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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/2/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/2/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 1/2/19

Post by Ssmith Thu Jan 03, 2019 9:23 am

RayRat/Tony Call Notes   1/2/19 Tony_p12
(Bullet pts by AZhombre) 

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


TNT Ray-Tony call 2019.01.02 Wed bullet pts by AZhombre


LINK ONLINE http://tobtr.com/s/11136359 or https://t.co/NSKD4Ok9ct or http://www.blogtalkradio.com/rayren98/2019/01/02/tntsuperfantastic-conference-call–wednesday-january-2-2019

Opening Comments:

  • Tony: It’s Jan again. Have between the 1st and 15th with Iraq trying to push it thru. Not going to say RV is done like everyone else. RV has not started in China. You’re going to get paid the same time the “groups” are going to be. We’re still waiting on the RV. Banks still waiting. Votes going to be on the 8th if new names submitted. Waiting for that vote. Banks 5,6,7 new window. Bank rates still on the screen. Recommend buy Dong. Between the 1st thru the 15th like all the past years! Gov’t shut down shouldn’t have any effect on it. Only negative effect is price of oil. Iraq need oil at $56+

  • Board Posted Q&A: Ray/effective today, anybody will be a “candidate” to be banned if not using Q&A for Q&A’s only.
  • Top 3 roadblocks: T/price of oil #1(fallen below what they wanted, hard to overcome). OPEC will try to drive the price back up to where Iraq need it. #2 ministers, #3 Iran lost economic battle in Iraq and pulled out all advisors.

  • Are auctions still going? Tony/extra exchangers on street corners, died.

  • Any news on the Zim, screen rates? Tony/not on rates, or whether it’s going or not. No changes at all of today.

  • Are the banks going to limit the contract rates to those with $10m or less? T/no.

  • Any new training? Ray/nothing we’ve already addressed. Any CBI news? T/ nothing as far as the RV, quiet holidays. Gov’ts starting to meet again. Corruption committee moved everybody out of Parliament government housing.
  • Any early exchanges occurring? T/not one single exchange over the holiday. Not one in Reno (have plenty of people there). They did not get any money!

  • Any downside for Iraq not to revalue? T/yes, their people are dependent on them to rebuild their country. Instead of a surplus they have to borrow from 15 different countries. Investors aren’t going to lend them money until they get an RV. All the education showing them (citizens) how this process (with pending lower denoms, etc) is going to work won’t work if they don’t do it.

  • New Confessions of An Economic Hit Man. Get the book and read it!

  • Live Callers:

  • 312/Chicago, IL..Prime Minister Madi still coming to DC? R/yes. Iran articles criticized US (wouldn’t leave the base and disrespected the PM), trying to get the US out. He’s coming to the US because of the sanctions. 80% is imported from Iran. Even if they have $ they can’t buy fuel, etc. Coming to negotiate to make it work. Caller wanted to know why the meeting. T/need to see each other to better understand one another!

  • 404/Atlanta, GA.PM’s visitor at time of RV? T/yrs. ago they took pictures in what looked like he was overseas (often do that). Whether in country or not, don’t know if it’s required or not. This time it’s just supposed to happen! CBI’s job. He’s to be here on the 4th. Trump did the same thing visiting Iraq for only 3 hrs. He could do the same thing! 5-7th is before the 8th.

  • 951/S.Cal Guy.Intel supporting 1-15th? T/historically tried it thru those dates in the past. C/banks don’t want to give you any rates? T/Dong and Zim still on the screen. Will try and get rates from banks again. Just worried about it happening. C/who has the final say “flip the switch”? T/UST are last one to give OK. Waiting for price of oil to go back up. Matter of “dominos falling”. We’re the ones holding it up. C/banks saying 4,5,6,7thexciting!

  • 610/Gman from PA. Brand new bills to pay! Please donate: www.tntsuperfantastic.comaddress: Raymond Renfro, PO Box 1748, Elm City, NC 27822. Cashap: $tntsuperfantastic (make donation electronically).

  • 360/Vancouver, WA. Do you think Maliki is involved w his ability to create a civil war? T/has the ability to, but why? He can try and get a position in the gov’t to avoid prosecution. With Iran backing him Iran has influence in the gov’t. If not him, they want “integrity” position. If he’s wanted, and they can prove it, that’s a different thing. Supposedly his passport taken, etc. They had 300 other politicians leave the country. Would fight with his options before leaving the country. He won’t get one of the ranking positions but will push for others to get in. They’ll eventually find out his corruption and change their culture once they get this thing started!

  • 503/ Portland, OR. T/you scared them!

