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IQDCalls Chat - "Going International" 1/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

IQDCalls Chat - "Going International" 1/2/19

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IQDCalls Chat - "Going International" 1/2/19 Empty IQDCalls Chat - "Going International" 1/2/19

Post by RamblerNash on Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:28 pm

Woke AF  http://twitter.com/HayesKotseos/status/1080468482305806336?s=19 Doesn't the Iraqi currency have to be International before they can pay Jordan for the Imports? If so, they have set the date for before February 2nd 2019.


#Dinar #RV #Iraq http://twitter.com/HayesKotseos/status/1080468686085992448?s=19 Annnnd the WEF in DAVOS is scheduled for Jan 21st-25th. Annnnd the UN posts the exchange rates on the 1st and 15th of each month~

#Dinar #RV

Woke AF  http://iraqtoday.com/news/26185/%D8%B4%D8%B1%D9%8A%D8%A7%D9%86-%D8%A7%D9%82%D8%AA%D8%B5%D8%A7%D8%AF%D9%8A-%D8%B3%D9%8A%D8%B1%D8%A8%D8%B7-%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B9%D8%B1%D8%A7%D9%82-%D8%A8%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A3%D8%B1%D8%AF%D9%86-%D9%84%D8%B9%D9%82%D9%88%D8%AF

Woke AF  What say ye Dinarians???

Woke AF  I do believe our roller coaster ride is coming to an end~

Clay  Woke AF praying so

Woke AF  GM Clay

Clay  Happy New Year

Woke AF  Happy New Year~

Woke AF  @foxmulder you see dis???

Sam I Am  Woke AF what do you mean by"going international"?

Clay  Sam I Am   if they go international so does the dinar

Clay  thats what we r waiting for

Sam I Am  Clay you're going to be waiting a long time for Iraq to have products that the International Community wants

Clay  oil

Sam I Am  Oil is sold for USD

Woke AF  Clay looks very promising~

Sam I Am  That doesn't create demand for the dinar

Clay  looking better 4 sure

Woke AF  I just looked up Jordan dinar to usd, its .71 to $1... makes me think they will be dropping the 3 0's and possibly coming out at .84 to $1~

Woke AF  Them being neighbors and all~

Clay  would sure love that

Woke AF  I put a couple of notes in my purse, just in case

Sam I Am  Woke AF how many Jordanian dinar are in circulation?

Woke AF  Also, Clay the UN is updating the exchqn

Sam I Am  Just sayin'

Woke AF  Exchange rates Jan 11, instead of the 15th...

Woke AF  Lemme find my sauce~

JoeSchmoe  Woke AF If youd been around for the past umpteenth amount of years, it seems to be the same smell, different year.... ;nose-pk; ;sad2;

Woke AF

JoeSchmoe  Woke AF dinarians have been watching the UN site, and/or the treasury site for over a decade unfortunately

JoeSchmoe  Not belittling your thoughts, just talking rv history with us

Woke AF  JoeSchmoe you can sit there with your finger up your nose if you want to , but I'm gonna keep on, keeping on~

JoeSchmoe  I've found more treasures that way than holding dinar lol

Woke AF  Ew. Nassy~

JoeSchmoe  and just to be clear, me and Im sure many if not most dinar holders were where you are before

JoeSchmoe  but whos to say this time isn't the time....

Woke AF  Anyhow, I do this for me, just sharing with y'all. Cause I'm nice like that~

JoeSchmoe  you are nice

JoeSchmoe  that fosho

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe I'll say it

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am   what else is new?

Sam I Am  New York

Sam I Am  New Jersey

Sam I Am  New Mexico

Sam I Am  New Delhi

Woke AF  Honestly Joe, I'm glad I haven't held for as long as yall... I'd have given up. So I consider it a blessing to be here for the time that I have~

JoeSchmoe  I wish I had just gotten into this too. But if I hadn't listned to all the gurassholes in the beginning, I wouldn't have the amount I have now...which could be a pro or a con

Woke AF 

Clay  JoeSchmoe agree

JoeSchmoe  Clay and it would be idiotic to get rid of what or any of what we hold, just to take an overall 40% loss. In any case, it's the best risk/reward investment there is

JoeSchmoe  NO stock will do this for ya

Woke AF  Right? If I'd have know about this when I was doing renovations making over $200g's a year- I would have way too much!

