
We’re pleased to recommend this educational opportunity that we believe will help people profit with their investments by diversifying into the global community.

The only question now: Are you willing to spend a one-time fee of $49.95 to get this complete package? It will enable you to invest whatever amount you choose in the Iraq Stock Exchange and get your piece of Iraq’s bright economic future.
For details and to order this report visit www.theisx101report.com

Best wishes,
Brad and the BH Group Team
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