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 "Push the Go Button" - Fri. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 12/20/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Push the Go Button" - Fri. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 12/20/18

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 "Push the Go Button" - Fri. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 12/20/18 Empty "Push the Go Button" - Fri. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 12/20/18

Post by Ssmith Sat Dec 22, 2018 10:06 am


HondaGirl » December 21st, 2018

Sounds like they are calling for Mahdi to push the Go button and get this done now.

Samson » December 21st, 2018

Karbali Abdul Mahdi: Show your economic expertise to spare the people this fate !

21st December, 2018

MP Mohamed Karbouli on Friday called on Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi to show his economic experience.

Karbouli said in his twitter to his account via Twitter, "The sudden US withdrawal from Syria coupled with the rapid decline in oil prices coupled with the complexity of the political scene in Iraq."

He added that this requires the prime minister to show economic experience in the first place to spare the people who lived tight austerity in the previous session." LINK

Don961 » December 21st, 2018

This article has appeared today under latest news heading - posted two hours ago - have no idea why it mentions budget 98

MilitiaMan » December 21st, 2018

Nor do I, but drop the zeros and boom.. Is the Syria Deal, done, as is Iran looking to not fall from within, as noted above? 3600 - 4000 can be looked ate $3.60 or $4.00 if zeros go bye bye.. Same as $5.700? lol just thinking out loud.. imo !This sounds like a way to allow the mullas an out.. imo.. We shall see, then again it is late.. lol.. ~ MM

Samson » December 21st, 2018

Iran : Brokers are not expecting currency swaps / How does the currency become rents?

21st December, 2018

The secretary-general of the Sharafan Center, in an account of the days when the Central Bank's absence led to currency tension, emphasizes that Herat and Sulaimaniyah should not determine the Tehran exchange rate; he believes that there is no leap for the exchange rate

Mehr News Agency - The Economic Group - Mahboubeh Fakouri: The currency market has been relaxing for a few weeks, and traders whose businesses have been stopped for several months by issuing government directives have now shifted their shop windows over again.

The market is calm and market leaders in the market for bank lending. Other non-bank currency exchanges, although still subject to restrictions for their operation, believe that the presence of the central bank as one of the foreign exchange market players has increased since the turbulent market months.

Reza Torkashvand, general secretary of the Rotary Corporation, said that the turmoil in the first half of the year was due to the absence of a central bank in the market, which is now resolved. He was in conversation with the reporter, The latest state of the foreign exchange market, central bank policies, the existence of unauthorized exchanges and the sale of export currency, the vacancy of the central bank directives for the full management of the foreign exchange market and currency signals in the 1998 budget

* Seal Correspondent : Considering the relatively quiet conditions of the foreign exchange market, what measures have been taken operationally, the foreign exchange market saw stability and stability, and what do you think about the future of the months to the end of the year?

- Reza Torkashvand: How many factors have caused the turmoil of the foreign exchange market in the last few months, perhaps the most important of them was the reduction of the supply of money to the lowest possible or even near zero in the market, and this, coupled with the high demand, caused a bad situation for the market. , But more important than these two factors was the stimulation of the demand that took place in the foreign exchange market, which led to the prevailing demand for precautionary measures in the market, in such a way that people felt insecure about their own funds and therefore quickly sought assets Make their own.

The pressure exerted by foreign rival governments along with the expected inflation in the people and the tensions market. In these circumstances, the adoption of new central bank decisions made the currency market balanced and stabilized, meaning that the head of state allowed the Central Bank to provide the conditions for any person to enter the country at any rate; This restriction has been removed, especially for stockholders, and they have been able to bring in any currency they can.

Accordingly, currency injections were made to the market, and, of course, the problems that had arisen from some of the neighboring currency exchanges were removed by new decisions, which accelerated the entry of foreign exchange into the market.

Meanwhile, Iran's foreign trade, especially in the field of oil and petrochemicals, during the past weeks, has reassured the currency market and created a space that partly mitigates the inflammation of the market. Of course, the Central Bank also had an effective presence in the foreign exchange policy of the country. Indeed, the central bank, which was previously absent in the market, ​entered the market with permission from the head of state, and provided the currency at a time when it was felt that the price might Rise and shake again, it's affected. Of course, the presence of the central bank in the market was not a market maker, but as a player and actor in the market, and created the necessary controls.