  • 509/ Spokane, WA. Questions on filling positions. T/ed minister resigned today because they found out she had connections with ISIS. Only justifiable not doing it if the rates are wrong. C/? on price of oil. T/thought it was going to be around $100. C/do they have new candidates for the important positions? T/no new names, nor “hints” of it. Have to wait and see what happens over the next 6 days.

  • 708/ Cicero, IL. RV is about to take place, and I’m going to tell you why. Today is the day I finally got on the line and now it’s going to RV! If we want the “contract rate”, both husband & wife, how concrete is that? T/not to get the contract rate, but the NDA you must sign. You’re married. If it’s your $, create another entity (trust) and you give the money to them to take charge of it!

  • 586/ Warren, MI. Thinks it’s going to be stopped again, because of Iran playing a bigger picture. “They” wanted it done by the end of the year. Who’s they? T/US. C/I think Iraq is being asked to play a bigger role between them and the USA. Somethings we won’t fudge on. They’re goal is to work this issue out with Iran and bring them back to the table.T/I understand, now hear me. I agree Iraq is playing a bigger roll. This isn’t the first time this has happened. (Secrets of an Economic Hit Man). USA needs Iraq to stop doing business with Iran. We could get it over with quicker. But don’t want to starve their own people with them. Get our country back but starve our people, etc. We can’t cut them off. Need more time to work with other countries. When we were at war, Iran was the only one to help them. That’s Iraq’s dilemma now. We need them to survive! We do want Iran to come back to the table. We’re trying to force them to go another direction. The carrot and the stick is the RV.

  • 214/ Dallas, TX. C/? about Lebanon. Once the ministers are in place, they’ll have purchasing power also. Looking forward to seat their cabinet also. T/send me the articles so we can put those pieces of the puzzle together. T/I’ll send you my e-mail so you can forward the articles to me to look at. C/also had info on Zim.

  • 501/ Little Rock, AR.Who set up the 800#? T/UST. We don’t know, then banks will make a profit. The numbers have been completed for years.

  • 918/ Tulsa, OK.

  • 864/ Greenville, SC. Sanctions against Zimbabwe? Tony/where did you see that? C/Dinar Chronicle. Fines, jail time, etc. T/you’re going to go to the bank and the bank is going to give you money to complete the transaction then come back and arrest you? What bank is boing to be involved with an illegal action? There’s not a bank in the country that will do that and go to prison also. They would take it off the list if there was a problem with it.

  • 240/Germanton, MD.Is it just this issue or a summation of things around the world? T/going to move so many 3rd world countries up. Other issues effecting Iraq. The Dinar is the foundation and that’s what they’re waiting on.

  • 413/ Springfield, MA. Busy talking to someone else!
  • 503/ Portland, OR. Thanks for teaching us about the

  • non-operational vrs. operational foundations. Feels like you need professional management running it. Over 1k foundations in OR were closed and many fined. Not functions of violations! Ray/these people weren’t doing it, not difficult, very easy. Different types of operating and types. It isn’t for a non-operating foundation.

  • 615/ Nashville, TN. Should my grown children’s funds be placed in my trust? Ray/absolutely not! “Comingle” isn’t a good idea. As adults, they should have their personal trust.Set it up for those coming behind us.

  • 561/ West Palm Beach. Long time fan, RV taken place and countries trading, Iraqi citizens being paid, street level currency not being paid yet. US and Iraqi citizens only ones who benefit. Why would they want to make a bunch of US citizens rich?T/3-4 countries started trading Dinar. Obviously have an exchange rate. Cars, appliances, selling at different rates. How are they doing it at the program rate? Definitely some things going on. 13303 gave us the same right as Iraqi citizens, along with other countries that participated in the liberation of Iraq (England, etc). The average citizen doesn’t know how wealthy US citizens will become. Originally only 5k people knew about it. Officers in the military were told not to tell the enlisted people to know about it. Because of the time-line, it’s like a small snowball growing to a giant avalanche. 99% of Iraqi’s have no idea what’s happening. C/Bank story:

C/Bank story: I talked to a personal banker in West Palm Beach and asked her what she knew. She listened to me over a long time. She once told me to come over and see her when I was done with personal banking. I went to her office, and she closed the door (never done that before). Said she had a customer with a large yacht. Used with VIP’s all around the world. Captain of the yacht said he had a very powerful politician on the yacht. Was given an envelope with a lot of Dinar and told to hold on to it. Caller, maybe this will give some hope to others who are thinking nothing will happen!

  • Tony/people have told us for years this will never happen. It’s 2019, we can’t change the past. All we can do is look for the future. The banks tell me 5,6,7 is their window. We’ll see what happens after the sanctions. Between today 2ndand 15th looking for it to go through.

  • Ray/in Jan 10 will be in SLC, UT, have some fun in the cold weather!If something exciting comes out, we’ll post it in the forum.

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