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KFTA - MilitiaMan - Mahdi is in DC!  12/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KFTA - MilitiaMan - Mahdi is in DC! 12/29/18

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KFTA - MilitiaMan - Mahdi is in DC!  12/29/18 Empty KFTA - MilitiaMan - Mahdi is in DC! 12/29/18

Post by Ssmith Sun Dec 30, 2018 9:27 am


MilitiaMan:  My view is Mahdi is in DC now.. I have not seen an article telling us he didn't accept the invitation, thus, we would presume he is in town. My feeling is that he is..  So it there is an article supporting that he decided to cancel, let me know. imo ~ MM

Doodlebug:  Just an ingredient to the Mahdi/Trump visit..
Trump cancels plans to ring in 2019 at Mar-a-Lago. See photos of his Palm Beach New Year’s Eve bashes.

Late last week President Donald Trump announced that he would be cancelling his scheduled Christmas vacation trip to Mar-a-Lago in Florida to remain in Washington, D.C., and fight on behalf of the American people for the construction of a wall along the U.S. southern border.

Roughly one week later, acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney confirmed to Fox News that the president would also be cancelling his scheduled New Year’s vacation trip to Mar-a-Lago.

“He’s staying in Washington, D.C., over New Year’s. He’s canceled his plans for Christmas. Now, he’s canceled his plans for New Year’s,” he said Friday morning to the hosts of “Fox & Friends.”

Mulvaney made the announcement while speaking about the murder earlier this week of a  a 33-year-old upstanding California police officer and legal immigrant named Ronil Singh.
(The article continues and includes pictures of previous celebrations at Mar-a-Lago, please click the link below to see them)   LINK  

Militiaman:  That is a good find. It supports Mahdi and Trump, have business to tie up... imo ~ MM   I see no cancellation of their meeting.. imo ~ MM


Rockcharlie229:  IMO while the Central Bank of Iraq doesn't require a government of Iraq to be seated in order to provide a rate we all realize but when the rate does come out it will be international news with that being said Optics wise Iraq would be in a much better position to have a seated government when the international news breaks. Because lack of a seated government tells the world it is still dealing with corruption within the government and after seven months since the election they still haven't seated their full government sends a bad message I'm referring to the minister seats.

They must fill last five seats corporations and countries want to know that they can come in and invest safely without corruption or blackmail the world already realize they're dealing with polite liars, But ultimately it comes down to showing the world but they have their act together.

At this point it's all about world Optics when the news breaks about Iraq being internationally recognized.

IMO President Trump went to Iraq to see the troops but the meeting between the prime minister and our president didn't take place because the government these five seats had not been filled it was also a message to Iran we are not going anywhere.

I think President Trump told the p.m. take his left hand and grab ahold of his right ear and pull really hard until he hears a pot because United States refuses to provide glass bellys for those unwilling to remove their heads from their donkeys. Iraq has come too far to stop now, they can't the change in the rate must happen.


Jay:  Hello Rocky. Imo GOI """ TECHNICALLY """ is seated. Atleast as far as the international companies are concerned. The rest of it is just theatrics and fake news. Here's why I say that. VP Pence congratulated  Mahdi on a seated Goi. 
Readout of Vice President Mike Pence’s Call with Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi of Iraq

 Issued on: December 11, 2018
Vice President Mike Pence spoke today with Prime Minister Adil Abd Al-Mahdi of Iraq.  Vice President Pence congratulated the Prime Minister on the formation of a new government and the leaders reaffirmed the strong strategic partnership between the U.S. and Iraq.  Vice President Pence also reiterated the United States’ support for the lasting defeat of ISIS, helping to grow Iraq’s energy sector, and working to improve security and economic conditions in northern Iraq so that communities persecuted by ISIS can return home.

Jay:  PS. Trump congratulated Mahdi on a seated Goi too. Just a couple days ago. Sorry. I don't have a link. So its imo. 

MilitiaMan:  Agreed, I am thinking you know as I do. That the three presidents declared the new government. Al Nusairi from the CBI mentioned it as well when talking about the currency and the economic affairs of Iraq, Rick Perry congratulated them on their new Government while bringing in 50+ businesses that had the names like Chevron, etc.., then Pence and now more recently Trump... So the dog and pony show of the Cab is on purpose for a purpose imo.. All they need to do is show the names.. My bet all day is they have them and are waiting for the right time to synchronize it all in DC..` Yep.. imo

Don961:  About Trump's visit to Iraq

December 29, 2018 3:42 PM Author: alzawraapaper

Amin Younis Iraqi writer

I am surprised by the uproar in the media and social networking, President Trump's visit to the Ain al-Assad military base in Anbar last Wednesday ... criticisms and criticism of the Iraqi government, the slander of President Trump and his accusation of insulting Iraq and the Iraqi government. All that has been said about the subject is nothing more than lies, exaggerations and deliberate provocation. The first is to discredit the Iraqi government and the second is to try to break the good relations between the United States and Iraq. 

