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IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18

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IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18 Empty IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:26 pm

Sam I Am  Anybody here interested in the flat Earth theory?

Doug_W  I didn't know this was So well liked:

Zig  Sam I Am : One of our members, "Jo," is into that stuff......

Sam I Am  Does Jo need a flat earth guide?

Zig  Not about to speculate what Jo needs.....lol

Tebow  Sam I Am so where is the hyperinflation in Iraq?

Sam I Am  Tebow They eliminated it ten years ago

Tebow  Sam I Am yes so no hyperinflation

Sam I Am  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VaXM6b2-2cg This video explains how they went to a crawling peg from November 2006 to January 2009 to bring the rate of inflation down

Doug_W  futuremoney bye Pal

Sam I Am  Tebow No hyperinflation now but they have the lingering effects of past hyperinflation

Sam I Am  thus the need to remove the zeros

Zig  Sam I Am : If you hang around here long enough we'll have you buying Dinar again before you know it.... :na;

Sam I Am  Zig You expect the IQD to go up in value?

Zig  Sam I Am : Yes, eventually.....

blackgold  what a joke, Iraqis don't feel safe in some cities, lol, they haven't been to NY or Chicagonand a few others no to mention LA

Sam I Am  Zig what value seek ye?

Zig  If I ever give up on this you won't see me here.......

Dave  Sam I Am with a managed float it would take 1-2 decades to see a buck

Zig  Sam I Am : As you know I "lean" toward Kaperoni's way of thinking.....but not sure......

Dave  and wish to be competitive in the region with those countries that have much less

Tebow  Sam I Am BS to lingering effect of the past! PURE BS son! Your previous posting about those countries RDing their currencies due to hyperinflation has nothing to do with Iraq. You just spewing BS!

Dave  Tebow   bingo...

Sam I Am  Tebow Tell that to Shabibi

Tebow  Sam I Am Sam I Am How many years has Shabibi been gone? More BS boy!

Dave and they are still taking about dropping the zeros when the TIME is right

Zig  Sam I Am : I would be happy with 5 to 10 cents......

Sam I Am  irrelevant ..... he proposed removing the zeros and they're still looking to implement his plan

Sam I Am  Watch this video beginning at 4 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

LeLe  Zig glad you don't believe Sam's tell of not having Dinar. Lol

Sam I Am  He uses the word redenomination and explains the reason .... past hyperinflation

Sam I Am  LeLe When did I say that?

Zig  LeLe : I didn't say that....said we would get him to buy again.....lol

LeLe  Sam I Am you sold your Dinar back right?

Sam I Am  Zig Do you plan to travel after the RV?

Tebow  yes many travel plans LOL

Sam I Am  LeLe Not all of it. I had some lower denoms that weren't worth much

Zig  Sam I Am : Travel?.....maybe, why?

Tebow  Sam I Am spewing BS

LeLe  Tebow thank you.

Sam I Am  Zig Do you find travel enjoyable?

Zig  Somewhat....why?


Zig  LOL....Knew that was coming....

Sam I Am  Zig Do you want to travel to tropical locations?

Zig  Maybe

Tebow  Sam I Am travel? why are you so interested in what others plan to do?

Doug_W  ;beach

Sam I Am  Zig You'll need sunglasses. I might be having a sunglass sale

Zig  Maybe I will move next door to a certain Redneck.....

Tebow  Sam I pervert....... You like to travel

Sam I Am  or sun eyewear if you prefer

Dave  Sam I Am when do you plan to travel to the underside of the Earth?

xyz  Tebow Redneck

Tebow  Sam I Am when do you plan to get out of your Mom's basement

Zig  Sam I Am : I don't think you will ever convince anyone here about your perspective on this.....

xyz  Zig was meant for ya not Tebow 

Dave  Zig you think.....

xyz  :popcorn

Tebow  Sam's hyperinflation theory ............ BS!

LeLe  Tebow   lol

xyz  Tebow  

Sam I Am  Tebow it's a fact ... Shabibi said that they will redenominate to remove the effects of inflation from the 80s

Sam I Am  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ol8wve53-ME

Sam I Am  no theory

xyz  Sam I Am is Shabibi a guru?

Sam I Am  xyz yes, he is ... he's a monetary genius

Tebow  Sam I Am video from 2011. The past! Try again!

Tebow  Shabibi is no longer the head of the CBI

Sam I Am  he managed to increase the foreign currency reserves quite a bit and create exchange rate stability

Sam I Am  while bringing the rate of inflation down to a manageable level

Zig  Now isn't this more fun than talking about the weather???......lol....and Doug's garden.......

Dave  Tebow Shabs also spoke of the affects of sanctions

Tebow  now no hyperinflation!

Doug_W  its doing fine thanks

Dave  Shabs said quite abit......now lets cherry pick

Tebow  Love how the people sitting in basement use old date for their theories.

Tebow  data

Sam I Am  Tebow You're correct that there's no hyperinflation now, because Shabibi got it under control, which is why he felt that they should proceed with redenomination

Sam I Am  redenominations usually don't work if inflation is still raging

LeLe  Doug_W hey there ;hello Where's future?

