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 "Big Daddy" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/21/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Big Daddy" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/21/19

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 "Big Daddy" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/21/19 Empty "Big Daddy" - Mon. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 1/21/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:11 am


Iobey777 » January 21st, 2019

Really??? So let me get this straight! You are not doing what the citizens want in regards to their money, the CBI is ready, the laws are done, you are bragging all over the world that you are ready to work INTERNATIONALLY, yet, you refuse to go ahead and announce the new rate!

Now, the citizens are bolting against you and you want to call on "big Daddy" to come in and save you?

Maybe I am reading this wrong, but IMO, I think what you may get from Trump is a Boot !! Just do it!!! UNLESS..this is one of those "SQUIRREL" articles!!

Don961 » January 21st, 2019

"Trump" for the first time .. Renewed protests, "Basra" and turn it into a ticking bomb in the face of "Abdul Mahdi"!

Sunday 20 January 2019

Special: Written - Nashwa Hefni:

Demonstrations again took place in the streets of the Iraqi province of Basra and increased with the participation of other demonstrators, despite the fall of a number of their colleagues during the recent protests two months ago.

The demonstrations that took place on Friday evening were caused by corruption, the deterioration of basic services and lack of jobs in the province, which is considered the richest in Iraq.

The local government building saw the largest gathering of protesters; a day after a crackdown on activists in the province by security forces on charges of incitement against the security of the province and the call for angry demonstrations.

Angry demonstrators set fire to a security post near the local government building and a security force member was injured by stone-throwing; accusations began to circulate about the existence of the organizers deliberately aggravating the situation and deviating from the course of the protests.

The angry leaders in the demonstrations; described the government's promises to the mirage warning that the next does not bode well amid threats to reach the escalation of the total closure and control of border ports and ports.

The Basra province is witnessing almost weekly demonstrations demanding the dissolution of the Basra Council, the removal of the governor, his introduction to the judiciary, the appointment of an independent governor, the submission of former governors and officials in Basra, the dismissal of unskilled foreign workers and replacing them with Iraq, Corrupt, and disarmed by the state, and accelerate the implementation of the promise of the previous government to grant "Basra" 10 thousand degrees of functional.

Last summer, the province witnessed large demonstrations in which angry demonstrators burned the building of the local government and the headquarters of a number of parties, in addition to the building "Iranian Consulate".

Warning of non-fulfillment of pledges by the government.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Iraq, on Saturday, expressed concern about the political situation in the province of "Basra" and what is being subjected to the protests, warning of the failure of the central government's commitments to the province.

In a statement, the UNHCR said in a statement that "its office in Basra, following with great concern month after month, the humanitarian situation in Basra province and the movement of protests from its people, the Office warns and is surprised by the failure of the central government to fulfill its commitments to Basra and the great suffering and sacrifices in finding jobs And not to deal seriously with the issue of employment in the oil licensing companies and continue regardless of the work of strategic services to end the water and energy crisis, which leads to the continuation of protests, which is a simple right of their rights.

Calling on the Office of the Commission, according to the statement, "Basra Governorate Council," to "hold an emergency session; in the presence of representatives of Basra in the House of Representatives to study and find solutions to maintain," noting that "will provide a focused report on the reality of human rights in Basra and required treatments."

Demands to declare a city hit by a service .
And demanded the "High Commission for Human Rights", the Prime Minister, "Adel Abdul-Mahdi"; "declare the province of Basra, a city hit by service and management by him from the lowest position, and the adoption of a plan to save the field service for the province does not exceed 60 days, and then impact assessment of the efficiency and professionalism of ministers of services and managers Service departments in the province, and contribute to the mobilization of the national effort and the provision of services and a decent life for the Iraqi citizen.

A call for a "Trump" ..

In the province of Basra, activists appealed to US President Donald Trump to direct the US military to intervene and eliminate what they called "armed gangs" that steal oil from the province and assassinate demonstrators and activists who took part in recent demonstrations.

"Basra province" are demanding that you rescue our province of Basra from the armed gangs that have been stealing oil from Basra since 2003 and to this day, and sending it to Iran and to the present day, "they said in their letter in Arabic and English to Trump. "We have carried out large demonstrations against these gangs, but repression, torture, murder and assassinations have been our response."

And stressed the lack of citizens of the province to "the simplest means of living, such as water and electricity .. We call for reform and appointments for unemployed youth and most of the graduates and holders of higher degrees, but armed groups monopoly appointments for the benefit of their parties and gangs ..

