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Mountain Goat 12/17/18

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Mountain Goat  12/17/18 Empty Mountain Goat 12/17/18

Post by Mountain Goatee Mon Dec 17, 2018 11:46 am

December 17, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

So here we sit it is Monday morning and still no reinstatement of the Iraqi dinar. Where you really expecting it?

Oh – but this guru idiot TNT Tony told everyone that there was a 100% chance of the RV occurring this week. Other gurus then also FAKE intel to match his prediction. Others then take this bullshit and say it’s got to be close since everyone is saying it is. Do you see just how stupid this all is?

Where does the TRUTH come into play here? It doesn’t…..go figure….

This idiot fat man and flip flopper TNT Tony seemed to forget one important issue though - What about first reinstating the currency? Tell this to the CBI after all they must have something to do with it….lol..lol..lol….maybe?

But he will tell you it is already reinstated. Really? Then why have we not gone to the bank? As usual he has an excuse for that too and says that we are just waiting for the rate to go up. Rate to go up from 1190. Well I have news for this idiot. If the Iraqi dinar was already reinstated it would have to be internationally traded on the trading platforms and currency exchanges. Don’t you think that it would have to be on a float? Don’t you think that if it was a float it would be driven up by the traders already to a rate we want by now since these idiots have been saying this now for 3 years. Oh – but he also has a good lie for this too and says it is traded in the backrooms and the rate is now already 119 dinars. So does this seem even a bit weird to you that this rate, he claims is just decimal points away from the real CBI rate of 1190. Does anyone stop to ask this question? Is some site out there they use as proof having issues?

So the fact that it is not yet on a float and still solely pegged to the US dollar. This is why it is on a peg so the rate can be steady and maintained. And as long as it is pegged solely to the US Dollar the CBI must maintain a spread of 2% to market rate. This is a requirement to move to operating under Article 8 of the UN charter of a member nation. So if they can’t even maintain this, which TNT Tony says they didn’t since he says the rate is now 119 dinars : 1 Dollar then how will they ever reinstate and move to Article 8?

So this is yet more evidence it is NOT yet international or reinstated. More evidence this guy TNT Tony really does not have a clue of what he is talking about. Maybe too much brandy and cigars has gone to his head? But does he ever know what the hell he is talking about?

So please let’s drown this nonsense and notion that any RV is going to happen according to this weird, backwards thinking from this idiot and others like him about this investment.

Oh – but this idiot TNT Tony is the king of weirdness and bullshit. I am sure he will come up with yet more razzle and dazzle for you this week and string you along with more notions and potions. He will tell you the RV is just postponed until the ministers are voted on in Tuesday’s session (tomorrow). He will flip-flop and tell you this will be the cause for holding it up…no really, he will say. Like the idiot who keeps calling –“the sky is falling …the sky is falling” so many times, that everyone just ignores him after awhile.

Oh – but didn’t he just tell you the last 8 ministers didn’t matter? Or was it they mattered only he needed to change the intel to suit his purposes to keep you hyped up again for this week?….go figure….

So once again this idiot strikes, gets everyone all excited and hyped up. Will he apologize for stringing thousands of people along this week and last weekend? No, of course not. He will just have his conference call as usual and keep moving forward with yet more hype. Does this guy really know anything about this investment even? Oh – but his “theme song” production at the beginning of his call sounds so nice. At least he doesn’t manipulate you with this prayer and preacher stuff like the other calls to get you going…

Isn’t he the one that started all this nonsense and rumors about the some fictitious GCR and then told you this defunct, expired ZIM currency is going to RV? Isn’t this the idiot who can’t even read bank screens correctly and is telling you some souvenir ZIM notes are going to be applied the rate on the screen knowing damned well this rate is for the new 2016 smaller category notes now replacing these expired ZIM notes?

But if you look to Zimbabwe they are going through a serious financial crisis (as usual) and don’t know a thing about these notes. Where in hell are they going to get this much money to pay off these notes in the exchange? So if the US government did have a plan to use these notes why do they need us? Why not just buy them from these brokers themselves by the skid load? Much cheaper for the government since they don’t have to worry about coming up with billions or trillions of dollars to pay us. Right?

Oh – but these idiot gurus have an answer for all this nonsense too and say this is all a plan to get the money into out hands and the economy. Really? Yes the government wants you to get rich. Oh – then they don’t since they then tell you the govt wants you to get this money but they don’t want a bunch of new billionaires and millionaires are okay. Oh – you are all toothless crack-heads anyway and are only going to spend it all quickly anyhow. So, which is it?

Hey folks there is just so many lies over this ZIM and this GCR crap I can not even keep track of it all. My advice is seriously stay away from all these worthless pieces of junk! The ONLY target everyone should be focused on is the inevitable reinstatement of the Iraq dinar. We should stay on target and don’t let these idiot gurus revert your money to anything else. Did it ever occur to you that maybe this is what they are being told to do. To spread your money out on this other garbage currencies so as not to own too much Iraqi dinar? