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 "3 Steps for Safe, Honest Exchanges" by TJ - 12/20/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"3 Steps for Safe, Honest Exchanges" by TJ - 12/20/18

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 "3 Steps for Safe, Honest Exchanges" by TJ - 12/20/18 Empty "3 Steps for Safe, Honest Exchanges" by TJ - 12/20/18

Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:05 am

We are now reading that the banks will be kept from having their hands in our currency exchanges. This is the first step. As one anonymous poster noted, "Good".

However there is still talk of the dark side of the military being involved. These are the ones who were promised that they can keep 20% of the currencies and ZIMs that they stole from us, the same ones who were hired by the "Chinese Elders" to control the exchanges in fenced-off buildings in the back of military bases for a number of days before they had to cut and run with whatever they had made in that time. We were supposed to go in one at a time, hand over our car keys to someone, not let any friends or family know where we were going or why, and then probably disappear from the face of the earth. Those who did know what we were doing were supposed to assume that we had changed our names and moved. As the dark military leaders are dealt with, this trap will also be cleaned up, which is the second step. This may already have been done, but we have not yet been told that it has.

The third step is we then go for a safe, private exchange with the QFS at the fair forex rates that are backed by the sovereign nations own assets, with nobody threatening us or stealing from us. There is no reason why this would not be in regular bank buildings, which will all be basically QFS service kiosks, without the banks being able to steal from us, just allowed to provide any service we request and are willing to hire them to provide, including the full range of wealth management services, or not. I believe that we are days away from this point. My current expectation is that it will start same time as the military tribunals and mass arrests of the cabal, providing cover for us, which we keep hearing is planned for early January.....

I realise that in this post I am not providing one issue item at a time to see your reactions to individual issues. This post makes best sense as a package.


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