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IQD Chat - Lop or Float? 1/14/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

IQD Chat - Lop or Float? 1/14/19

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IQD Chat - Lop or Float? 1/14/19 Empty IQD Chat - Lop or Float? 1/14/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Jan 15, 2019 7:37 am

Clay   Dave hey bro

Clay   did ya see whats happening in France
Dave   will not be much longer we wont have to drive
Clay   cops shooting citizens
Dave   Clay those yellow vests extremeists
Clay   yes
Dave   kinda like those dems
Clay   very sad
Dave   holligans that travel......

Clay   not sure y
Clay   they r just taking their $ out of the banks
Clay   crazy
Dave   ?
Dave   a few thousand yellow vests.....
Clay   French Yellow Vest protesters threaten to set off bank run with mass cash withdrawals and 'get our bread back' from the government
Dave   weeks ago it was about gas prices
Clay   really pitaful
foxmulder   Clay hey clay
Dave   these are not protesters but rioters
Dave   comes a time when one must fight fire with fire
Woke AF   https://cbi.iq/news/view/968 statement) 1 trillion dinars to finance small and medium Enterprises
Clay   Woke AF thanks
Woke AF   thumbs up
Clay   if theyn just increased the value wouldnt take so much
Clay   morons
Woke AF   Yes~
Doug_W   Imbacills
Clay   4 sure
Clay   whats wrong with these people
Clay   I need new shoes lol
Woke AF   The Foreign Minister confirms the openness of Iraq to all countries of the world, especially neighboring countries
Woke AF   https://www.dinardaily.net/t80728-the-foreign-minister-confirms-the-openness-of-iraq-to-all-countries-of-the-world-especially-neighboring-countries
Woke AF   LINK ​

​foxmulder   xyz you have any more old posts to reminisce ? need a euphoric sense of positive !
spankie   rich get richer off the middle class--
Woke AF  
Tebow   Woke AF declassified documents
Spankie   glues tests jb weld against flex glue--

foxmulder   spankie OK ... thats good info too know ??
spankie   yes , if u are a person that does home projects, jb weld is clearly the winner
spankie   I do everything myself , mechanics or home projects, saves money so I can stay retired
spankie   retired at 54 years old
Xyz   Tebow 1-14-2019 Newshound Guru Kaperoni  [I’ve always heard the government has nothing to do with the Dinar. That only the CBI could begin the float. If so then why do people say only when the government is set the float can begin.] Monetary policy is the CBI.

​That being said, such a significant event requires support from the Iraqi government. As well, much of the directives being implimented by Iraq are part of the reforms agreed under IMF or WB Stand by Agreements.

xyz   Iraq central bank denies dinar revaluation plan https://in.reuters.com/article/iraq-forex-revaluation/iraq-central-bank-denies-dinar-revaluation-plan-idINL1330207420071213
xyz   ;computer-hit December 13, 2007 / 6:55 AM / 11 years ago
Iraq central bank denies dinar revaluation plan
xyz   z is flashy
Woke AF  
http://alforatnews.com/modules/news/article.php?storytopic=37&storyid=185116 important economic decision expected in Iraq

​Woke AF   @Tebiw I copied and pasted the unclassified article up yonder- it said classified, do....
Woke AF   So, idk~
Sam I Am   xyz people think that the government of Iraq needs to be fully seated because they're confusing revaluation with redenomination. The government needs to be seated supposedly to print new currency which is a redenomination but it doesn't matter if they're fully seated for a revaluation because all you have to do is change the exchange rate.
xyz   Sam I Am I knew I could flash you from lurker-land
xyz   Sam I Am all redenomination crowd sold IQD for ZIM
foxmulder   xyz LMAO
xyz   Sam I Am DO YOU SEE redenomination or revaluation?
Iraq’s Central Bank to delete zeros from Iraqi currency.   June 25, 2011 12:23
Iraq’s Central Bank announced on Thursday that it is planning to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency. This step is one of the bank’s strategic missions; the Central Bank said adding that the new currency will include the Kurdish language in addition to the Arabic language.
“The zeros that were added to the Iraqi currency previously constituted a large money supply up to 28.500 trillion Iraqi Dinar and 5 trillion banknotes”, the adviser of Iraqi Central Bank governor Mothahhar Mohammed Saleh told Alsumarianews.
“The Central Bank has prepared all requirements needed to delete the zeros from the Iraqi Currency”, Saleh said. “This step is one of the Iraqi central bank’s strategic missions. The monetary policy of the bank aims to structure and reduce the currency in a country moving towards an economic phase”, he added.
“The project of deleting zeroes is complete. It will be submitted to the central bank’s administration in the next session. Then, it will be passed to the ministerial council before presenting it to the Parliament for vote.
The mechanisms of changing the currency will be gradual. It will be preceded by awareness campaigns for citizens”, the adviser of Iraqi Central Bank governor said. “The new currency will be printed after deleting the zeros and will include the Kurdish language in addition to the Arabic language.
It will bear as well photos of Iraq’s civilizations and patrimony in addition to symbols of Iraqi intellectuals and figures”, Saleh noted. On June 19, Iraq’s Central Bank Governor Sanan Al Shebeibi affirmed during the meeting of independent commissions with Prime Minister Nuri Al Maliki that the bank is preparing all requirements needed to replace the Iraqi Currency.

