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 "Where are we Today?" by Midwestman - 12/18/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Where are we Today?" by Midwestman - 12/18/18

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 "Where are we Today?" by Midwestman - 12/18/18 Empty "Where are we Today?" by Midwestman - 12/18/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:40 am

So I am just trying to figure out where we are today. If we are to believe the reports that are coming in from the geopolitical world, the financial world and the RV world, everything is ready, done, happening, blah blah blah. I thought, (along with many others) that last Saturday was going to be it but that came and went with nothing happening and no explanation as to why not. I have learned no one knows when this will happen but all I see is the NPTB getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready. Are they really going to make us go through another holiday season and hold this back from us for some bull shit reason? I am tired of hearing about "Q", the indictments, the QFS and mostly how the cabal is given chance after chance to "surrender or die" all the while we hang on here waiting for this to happen. We have all been patient, we all have exhibited great restraint and faith. We all have learned this is not just about the money. But when will enough be enough? There are those on this site that are content to sit back and do or say nothing until this happens, who say nothing can be done to bring this any faster. If that is what you want to do than go for it. There are those on this site like me though that are frustrated that we are in this eternal waiting position and it just seems down right silly. I know, its fluid situation, things change daily, I'm just to stupid to realize how big this whole thing is, blah blah blah!

There are those on this site that continue to bring a glimmer of hope to us and we probably should not be listening to them either because the intel they are putting out seems to be bogus but we all want that glimmer of hope because with it we can feel that there might be and end to this game where we can finally do some good in this world. I don't like getting my hopes up every Tuesday and Thursday and I kick myself for letting that happen but we all need a little help, especially during this season.

We have been told the NPTB are monitoring these sites so if they are I would like to put out yet another appeal to them to do the right thing and realize this world needs this now. We have committed to making a change when this blessing happens. Most of us don't even know how we are going to do that but we know we will do it. I think, and always have, that that is the real reason this has been delayed all this time. The NPTB don't want to be shown up by a bunch of "Toothless crackheads" They know we can change this world and won't worry about all of the red tape and PCness that they constantly worry about. They know we will be able to make this a better world when they have not been able to. Perception.

So how about it NPTB, talk is cheap. How about performing on what you have been preaching to us for years. You claim to want to change the world but yet you sit back and do nothing but you have the key in your hand yet you refuse to use it. How does that make you any better than the cabal? Let this go for the people, for the world so we can make this a better place for our families and communities. We'll make some mistakes along the way but we'll be fine. Trust us, just like you want us to trust you.

Merry Christmas to all!


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