In the meantime, one should not ignore another factor in the management of the foreign exchange market; it was the frustration of the people of the price fluctuations that contributed to price stability. In the last few months, when people were tired and tired of exchange rate fluctuations, their frustration had a psychological effect on the market and helped restore the market. Indeed, in the first phase, although people may feel satisfied with purchasing currency and personal profit, but over time, when the inflationary effect of the currency was evaporated and the price of goods rose, this sense of color satisfaction was lost and people noticed That this profit is not real, and the multiplier of the profits earned must be spent on inflation caused by an increase in the exchange rate. As a result, fatigue and disillusionment dominated the market.

Meanwhile, we have repeatedly emphasized that it is good for people to trade, whose profits do not lead to other people's involvement.

Over the past weeks, the central bank, which had previously been absent from the market, entered the market with permission from the head of state and was affected by supplying the currency at a time when it was felt that the price might rise and shock again. Of course, the presence of the central bank in the market did not act as a market maker, but as a market actor and actor and created the necessary controls.* For months of tension in the foreign exchange market, many people are still worried about the return of price jumps. How much could it be hoped that these other currency jumps would not return to the market, and should we meet the preconditions?

- In the short term, the currency exchange will not return to the market; the exchange rate in the market indicates the status of the value of the national currency of the country; therefore, if the domestic and foreign policies of the country applied by the government are calculated, it is planned and wisely and the government Can manage the situation and compete; it works well. However, the system and the government must come out against external impulses; in the face of foreign issues affecting the foreign exchange market, the responses are in such a way that there is a sound sense of it;

If such preconditions are met, we can hope that in the next three to four years, there will be no tension in the exchange rate, and if we plan, then there will be no tension after that

These are the preconditions that, if implemented in the community, we will see the stability of the foreign exchange market, as well as deconstruction in international relations..

We propose that we close ourselves as the focusing center, but the exchange rate will be returned to 3,600 to 4,000 USD so that the people feel relaxed and comfortable. It is decided in the macro system and the two people are arrested, the address is false.

* Always one of the most commonly asked questions. How should the mechanism really be implemented?

- We have been insisting and asking for years, and there have been letters with the central bank and competent authorities that should be clear about the currency market, both in terms of remittance and cash. The supplier and the bidder are clearly identifiable and the large sales, buyer and seller, and their sources of supply are clear. That is, the money from which Rial account is transferred to the Rial account is also to be identified. Bring everything on the circle to see everyone.

This process should be a theater, not a cinema where editing and cutting are done. Everything must be transparent, so we have repeatedly stated that let the central bank be one of the factors that are present in this market. Allow the central bank to act as an agent on this issue and, if supply is high, to buy the currency, or if the supply is low, the currency will be offered. Whether we want or do not want the central bank to sell the dollar.

We want to set the price, Herat, Dubai and Sulaimaniyah. While, if there is a clear market in this area, we will set the rate there with the criterion of supply and demand, and we do not need neighboring markets. Therefore, the central bank should be managed in that market and it should help the market. Of course, there may be problems at the beginning of work, but it will be balanced in the long run as in other countries of the world. If a particular order is given to this currency, it can be arranged in a transparent market.

This price discovery should not be done in the neighboring markets or the floor of our market. We want to set the price, Herat, Dubai and Sulaimaniyah. While, if there is a clear market in this area, we will set the rate there with the criterion of supply and demand, and we do not need neighboring markets. Therefore, the central bank should be managed in that market and it should help the market. Of course, there may be problems at the beginning of work, but it will be balanced in the long run as in other countries of the world.

When the central bank does not have a serious presence in the market that adjusts prices, Herat, Dubai, and Sulaimaniyah will discover the price, while if there is a clear market in this area, there will be a setup rate with its supply and demand criteria, We do not need neighboring markets.* Is the effective rate of 5700 Toman considered in the budget for the currency reasonable and does not endanger the free market?

- Still, the defined rate is not clear. It should be seen in the bill, which figure is considered for budget 98

* Part of the expenses should be paid at a rate of 4200 USD, and the other part will be considered at Nima rates. My question is, is the 5700 USD rate can give a signal to the currency market?