xyz   Sam I Am  January 15, 2014
An economic expert believes that the zeros will not be removed from the Iraqi currency because the Iraqi budget is highly dependent on oil revenue.
She acknowledged that, “The central bank made a request to remove the zeros, but our committee refuses such requests because they are not in the interest of Iraq’s market and also, it is hard to control currency exchange - serious work needs to be done for this.”

xyz   Sam I Am say something
Sam I Am   xyz I see that very clearly as a lop

xyz   Sam I Am please point me to the implied LOP
Sam I Am   I doubt that they'll do it but they're clearly talking about a redenomination
xyz   Sam I Am Iraq Central Bank to delete zeros soon
September 03, 2011 15:21


The denomination of the Iraqi currency reached its final stages as the study and draft resolution reached the Cabinet after being sent by Iraq Central Bank. Iraq Central Bank said that it won’t only delete the zeros but it will also change Iraq monetary structure in order to provide bigger currencies.
According to this project coins will appear again in the Iraqi currency, as for the banknotes the Central Bank will recourse to international institutions to print them. The new currency will be printed in 3 languages including the Kurdish and it will include pictures that represent the Iraqi civilization.
Since a while Central Bank tries to pass this project. The Central Bank stresses that this change will not affect the buying capacity of the Iraqi dinar and its influence is only restricted on the organizational things and it aims to decrease the huge volume of currencies in Iraq.
Sam I Am   Not implied. A textbook description
xyz   Sam I Am FACTS no hypothesis - doubt is not a fact. Please point me with cited proof

JoeSchmoe   RD does not necessarily mean lop. it just means that they are going to read the nominating their currency, which could be the Lord denominations which is what we want
xyz   Sam I Am where?
JoeSchmoe   * voice text.....
xyz   am losing patience ;computer-hit
JoeSchmoe   Redeno.inating which suld just mean lower denoms
Sam I Am   xyz I've provided plenty of links in the past that shows you the similarity between these articles and the articles announcing redenominations in other countries like Mexico Brazil Romania turkey Etc. If you don't want to believe it I can't help you.
JoeSchmoe   Sam I Am couldn't rdingg just mean bringing in the lower denominations
Sam I Am   No
JoeSchmoe   Why not 

​xyz   Sam I Am is this LoP?
Iraq Planning Currency Redenomination  February 06, 2010 13:18 GMT

BAGHDAD -- The Iraqi Central Bank is planning to redenominate the national currency in an effort to ease transactions and allow people to carry less paper money, RFE/RL's Radio Free Iraq (RFI) reports.
Mudhhir Muhammad Salih, a member of a Central Bank advisory panel, told RFI that a plan has been made to remove three zeros from the currency and phase out the current banknotes late this year.
Salih said by the end of 2010 the new banknotes will be fully introduced while the old banknotes will be gradually removed from circulation. He did not specify when the new notes would be issued.
Both will be legal tender in Iraq until the old notes are completely withdrawn.
Iraqi officials have had a long-running plan to redenominate the Iraqi dinar. In 2006, the Finance Ministry recommended to the Central Bank that it carry out such a plan.
Salih pointed out that banks are having a hard time accepting cash savings and deposits, but by dropping the zeros it will make it easier for both the banks to deal with their customers and for the general public to carry money. He said some 80 percent of Iraq's money supply is cash in circulation.
Salih added that in 1990 the value of banknotes in circulation was about 25 billion Iraqi dinars but is currently some 25 trillion dinars.
Economic analyst Hilal al-Tahhan told RFI that the bank's move is overdue. He said he expects the currency change to go smoothly because of the decision to allow both the old and new banknotes to coexist, leading to less turbulence in the economy.
The current exchange rate is 1,167 Iraqi dinars to the U.S. dollar.
JoeSchmoe   Because it goes against what u rnsayi g?
xyz   Sam I Am there's your favorite keyword 'Redenomination'

​Sam I Am   You don't introduce new lower denominations to the existing series.
JoeSchmoe   They said they were going to coexist
JoeSchmoe   Or is that a lie
xyz   JoeSchmoe exist together
JoeSchmoe   Exactly what coexist means XYZ
Sam I Am   They're doing the opposite. They're adding larger denominations like the 50K notes.
JoeSchmoe   I thought they discontinue those
xyz   Sam I Am why? "remove three zeros from the currency and phase out the current banknotes late this year."
Sam I Am   JoeSchmoe they'll coexist until the IQD is removed from circulation
xyz   Sam I Am don't you think citizen would be confused?
JoeSchmoe   I'm confused
JoeSchmoe   LOL
xyz   Sam I Am you are truly amazing
Sam I Am   xyz as the article said they will proceed the implementation with an educational campaign whice you always do for a redenomination
JoeSchmoe   Where is tebow when you want him
Sam I Am   Do you seriously believe that they're announcing ahead of time that they're going to increase the value by 100,000%?
JoeSchmoe   Tebow get in here
JoeSchmoe   Tebow
JoeSchmoe   100000% to us not to Iraq
xyz   Sam I Am do you honestly believe that this is a definite losing investment?
Sam I Am  No country has ever announced a revaluation ahead of time even if it was only 2% they don't announce it until they do it
JoeSchmoe   Who is saying they are going to announce a revaluation
Sam I Am   xyz I don't even consider it an investment as I've stated many times it's a scam marketed to novice currency speculators   And unfortunately I was one of them

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