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 "IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1

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 "IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1 Empty "IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1

Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:26 am

Good Morning Readers,

I have been frequenting this site (IDC) daily(although much less now) for the past 6-8 months and here is what I've noticed thus far:

1. There seems to be a cult-like mentality on this site, any "evidence-seeking" Post or questions gets shot down by rubbish nonsense and spiritual responses..

2. There's no accountability or proof for half of the Nonsense posted on here as "Intel".

3. Every time there's a delay in an expectant RV/RI or RE time-frame, we see the same posters try to explain the delay even though they have NO clue what they think they know about global politics and economics.

4. So called "intel-providers" selling products instead of providing their alleged intel(ZAP).

5. This site or at least the blog posting section of the site seems to be filled with Republican Retirees who have nothing better to do than sit behind their laptops/PC's and try to push their agenda's/ world views unto other readers.

6. Trump/Q is a god of sorts on this site, he's the president that's fighting the good fight and he can do No wrong. George Soros, Hillary and Obama and every democrat are all demons that are trying to destroy the world.(so naive)

Now lets see if my intelligent American brain can make sense out of this nonsense;

- I am mirroring someone's question from a few days ago, Where is documentation on QFS? Wheres the proof that this system is going to replace our current global financial system??? ( I work for 1 of the top global banks and I've seen NO proof of any quantum systems being implemented for retail use, so please don't answer this with a "I said so, so its happening")

- What makes you think Trump/ Pence and every republican you guys worship are not looking out for their own best interests like every politician in America has done? you truly think Bush went to war with Iraq as a retaliation for 9/11? do you truly think that Trump endorsed the brutal killing of a Journalist( because in his own words " they give us billions of dollars") so he can continue fighting the good fight?

- How about his wall to block of a caravan of "Rapists and murdering Mexicans" do you think that the leader of a nation built on Immigration and mass murder should be conducting himself in this manner?

Opinion piece- If you think a global currency reset is happening because of a fight between forces of good and evil then you have to check the meds you are taking or maybe consider a nursing home or psychiatric center. The answer is simply in our Geopolitical and economical views shifting. No one with an educated brain will endorse any of that crap. NEWSFLASH: the Powers in high places will ALSO be benefiting from a global currency reset. Read about old civilization and the origination of royalty and "leaders". there will always be Powerful people that move very big pieces just like how there will always be gullible people that blindly follow the nonsense on some of these posts. To all the posters that value reason and logic over superstition, the ones that ask for evidence and articulate their points with fluidity, the ones that do not pander to the nonsense and try to provide actual Intel on the RI/RV I want to thank you people, you are the only reason I still come to this site. Your Intel can not be found on other sites sadly. I had more to say but I will just leave it at this. I just couldn't stand to read the nonsense day in and day out.

Thank you,
A young Thinker.

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 "IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1 Empty Re: "IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1

Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:28 am

"Re: More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by TM

The Fact that you are Young is a given.
The thinker part...??
Well... When the changes occur.
Since you have less to Unlearn
This transition will be easier for you.

No one here is forcing you to believe a certain way.
A cult... Forces you to believe... Or leave.
Like Religion.
Now child .
( if there are people who for many years keep Yelling for Truth [ yet dispute all]
And I have never read any of your posts in the many years that I have been here.
Some people ,for the 4 to 5 years that I have been on this site will only dispute what others write.
Their purpose?
Is it to dissuade others from Believing ?
This is what Upsets some of the Right Minded Adults on this site
It's not for an unleaded child as yourself to call those here cultists.

Learn the Language.
Child... You are being taught that Nationalism is the Opposite of Patriotism.
You are being taught that ( Antifa) thugs
Are anti-fascists ( but behave as Hitler Brown shirts )Fascists.

Child... Look to your words and if someone here at this site( looses it) sobeit... Let the adults get it out if their systems...
Child... Change your diapers ... Go to your safe place and do whatever you do with your crayons and play doh

Over the years so many people are trying to put things into perspective by trying to
Understand and sift through centuries of lies, within every aspect of our history.
It's quite challenging to say the least.
Like a dog( if you can visualize) shaking water from its pelt. Sometimes this human thing of shaking off the lies comes about in a similar fashion.
Step back if you don't want to get wet.

I will take a quotation from a John Wayne film( do you know JW ?)
I believe it was taken from a film called the Sons of Katie Elder.
JW told the "young thinker"...
If you don't know how to respect your elders, I'll teach you to respect your betters.. ( then he beat the crap out of his young family member who kept mouthing off)
Now. That of course was from a time when boys played cowboys and indians.
We played at sports...
Not have "play dates"... Young tinker
We competed for the fun of it and strived to come in first. It used to be fun to do so.
Now. We live in a world that embraces mendacity and mediocrity.

The one thing that I have over you is a lifetime of learning.
I have forgotten more than you've ever learned.
Most of what we have been taught is based on lies.
So now I listen to very little, discard quite a lot and WAIT for the global changes that are occurring ( because I am not the kind of person that keeps asking for Truth... Intel... Etc. I do my own research)

[ and I perceive a world of changes occurring daily... The info is out there like culling gold from a mountain of dirt ]
[ ex. Just last night someone from Australia was commenting on an unrelated site how in W. Australia where he's from the positioning of the stars appeared different than in all the years he's been looking at the night sky... Planetary Ascension ?? I would rather believe it to be so .... Than to listen to Naysayers and their supporters.]
Me? I RECIEVE hints daily and Now that I AM paying closer attention I do Know that The Truth Is Within. Not in the supposed Intel. Yet I do come to this site and over the years there are many people who have posted and I would love to share a drink with after this " Galactic Freak Show" is over.
And many I won't.
"Spreading my Soveriegn Wings"

I have found my own Truths so that I don't have to do anything but wait for when the Reset Occurs.
Phuk the left, phuk the right
This is all Duality.
I'll wait here in the middle.

To those that I have offended I apologize
I will not apologize for being me.
If you chose this platform or others try on this rule .
Speak to others as you would like to be spoken to.
We all of us have tons of baggage to release before we cross over.
Learn from the ladies on this site for their...
Compassion is The New World Order

If it Feels Right... Go with it
If it Feels Incorrect... Pass on it.
So Young Tinker... I do hope your teething period is almost over... Never having had children one may understand my lack of knowledge on some subject matters... You'll get over it.

I Ams That I Yams

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 "IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1 Empty Re: "IDC is More of a Cult than a RV/RI Intel Site" by A Young Thinker - 12.20.18 1

Post by Ethel Biscuit Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:07 am

So, that reply basically just repeats all the stuff that a "Young Thinker" questioned and adds a huge dose of "respect your elders because they're better/wiser than you are". Quite typical.

I suppose it was written by an "Old Drooler".

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
Ethel Biscuit
Ethel Biscuit
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