It is worth mentioning that the only media agency that accompanied Trump before and during his trip is the news agency Dariataku, and unfortunately for those who are trying to fish in the water, the reporter of the agency above, sent me the explanations below, I wanted to publish, to silence the voices Skepticism of Iraqi sovereignty:

Since Sunday, there have been many discussions between Trump and his advisers, in which the first lady Melania participated, sometimes, on the schedule of his visits to the US military units .. Trump wanted to go to Afghanistan, but the advisers objected strongly and confirmed the impossibility of it, Go to US bases in Japan .. but he refused. Then he said to them: Well, what do you think we should visit our bases in Iraq? The advisers split between the OK and the opposition. But they agreed to hold further consultations and then make the decision hours later. They agreed that the visit would also include US bases in Germany.

The visit to Iraq was approved, but a consultant advised him to be undeclared for security reasons, while Trump wanted to be received by Iraqi leaders at the US base, especially since Melanie wanted to see the first lady of Iraq.

After receiving reports and dozens of contacts with the embassy in Baghdad, military leaders and intelligence services, it appeared that time was tight and no appropriate arrangements could be made for the arrival of Iraqi leaders to the base of Al-Assad, and he expected President Trump to talk to Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and explain the circumstances. That was really what happened. 

Ms Melania was really upset, and asked Trump not to meet German Chancellor Merkel or any German official when they visited the American base in Germany after leaving Iraq. "I can not stand this arrogant old man," she said. .

Trump harsh criticism of the former US administrations, and even some of the security and military current, too, saying: I am very surprised at the feasibility of spending all these huge funds over the past years, and then recommend that the visit to Baghdad, at the present time, security risks! .   link 

MilitiaMan:  Therefore, by the declaration that they wanted the visit to be undeclared, leaves the door open for tha Mahdi and Trump may have met personally an not just over the phone, they may have had a visit brief meet after all, hence the Visit to the USA is about to get underway, and I suspect the Art of the Deal is as "some one (R) told me, it will need to be re written.. lol" imo

Jay:  Family..........STAY SAFE these next days!!!!!!!........There is reportedly a lot going on !!!!!!!!

For those that understand.......it is being stated strongly:


Samson:  Abdul Mahdi receives Jordanian Prime Minister

29th December, 2018

Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Saturday, December 29, 2018, discussed with his Jordanian counterpart Omar al-Razaz the future of cooperation in various political and economic fields to serve the common interests between the two countries.

Al-Razzaz arrived in Baghdad last Friday on an official visit to the country during which he will hold talks with senior officials on means of achieving economic integration between the two countries, increasing the volume of trade exchange, consensus on measures to activate trade lines, And improve the level of cooperation in the fields of industry and investment, and benefit from expertise and competencies, and other areas.    LINK

Samson:  Deputy for Asrun: Parliament is determined to make the parliamentary session to serve the citizen without exception

29th December, 2018

The parliament is determined to make the parliamentary session to serve the citizens without exception, the MP said. 

Al-Shammari said in a statement that "the current parliament is determined to adopt laws that are appropriate to the current situation experienced by the citizen in order to raise the standard of living and life and not focus on the political side and leave the files of life for other times."

He added that "Parliament is also ready to cooperate with the concerned authorities to increase the coverage of the social welfare network in particular, including disabled persons and increase the number and allocation of appropriate amounts to them." 

He explained that "the members of the House of Representatives and all the political blocs are determined to make the current parliamentary session to serve the citizens without exception and work to open large areas to reduce unemployment and benefit from the owners of certificates to serve and build the country."  LINK

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KFTA - MilitiaMan - Mahdi is in DC!  12/29/18 Empty Re: KFTA - MilitiaMan - Mahdi is in DC! 12/29/18

Post by sea ray 1 Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:00 pm

please cut the bs there is no proof that the pm is in the us or will be in the us. your group is just as bad as the rest of the gurus except frank always comes up with more bs to cover  his butt

sea ray 1

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