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Kaperoni says it again

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Kaperoni says it again Empty Kaperoni says it again

Post by Allenj on Mon Jan 14, 2019 9:34 am

I'll say it again...there can never be an overnight RV or RI, there is just to much dinar in circulation.  Our best hope is for the CBI to move off the peg to a float and allow the dinar to rise gradually.  Such an event could allow for a gradual reduction of currency.  

The simple fact that over 40 trillion dinar is in circulation is all one needs to know to realize there NEVER can be a RV or RI...Simply put, there is just to much dinar in circulation for such an event. 

The good news is the IMF documented very clearly the intent to float the dinar and if investment comes into Iraq as expected it should create the Balassa-Samuelson effect allowing the dinar to rise gradually.  I believe once the CBI begins the float, the dinar could rise significantly within 6-12 months.

here the thing, it is only your opinion nothing else you have no way to prove what you are saying in your own words " I believe " it's not what you believe. one thing is for sure i can not tell you is if they will reinstate, revalue, rd, ect.... i can only tell what i believe what i believe mean nothing,  sure you can quote documents from the IMF, but according to Iraqi law IMF is not in control   Kaperoni says it again 1656125192/   2cents

one thing forsure is i have follow kep for some time and i can tell he never been in the money market (currency market) at all before the dinar has no experience in the market why would i listen to some that don't know what he is doing

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