Woke AF  Nope~

JoeSchmoe  has anyone here held onto a stock for over 8 or more years, even 5 years, and not seen any movement?

Woke AF  Omg. No.

JoeSchmoe  and still have an unknown

JoeSchmoe  so where your Woke AF 's speculations are valid and understandable, they ARE a bit old, if you know what I mean

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe stocks are market-driven the IQD is policy-driven

JoeSchmoe  Sam I Am you DO know that your word have no effect on anyone in here anymore, dontcha?

JoeSchmoe  wordS

Sam I Am  No

JoeSchmoe  well they dont

Sam I Am  I know from experience that people listen despite all of the haters

JoeSchmoe  they read, but don't take action

Sam I Am  They contact me all the time thanking me for helping them to see the light

JoeSchmoe  sure

JoeSchmoe  and in the end, they will be contacting you to sue you in the future lol

Sam I Am  Even people that used to hate me say that

JoeSchmoe  If you convince Tebow  , I will beleive lol

JoeSchmoe  I can see you turning people that have been in this for a year or so max, but not long timers

Sam I Am  When people realize that they own a currency that's headed for demonetization they usually wake up and do the right thing

Woke AF  JoeSchmoe not true, I've only been in since April of last year. I ain't going no where. And honestly, everytime I see someone talking negatively about the Dinar, I buy more~

JoeSchmoe  what do you do for a living anyway Sam? I don't for one second that you have stuck around for 10 years or more, just trying to help people see the light.

Sam I Am  No matter how long they've owned dinar

JoeSchmoe  'dont think for one second'

JoeSchmoe  who does that???

JoeSchmoe  without an agenda

Sam I Am  It's 9 years next month

JoeSchmoe  You....SandyF...etc

JoeSchmoes  o almost 10 years. If it were even only 3 or 4 years...who does that/?

JoeSchmoe  if you didn't belive, just sell and move on

Sam I Am  People who care about the truth

Clay  JoeSchmoe Im almost at 10 myself

JoeSchmoe  NO WAY did you just stick around for years just to help peple see the light lmao

JoeSchmoe  Clay me too

JoeSchmoe  I think you and i got in same time

JoeSchmoe  and @ssh0le bgg too

JoeSchmoe  and I agree with Woke, whenever I see people like Sam here, it makes me want to buy more.But I already have enough

JoeSchmoe  and cant afford anymore anyway lol

Clay  JoeSchmoe thinkin the same

Clay  started with Koonce

Clay  BGG was great at 1st

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe that's like saying that whenever I see somebody trying to stop me because the bridge is washed out I hit the accelerator instead of the brakes

Clay  JoeSchmoe Im done buying anymore

JoeSchmoe  If this were as bad as Sam and Sandy say it is, there would be people of higher power telling us so

JoeSchmoe  not just them two

JoeSchmoe  anywho, I"m out. time to go for a surf check

Sam I Am  JoeSchmoe you mean like the doj the Better Business Bureau and practically every investment scam Watchdog group out there?

Woke AF  We all have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other, I am choosing to listen to the angel... only the devil would enjoy the loss of this blessing~

Clay  JoeSchmoe enjoy

Woke AF  Ttyl joe~

Woke AF  Cause we all know the devil takes 1 lb of Truth and wraps it in 10lbs of lies and bull sh!t

Woke AF  Have a good day everyone~

Woke AF  BBL~

Tebow  Sam Idiot Am more BS you bring

Tebow  Sorry Sammy no one believes you

Clay  :Thumbs-up

WPY  Go back to dinar daily, Sam. You are nobody here.

WPY  Oh, that's right, you are here because YOUR site ain't gettin' bat guano for click thru's.

WPY  The daily heaping of negativity & nonsense at D Daily, promulgated by paid shills just ain't working anymore, is it, Sam you ain't.

WPY  24 hours after the reset, D Daily will disappear from the net, along with all the other clowns punching shill buttons in Tel Aviv. Don't cry too hard when Netanyahu goes to prison.He won't be your daddy any more. Good riddance to the RKM.

WPY  :laugh

WPY  Bye - bye, Sammy. Put a little Colorado weed in that pipe & enjoy.

Dave  ....just wondering if they have passed the private banking laws to protect foreign investors to help grow their economy?

WPY  Dave, us peons won't know diddly until it has already happened.

John  WPY :Thumbs-up

WPY  Secrecy is our biggest enemy, & the good guys and bad guys use it against us.

