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 TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullet Points by AZhombre 1/14/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullet Points by AZhombre 1/14/19

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 TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullet Points by AZhombre 1/14/19 Empty TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullet Points by AZhombre 1/14/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Jan 15, 2019 4:29 am

 TNT Showtime CC w/ Ray, Tony Bullet Points by AZhombre 1/14/19 Tony_m12

(Bullet pts by AZhombre)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


TNT Ray-Tony call 2019.01.02 Wed bullet pts by AZhombre

Opening Comments:

  • Tony: Things put on the TV but want to go thru some things first. Sent out a happy birthday over the weekend, appreciate you. Pay attention please! Got a call last night. Guy telling about a dinar scan going on. Saying a bunch of groups and they’re the only ones getting paid. Tony/that’s a lie. Only 300 groups, not thousands. This guy is contacting people and you have to send him your Dinar to be a part of his deal. $11, you get 20% because 80% goes to “humanitarian”. If you don’t do his 80/20 deal, the banks are only going to give you a penny. He’s targeting “older people”. That’s why somebody called me. This guy is trying to take it. A bunch of crooks out there. Don’t send them your Dinar and social security #, etc. Everybody is going to have an appt yourself and get paid.I came on this call. I did a live group thing in Reno. I watched people give him their money. A month later I got phone calls saying they lost all their dinar. Can’t just say, “too bad for them they are suckers”. Don’t need to con others who haven’t been given any info. Tell others the truth. “Only going to get paid if….” If they question it, say it’s wrong. Put Tony on your call right now and let’s discuss it. We will debate it live and then I’ll put the bank on the call. Sorry, got the call on this yesterday and its nonsense!

  • Blasts on: Sat, Sun, and Monday. Todays’ Parliament’s session has been postponed…

  • Unofficial report,“things” should get started in Iraq…

  • Tony: saying no end in sight, hopeless, party walking away from discussions. On TV today, broadcasting in Iraq, telling people what’s going on. Makes no sense. US, you’re not getting money until you do that. Time to get your govt done. Saying they can’t because they can’t agree. Saying ministers are no longer their top concern, because they aren’t going to change. Only concerned about the budget that will be easy to pass. Whole lot of confusion. People are saying it’s already done, dropped the 3 zeros. How come people are rejoicing? Articles saying Iran did. They have a law. If you lie in public, they can be put in prison for up to 7 years. Anything that would affect the security. 2 yrs. in prison if politicians, but only have to pay a 200 Dinar (20 cents) fine? Or are they telling us the value of the Dinar now. 1,200 or 1,500 fine makes more sense. A bunch of people are expecting it today. Perhaps tomorrow. Wait and see if that’s what’s going to happen. Iran still trying to do business with them. Pompeo wants them to switch to USA for all their needs. A battle not only for their govt but their livelihood. US is trying to move the process along to destroy the economy of Iran to destroy their government. Can’t use the dollar and limit the dinar to certain products. So much going on in Iraq nobody knows what’s going on. The dollar has been cut-off for Iran. Iran wanted to send people over to Iraq to attack US citizens. US was planning to attack Iran locations in Iraq. Hope we see the RV first. Were told over the weekend it would start this week. I’m going to look for it tomorrow or Wed, after they have another vote. Everything was chaotic in China, Germany, etc. when it was done there. We just have to wait and see it.

  • Ray/questions from the board: Someone knew of someone getting millions on their cards in Kurdistan.

  • Tony/they don’t always agree on everything. Something happening with contractors over there that’s not happening with everybody else. Has to happen to be prepared. They are further along than we are.

  • TP40,doesn’t there need to be an RV? Tony/right not they are using their money on the projects.

  • Sweet/a month ago were told govt needed to be informed. Why do we have to wait when others exchanged? Tony/had a govt up and running, didn’t need to, had to be filled. This was a want for the two highest position controlling the two most important positions before start giving out money. They already know, this is just a show. They’ll pop the names in and go! Back-door agreement to this. Iran has agreed to let one of the positions go in order to get Iraq in the trade deal. Rich get richer. Who you know not what you know. Always have some with privileges that get to go first. 5 or 10 people paid here and there. Good for them, I’m happy for them. The process is working. OK, that’s closer to all of us. I’ve been doing this for 10 yrs and had bank VP’s saying we’re trying to put you in with others going early. Told when everybody else goes. Wait and go with the group. Still has to wait but wants to wait.

  • Tighward/Does this fight have more to do with an RV than the wall? Tony/the rest of country knows nothing about the GCR. Wall has nothing to do with this. Crazy youtube videos of the military taking over. A barge going to Gitmo? How do you guys believe this BS, 70k waiting to be arrested as soon as we have an RV? Wall has nothing to do with the RV.

  • Storm/in you tweet, does this mean a float? Ray/no, the info will gradually come to us. Rev/has the start-up begun. Ray, addressed already.