- If the dollar's rate in the budget of 98 is closed at eight thousand USD, the market signal will be 20% higher than the government's price. The market also tends to behave like this: if the dollar is considered to be eight thousand dollars in the budget, the market price of the work is $ 1,000. If the 5700 is considered, this gap will increase.

Read Full Post here: LINK

Iobey777 » December 21st, 2018

Article: “Mattis resigning as Secretary of Defense in February, Trump says”

I really hate that…hope it does not backfire on our country what Trump is doing…IMO…

ChrisC » December 21st, 2018

What is Trump doing that you think is going to "backfire" on our country? Securing the border? Removing corruption from our government? Stopping pedophiles from abusing children?

Trump is so much smarter and is working with people that are so much smarter than the opposition that every day I become more and more excited and pleased with what he is doing.

Watching Trump handle the opposition is like watching a master chess player go against a beginner. They are so pleased that they finally got a knight or a bishop that they don't see they were put in check until he tells them and they can't see checkmate until it is too late.

The letters at the funeral the other day proved to me that he must have them near checkmate. That would have never been done if he didn't have control.

I have some personal experience with W that, again, saddens me that he is involved in this in a bad way. But, you do bad things and you are going to have to eventually pay for it.

The people worried about Mattis leaving should ask themselves if maybe he is going to do something more important. Maybe he will be dealing with military tribunals.

IMO we are walking into a part of history that will be studied for centuries as to how good overcame evil and I believe we, as dinar holders, are going to play a major part for the good team in overcoming the abuse that darkness has been perpetrating on the people.

Know that whatever move you think Trump is screwing up on is not a screw up. It has been thought about over and over by genius strategists.

Also, it is not Russia that is our real enemy. It is this Satanic group of pedophiles that have entrenched themselves in all governments all over the world that is our REAL enemy.

PJ75 » December 21st, 2018

Well said, Chris. More and more people are waking up everyday. Trump and the military intel team surrounding him truly are geniuses. A well-scripted play.

Samson » December 21st, 2018

Trump decides to withdraw thousands of troops from Afghanistan

21st December, 2018

The news agency "Agence France - Presse , " a US official as saying that President Donald Trump, decided to withdraw a large group of US military personnel from Afghanistan, after the day of the decision to withdraw its forces from Syria.

"The decision has been taken, and an important withdrawal will be carried out," the official said on condition of anonymity.

The US military group in Afghanistan, about 14 thousand elements, active in the NATO mission in support of the Afghan army, and the implementation of special operations to combat terrorism.

Trump's decision to withdraw from Syria and Afghanistan is a turning point in US foreign policy and could open the door to a series of unexpected events and developments in the Middle East and Afghanistan.

Earlier on Thursday, US Defense Secretary Jim Matisse resigned to differ with Trump in views on a range of issues in the world.

Last year, Matisse managed to convince Trump to bolster the US group in Afghanistan to tackle the Taliban, but Trump said his intuition dictated the need to leave Afghanistan.

On the ground, the Wall Street Journal reported that more than 7,000 US troops would return from Afghanistan. LINK

Oil prices jump after recording the lowest price in a year

2018/12/21 10:50

{International: Al Furat News} Oil prices jumped on Friday after falling 5% in the previous session, on signs that OPEC production cuts, which will start next month, will be larger than expected.

Oil prices were the lowest in a year. Brent crude rose 27 cents, or 0.5 percent, to $ 54.95 a barrel by 08:48 GMT, after falling $ 2.89 in the previous session. Brent is down 9.4 percent this week. US WTI crude futures rose 33 cents, or 0.7 percent, to $ 46.22 a barrel. WTI is heading down about 9.5 percent this week.

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) plans to publish a schedule detailing cuts in the production of its members and allies in an effort to raise crude prices, FAO Secretary-General Mohamed Barkindo said in a letter seen by Reuters on Thursday. Barkindo said that in order to achieve the target of reducing production by 1.2 million barrels per day, the actual reduction of member states will be 3.02 percent. That is above 2.5 percent as OPEC seeks to absorb the countries exempted from the cut: Iran, Libya and Venezuela. LINK

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