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Post by clayf Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:29 am


I just got off the phone with one of my Iraqi friends here in town. He has a good friend here that is from Baghdad. His friend is presently unemployed and is looking for work. In his spare time, he watches Iraqi TV and checks the internet for news back home concerning the dinar and the revaluation. He has dinar and believes it will revalue and wants to stay up with all the current news there. Well today, he called my friend and told him that yesterday and today in several newspapers in Baghdad, they had printed instructions to all the citizens on how to cash in their dinar for the new dinar after the revaluation. They gave no date. Recently, it was on tv as you and I reported, and now it is in newspapers. To me that speaks volumes.

Also, he saw on Iraqi TV today the Minister of Justice. He was talking about crime in Iraq and how a lot of it was due to the economy being down and people not having the things they need. He came out and said that after the dinar is raised, that this will help the economy and he sees the crime rate going down. He even mentioned that he would try to get money after the RV to open up schools inside the prisons to educate the prisoners so that would help the crime rate stay down. During his talk on TV, he also mentioned that the new rate would be around $3.40!!! This is coming from someone that isn’t even involved with the Finance ministry. I think we are very close and I feel very anxious like the people of Iraq do now. I think we need to be patient a little longer and let it come to us.


Ray...............................................................This was an e-mail that I received ,as I get them from time to time from a freind that forwards them to me.Some of you may have had this forwarded to you also or saw it on some other site..I just thought that some of you that are good with the translation software could find these articles that this person is stating that exists and send them this way....???????
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