Zig  Sam I Am : So no need for all those trillions of Dinar with inflation so low??

Dave  Tebow shabs also spoke of restoring/increasing the purchasing pwer of the dinar in reference to the 3 zero project

Tebow  Sam I Am so why did you spew BS about all those others countries redomanation in reference to Iraq. You like spewing BS?

xyz  Sam I Am does he conduct conference calls like kap, tony, frank, ... or ...?

Dave  Tebow Cherry picking too

Zig  Tebow : LOL....you love to use "BS" in your posts......

Sam I Am  Tebow It wasn't BS. It's an accepted research and analysis technique to find compareables

Dave  compareables.....

Tebow  Sam I Am accepted by idiots like you who spew BS

Tebow  idiot is an acceptable name, just ask Kraperoni

Zig  I do not think Sam has ever called anyone here an idiot.....

Zig  Kaperoni has.....lol

Tebow  no difference lol

xyz  Goat: Oh – but this guru idiot TNT Tony told everyone that there was a 100% chance of the RV occurring this week. Other gurus then also FAKE intel to match his prediction. Others then take this bull**** and say it’s got to be close since everyone is saying it is. Do you see just how stupid this all is?

Where does the TRUTH come into play here? It doesn’t…..go figure…. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=776472326021495&id=281127528889313

xyz  Goat: This idiot fat man and flip flopper TNT Tony seemed to forget one important issue though - What about first reinstating the currency? Tell this to the CBI after all they must have something to do with it….lol..lol..lol….maybe?

Zig  Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist.....

Tebow  Zig one can be a con and an idiot

Zig  LOL....I suppose

xyz  Tebow "idiotic con" jejeje

Sam I Am  xyz Are you a Latino?

xyz  Sam I Am are a Japanese?

Tebow  con-idiotic

Tebow  are you stupid

Zig  Sam I Am : You'll hurt yourself conversing with Z.....lol

xyz  URGENT Parliament votes tomorrow to complete ministerial cab


{Baghdad: Al-Furat News} The House of Representatives holds its usual session of the (19) tomorrow, Tuesday, by voting on the completion of the ministerial lineup.

A statement to the Presidency of the House of Representatives, received the agency {Euphrates News} copy of it, "The agenda of tomorrow's session will include consideration of appeals filed on the validity of the membership of some deputies."

He added, "also includes tomorrow's schedule to complete the vote on the ministerial lineup," noting that "the meeting will be held at 12 noon."

Tebow  are you upset because you sold all your dinars because you couldn't afford your investment

xyz  Tebow be nice now or ...

Tebow  I always

xyz  Finally ... "the meeting includes appeals in the health of the membership of some deputies, and the completion of the formation of the cabinet cabins." http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.alliraqnews.com%2Fmodules%2Fnews%2Farticle.php%3Fstoryid%3D79767&sandbox=1

Sam I Am  Tebow Was that directed at me?

Zig  People have sold their dinar because they needed the money........

xyz  Zig you can sell to guru @BGG

Zig  I know....big business....big profits.....

xyz  Zig is uncle Sam I Am a dinar dealer? :popcorn

Zig  Sam can answer for himself.....have no idea

xyz  Tebow do you know?

Zig  Why are you asking us when Sam is here??....lol

Sam I Am  There is no more reason to believe that I'm a dinar dealer than there is to believe that Tebow  , Dave, and others here are dinar dealers or pumpers

xyz  Sam I Am whew

Sam I Am  In fact that is more likely

Tebow  xyz why else to BS people into selling

Zig  OMG....Tebow and Z are pumpers!!

Sam I Am  Because we have evidence of pumpers being paid by dealers

Sam I Am  no evidence that anybody has ever been paid by dealers to reverse pump

xyz  Zig are calling Z a pumper? :pocorn

xyz  :popcorn

Zig  Pumping popcorn.....

xyz  Zig maybe Sam I Am is Poppy3

Sam I Am  xyz Poppy is Dan Bloodworth in Goodlettesville, Tennessee

Sam I Am  I'm in Texas

Zig  xyz :LOL....No....you can understand Sam's writing......

xyz  Zig aha Sam I Am know himself

Tebow  Why else would one go into chatrooms and try to get people to sell back to dealers. They buy back at a low rate and turn around and sell them and profit both ways.

Sam I Am  Tebow I was invited to come here and discuss

Sam I Am  I accepted the invitation

Sam I Am  That's why

xyz  Tebow must be a dealer or a snitcher

Sam I Am  I'm here to explain to you why you're not going to make any money from holding dinar

Tebow  Sam I Am yes and I will call out BS!

Zig  Tebow : Blame me!.....LOL

Tebow  Sam I Am see more BS. You do not know if people will make money or not!

Tebow  It's just your opinion!

xyz  Sam I Am and what are you doing here? Are an angel or messiah?

