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Anonymous -  "Curious?" by (Anonymous) - 1/21/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Curious?" by (Anonymous) - 1/21/19

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Anonymous -  "Curious?" by (Anonymous) - 1/21/19 Empty "Curious?" by (Anonymous) - 1/21/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Jan 22, 2019 8:07 am

I have been involved since 2006 researching and studying the IQD and the Global Reset plus met some people close to this. I truly believe this will happen someday and in the beginning it seemed “too good to be true”. Being involved in this for over 12 years I have learned a lot and heard a lot. It seems the people promising/claiming high rates and it is going to happen tomorrow down to the minute are the people/groups capitalizing on the ones that are less informed. This has always bothered me, but I never said anything until now. It concerns me for everyone (good people with great hope) to have the wrong expectations which is why I have written my first post in 12 years.

I believe this is a once in a life time opportunity for everyone that is involved and that their life will be changed, hopefully for the good, money does weird things to people. When I first got involved I thought if the IQD rates would have been $.86 (eighty-six cents) that was too good to be true and anything over that was unbelievable. I have no proof, but I believe it will be higher, but I have kept my self-grounded, so I am not disappointed if the rates are what I originally thought.

Recently there has been a lot of speculation on the much anticipated ZIM and the un-believable rates that are being put out there. I know ZIM holders (in my circle of friends) that have 1000’s of Quad of ZIM and collectively probably over 10,000 Quad. If these ZIM holders were the only ones to revalue at 1 to 1 USD they would have enough money to double the WORLD GDP for the next 2000 years and give everyone on the planet thousands of USD. That’s just a few ZIM holders of many that have ZIM?

It bothers me that people are setting expectations that someone can spend less than $100 USD and expect to be a trillionaire. Global GDP is over 70 trillion now and you are saying I could spend less than $100 USD to match it or more?

Just curious if someone can explain the ZIM if at 1 to 1 or other currencies at unrealistic rates other than being beamed up to a spaceship or another dimension? Some say you can have whatever you want it’s all about what you want to do with it, if that’s the case why do I need ZIM or other currencies, monopoly money should work if you have good intentions? I guess I missed the spaceship on this one.

Say if it was true at 1 to 1, Zimbabwe would have to mine every ounce of its minerals (which is still not enough) and back up their currency valuation to the world for eternity based on the claims being made. Just curious how they can even ramp up production collectively to exceed all the other mineral mining in the world, just curious where they get all the experienced people, mining equipment and necessary infrastructure to support such a monumental undertaking and not damage(environmentally) their country at the same time? Why would they obligate themselves to do this?

Curious at 1 to 1 there is more than we need for 1000’s of years. I am a developer in renewable energy technology and have over $1 billion USD in developments. Knowing what I do, to rebuild the global infrastructure you will need steel, concrete, trained people and other construction materials, just curious where this comes from overnight? There is a shortage now based on global production. Global production can double or triple, but it will take time and planning. I believe everyone will have a part in this global plan to rebuild and clean up this planet plus share in the opportunity by working together.

Curious about patents, there are non-profit groups that have access (government contracts) to expired and government owned patents. They have done this for decades which I was a member of one of these groups. These groups have been tasked to connect patent technology to developers, so they can commercialize the technology. There are thousands of undeveloped patents just waiting for the right person to bring it to market, but it is nothing new.

Most patented technology needs additional work to complete so it is a productive/commercially viable project and patents usually have strings attached to them. I am sure there is some “black box technology” out there but curious about how old patents and how “they” are hiding them from us when they are public information? Patents usually have a 20-year protection with some extensions? Once they expire they can be developed if you have the money and they are financially feasible.

I am not trying to discourage but rather give some real-world views.

In my opinion, you should have reasonable expectations which in this event is really be too good to be true but because of some “good people” working on our behalf, this can become reality.

This opportunity could be a great “ONCE IN A LIFE TIME OPPORTUNITY”, be grounded.

Plan for the worst and expect the best.

In my opinion, curious?

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