  • XXX/what does that mean specifically? Tony/contractors are getting something different, one-time payments. Done, except the go. Waiting to see it! Don’t know why they’re holding it back. Still being used as a carrot and a stick. Waiting for Iraq to commit. Get things from American companies instead of Iran. Enough accomplished this weekend. Got it from the banks and over the weekend from another country.
  • Saltydog/ $60 barrel oil. Did Iraq parliament re-do their budget? Tony/ they were happy at $56 barrel.

  • Higheshealer/ who’s stopping the RV? Tony/Auction will go away (make millions made a day before it RV’s), every payday they are trying to give out more loans. When they feel it’s strong enough to do it they will do away with the auctions. People need to believe in the banks and the credit cards! Same thing in the USA.

Live Individuals:

  • 404/Atlanta, GA. How are Iraqi people informed on this process? Tony/before ticker tape across the screen. Today was broadcast on TV. C/focus on the budget. Will it be printed in the Gazette as well this Wed or do we have to wait until Sat? Tony/don’t know. Wish they would do both on Wed. so we can go. If Iraq says now we’re buying from the US, we don’t know. C/Something happening w contractors are you going to be able to tell us later? Tony/given actual live rates, process, and time lines. C/do you know? T/I’m going to say they do! Not on standby, not restricted, not sure.Tony/we always plan M,W,F at 10am. Sometimes life gets in the way! Very few donate to this call. Don’t complain if you don’t donate! Tony cancelled the call, so don’t get mad at Ray. Ray don’t complain if you don’t donate!

  • 754/Fort Lauderdale, FL Could they continue to draw this out? Tony/every country could stop loaning them money. They haven’t done it because they’re fulfilling every requirements. As a society they weren’t prepared. Now they are. Used to not having cash in their hands. Like our EBT cards in US. They are at the very end and that’s where you get the corruption at the top out! Only 30 banks in the auctions. Some of the Parliament members own those banks. They can’t hold up progress forever. Too much time and money been invested. If they see that happening it will be changed real quick. C/Dinar the problem? T/no. You’re getting digits on your screen. You’re never going to get a million dollars cash. Might see it on that screen but won’t get it.

  • 610/ Gman from PA. Please donate: www.tntsuperfantastic.comRaymond Renfro 1748 Elm City, NC 27822. Cash app $tntsuperfantastic and make your donation electronically!

  • 205/ Birmingham, AL. Bank story trying to buy Dong. Who are we waiting on? T/waiting for the budget to be passed and the ministers. Also, things going on in the back. We’re not hearing about the ministers.

  • 303/ Denver, CO.

  • 281/ Houston, TX. Wanted to know what’s going to happen to Maliki.T/Iran fighting for someone they can control. Maliki won’t be the guy.

  • 312/ Chicago, IL. Husband of the woman with the husband. Tony/said all you had to say is I am the man with the wife! C/Zim want to use their currency. Tony/they want to come out with a new currency within 12 months. They did this 3 yrs ago. I don’t know if has to be a new agreement with different notes. The only way they can do this is have a new currency. I don’t know if it requires “new notes”. We’ll have money then and try and buy them all. Only 2k people had those (ZIM) notes originally. C/Iran T/US putting in more bases in Iraq. Kurdistan area saying don’t need Iran soldiers protecting them. Some areas prefer the US troops protecting them.

  • 951/So Cal Guy. Dong and Zim rates? T/$3.71 dinar, $1+ Dong! C/opinion on Zim. T/not going. Doesn’t make sense when they’re coming out with new currency within 12 months. C/Don’t have your phone number. T/just ask Ray, he’ll blast it out to the whole world.

  • 803/ Columbia, SC. 1sttime caller. Private asset accounts? T/they had these bank accounts going around the internet. Could this bank account to buy cars, etc. Worked until a guy bought an RV for $50k Then the FBI arrested him. Not that simple or everyone would become a millionaire. If you use that number, you’ll see the inside of a jail. C/mechanism of burrowing money. Bank story, Charleston, SC. Heard a couple of employees talking about RV. One said to another about to leave, “stick around so you could listen to a call on it”. First time on the teller level.

  • 209/Stockton, CA. C/if your currency is in route, how do you tell them if it goes? T/I have 2 million and want it in the contract deal. Already bought and pd for it.

  • 818/Los Angeles, CA. (didn’t answer)

  • 281/Houston, TX. C/in and out of the que 2 times. Ready to drive the bus today! Feb 10thinternational investment conference in Iraq. Make more sense for the rates to be public by then. T/made sense they did it the last 3 times, but they didn’t do it then! Not getting it until the rate changes. Iraq’s growth rate can’t get to 6.9 w/o an RV.

  • Wrap-up!Tony/ We know it’s happening. Too many sources saying it’s done. Too many contractors involved. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready! Get $50 more (dong) and give it to somebody who will become a millionaire.

  • Ray/either a chaser or waiter. Go after the contract rate or wait at least 24 hours and know rather than guessing what the rate will be!


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