Dave  takes an act of parliament...we get the minutes of he sessions

Dave  the

WPY  We have no real way to confirm much of anything put out by guru's, gods or governments.

WPY  That's dinarland's biggest problem by far -- lot's of claims, no evidence.

WPY  And extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, none of which us peons ever get.

Dave  passing of laws....?

WPY  Laws ? So much distraction & nonsense.

WPY  Keep in mind that it's considered admirable in the middle east to lie about nearly everything.

WPY  Can we expect honesty & integrity from those who were riding camels 100 years ago, constantly at war all the time, fighting for every scrap ? NO.

WPY  The discovery of oil in the middle east, & the wealth it caused was the equivalent of giving a 5 year old $5,000 dollars in a candy store. Same prospective, identical immaturity.

WPY  Despite being the ' Cradle of Civilization,' they are babes in commerce, inexperienced in modern business.

Dave  WPY so what are you looking for here?

WPY  A casual look at the middle east & their propensity to squander their wealth on ridiculous crap is legion. They still believe in Kings & monarchy's !

WPY  Do I have to be looking for something, Dave ?

Dave  Doug may pass you some recipes

WPY  Don't want any.

WPY  Dad was a top notch cook, got all the stuff I need. Thanks.

Dave  UAE Saudi Bahrain Kuwait etc driving nice cars not camels,,,,,,

WPY  I couldn't resist when I saw Sam I Am   here. Nobody goes to D Daily anymore, so they have to come to other sites to pretend to be smart and " save you " from the scam.

Dave  WPY what scam.....?

WPY  the ' Dinar scam.'

Dave  I am up at least 10 percent since i invested

WPY  It's not an investment, dude, it's a lottery ticket. Lose the wall street lingo. It's passe.

WPY  All that old wall street crap is going away. Good time to lose all those ' investment ' language terms, beat the rush.

WPY  Dave, do you plan on ' collecting interest ?'

WPY  Well ?

Sam I Am  Selling a currency that is destined for demonetization as a potential life changing investment is fraud

WPY  Sam, you effing idiot, take your worthless sheenie ass back to DD.

Dave  i can sell it for more than i paid

Sam I Am  WPY "Shut up and go away" isn't much of an argument

Sam I Am  Dave Best do that while you can

Dave  Sam I Am go get em

WPY  What's the matter, Sammy-boy, nobody coming to DD for you to heap you sage wisdom upon ?

WPY  Keep smoking that crack pipe sammy, somebody will surely want your sage advice at DD today.

Sam I Am  WPY What are you, 18?

Sam I Am  Do you know how to discuss things like an adult?

Dave  WPY i see now you just come here to be offensive

WPY  Old enough to be your dad, sammy boy.

WPY  I know dip****s when I see/hear them. Nice try, though, trying the personal attack.

Sam I Am  WPY My dad passed away at the age of 91

Doug_W  Refrain from bashing and name calling, Respect gets Respect.

Don’t be a Bully Agree to disagree if needed.

Doug_W  that goes for EVERY body

Dave  Doug_W   go get em.....

WPY  oh, no, the scary censor dude is after me

Doug_W  WPY I am not after anybody

WPY  These chat's are mostly empty now because we are there. We know what we know, there's little else to be said or done.

Doug_W  so we gab and talk about other things politely

WPY  YOU talk politely.

Doug_W  well hopefully we all do

WPY  I don't. Get real, dear abby.

Doug_W  are you trying to get banned?

WPY  I don't care one way or another, dude, that threat is meaningless to me.

Doug_W  its not a threat it was a question

WPY  Thousands of other chats on hundreds of sites.

Doug_W  they if U have so many to go to why don't you?

WPY  Oh, no, it was a threat. You are just still deciding.

Doug_W  then if U have so many to go to why don't you?

Doug_W  well have fun talking to yourself I am out~

WPY  Couldn't resist taking a shot at Scammin' Sammy.

WPY  Yes, sir, Mr. censor.

WPY  You are power !

WPY  Control !

WPY  I'm unimpressed.

WPY  You preside over a Taco stand in a land of Statler Hiltons.

WPY  See all those click-thru's you will get now ?

Doug_W  wow what an unfriendly cuss

Dave  Doug_W   do not sweat it....sounds like he just wants to stalk Sam....

Doug_W  I am not Dave~

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