They kill everyone who speaks a word and stands Against them, and that they take the presidential palaces in the province of Basra-based, and in recent demonstrations have fired live bullets on the demonstrators and killed many innocent young people who claim their rights, and the assassination of civilian activists in front of their homes and in Shaw Ra and markets. "

"We are aware that the US military has entered Iraq, and we welcome it very much," said the activists, who signed their message as Basra Governorate Youth. "He has the ability to save Basra, Iraq and the Iraqis from these corrupt gangs. We hope you will respond to us."

Continuing the demonstration means government failure ..

"The government has pledged to end the crisis in Basra, and the necessary funds have been sent, but on the ground nothing has been achieved, just to inform, despite the fact that the government has promised to end the crisis in Basra," said civil activist Sheikh Raed al-Furaiji, head of a tribal council in Basra.

Of the warnings of a major water crisis in the province, in the absence of a mechanism to save the waters of Basra and the exchange of accusations between officials, and will continue these demonstrations, noting that the security elements have also been placed in the problem of friction with the demonstrators.

He added: "Today, the demonstrators are looking for the promises made by the government, which did not implement anything, poverty and injustice and lack of services are those who pay for demonstrations, and the reason for all this are political differences and the search for personal interests, and as long as the demonstrations continue, In the government. "

Hoping "of the officials; visit Basra and to see the problems and the level of services, and I believe that the demonstrations will escalate significantly."

A time bomb will explode at any moment.

While the civilian activist, "Hussein Jassim", Basra province now "it is a time bomb will explode at any moment against the government, Adel Abdul-Mahdi, because of the failure of the government's commitment and promises made to the demonstrators."

Adding that: "The situation in the province is going to the worst, and there are real risks of the explosion of demonstrations and the return of violence again, and procrastination of the government will lead to increased problems."
233 projects postponed in Basra ..

In contrast, the "Integrity Commission" announced that "the projects lagging in Basra amounted to 233 projects," adding: "$ 600 million cost of water projects in the province."

According to a press release issued by the Authority: "The projects faltering in the province of Basra, which enabled one of our teams, which moved to the province of monitoring and documentation in the framework of the efforts of the Commission to investigate and investigate the projects of reconstruction and services and investment lagging in all the provinces (233), including 43 projects were Opening penal cases ".

The statement added that: "The total cost of projects that have not opened criminal cases so far, the number of 190 projects, amounted to 2.069.707,253.605 trillion dinars, including 53 billion dinars for water projects, including the design and implementation of the project Concretti water in Umm Qasr, And the installation and processing of water complexes and units with sub-networks and the extension of conveyor lines, in addition to about 92 billion dinars for the implementation of networks and stations of rain water and heavy water in the district of the city, and the first phase of the projects of the monastery and Umm Qasr and others.

"The cost of health projects amounted to 100 billion dinars; allocated for the establishment of two hospitals with a capacity of 100 beds in Safwan and Haretha, a burn center in Fayhaa General Hospital, health centers and pharmacy stores complex," adding that the cost of building buildings for a number of departments of the province; Exceeded KD 75 billion, including a building for the provincial council about 20 billion dinars, and another for the laboratory "Basra construction" about 17 billion dinars, as well as 35 billion dinars for the establishment of closed gymnasiums and forums for young people, and the complex of sports schools and yards "industrial Thil.

He pointed out that: "The cost of projects for the development and rehabilitation of roads and the establishment of new roads and bridges and service streets, among the projects languishing in which did not open criminal cases amounted to 150 billion dinars, the most prominent project design and implementation of the bridge step Imam Ali and rehabilitation of Safwan-Zubair, Which cost about 53 billion dinars, while the cost of higher education projects and technical education of more than 28 billion dinars, most notably the establishment of scientific research centers at the University of Basra more than 8 billion dinars, in addition to the construction of more than 80 schools and kindergartens and dozens of classrooms , 18 in the Directorate of Examinations in T. Rabieh Governorate ".
He pointed out that: "Projects lagging in the province where criminal cases have been opened.

The number of projects reached 43, Of the four phases of $ 554 million, and the project of the water carrier channel Shatt al-Arab, which cost 480 billion dinars. "

The statement pointed out that: "Among these projects, the establishment of a hospital with a capacity of 200 beds in the district of Abu al-Khasib and specialized heart hospital of 252 billion dinars," pointing out that: "The cost of the establishment of colleges in Abi al-Khasib and Zubair transferred to a Spanish company amounted to 54 billion dinars, And the project of design and implementation of a network of waterways with pipelines and tiling work and cover more than 48 billion dinars, as well as the implementation of the second phase of the Shatt al-Arab central project of about 10 billion dinars, in addition to a number of investment projects such as the cities of Basra and modern Basra, Housing and projects The sewer and electric power transmission and construction of schools. " link

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