Tebow  BSer

Sam I Am  Tebow I know that nobody will get rich. It's my opinion that you also won't make any money. The only way for anybody to profit from holding IQD is if Iraq suddenly has another bout of hyperinflation and has to return to a crawling peg like they did ten years ago. Not likely IMO

xyz  Sam I Am is @David you misguided twin?

Sam I Am  But even then you wouldn't make more than a few %

Tebow  Sam I Am I know........... BULL**** you don't know!

xyz  Sam I Am are you ignore me? ;angry

Baxter  So how many times do you have to say it... You dont know any more

Baxter  than anyone else in here

xyz  Sam I Am and what are you doing here? Are an angel or messiah?

Sam I Am  Tebow I do know, just like I know that the sun won't rise in the west tomorrow, because I understand how the solar system works. I also understand how currency valuation works.

Tebow  Baxter untill you sell your dinars to they can profit and sell them again

Baxter  as I said before..... Your life... must be a miserable one....

xyz  Sam I Am and what are you doing here? Are an angel or messiah? :bub

Tebow  Sam I Am You think you know but really son you don't

Sam I Am  xyz I am a chatter

Sam I Am  discussing the dinar

Sam I Am  by invitation

xyz  Sam I Am  

Tebow  xyz spewing BULL****

xyz  Tebow i don't get it. A PhD hold in international currency waste his golden time on dinar site preaching bull.

xyz  Sam I Am have you been called by a higher power to save lost dinarians?

Sam I Am  Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. No revaluation in history every made anybody rich. Prove me wrong. No country has ever removed zeros from their currency in a revaluation. Prove me wrong.

Zig  I still don't understand why some people get so upset by anyone's views........

Tebow  Sam I Am just go away, People are on to your BS

xyz  Sam I Am If I lost every penny I invested in iqd, I will still be smiling.

Tebow  xyz already made a profit on my dinar

xyz  Sam I Am I play lotto and been losing ... where have you been to save poor stupid Z? :bub

Sam I Am  Tebow If people know it's BS then why don't they just ignore me?

Sam I Am  Why the need for namecalling and profanity?

xyz  Sam I Am go get a job at the church. Wrong audience ... I blame Zig 

Sam I Am  You should never get emotionally involved with an investment

Sam I Am  or speculation

Tebow  Sam I Am why do you keep spewing your BS. Does it make you feel big, important.

xyz  Sam I Am its my money and can spend as i choose and none of you business

Sam I Am  when you get to the point where you can't rationally and respectfully discuss your differences with people you're in trouble

xyz  Reverend Sam I Am jeje

Tebow  Sam I Am I can rationally call out BS

Sam I Am  Tebow Well you haven't yet from what I've seen

Tebow  Respectfully discuss will the derange, now that's hard to do!

Tebow  with


Tebow  Sam I An idi#t

Sam I Am  okay, I better go ... don't want to cause any nervous breakdowns or heart attacks

Sam I Am  hasta manana

Tebow  Sam I Am yes spew BS in the next chatroom

xyz  Sam I Am cigar is deadly and is mind toxin


xyz  Sam I Am  

Zig  I give up....lol....Dave seems to be the only one here able to converse with Sam respectfully......Oh well......

xyz  Zig your best buddy Sam I Am   is a smoke ... i never added his avatar

Zig  My best buddy.....LOL.....

Zig  xyz : I thought Kap was my best buddy.....can't have 2

xyz  Zig honestly cigar can poison Sam I Am mind. Am gonna be praying for him.

Tebow  Sam has friends waiting.

xyz  Zig how is kap? is he coming a missed match?

Zig  ;angry I am going....need medicine....lol

Doug_W  Zig ;chill ;chill ;chill

Zig  :TY:

Doug_W  anytime PAL

Tebow  Sam I Am okay, I better go ... don't want to cause any nervous breakdowns or heart attacks

Doug_W  Tebow stay a wilke

Doug_W  its getting good don't Go

Doug_W  Ziggy has his 3 chill pills he can take it now

Tebow  dinner time, Kap can now show up

Doug_W  LOL

xyz  Sam I Am is lost in wildness

xyz  Foods may "kill you" http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ar&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.alliraqnews.com%2Fmodules%2Fnews%2Farticle.php%3Fstoryid%3D79768&sandbox=1

tpr747  Anyone heard any news about the RI of RV?

tpr747  I guess NO good news.....????????????

Zig  tpr747 : Nothing

Tebow  tpr747 not happening according to Sam I am

tpr747  Thank you....... :-)

xyz  Zig see what you brought? I told you so

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IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18 Empty Re: IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18

Post by Captain259 on Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:01 pm


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IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18 Empty Re: IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18

Post by Ethel Biscuit on Tue Dec 18, 2018 2:47 am

Wow - that Tebow has nothing intelligent to say, so just spews insults.

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
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IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18 Empty Re: IQDCalls: Zig "Tony is far from an idiot....is a very clever con artist..." 12/17/18

Post by RamblerNash on Tue Dec 18, 2018 11:43 pm

Dinarians have learned to throw insults as a way to deflect from providing information they don't have.

They have all done their research, but the reality is that it's just the hype from the Gurus...

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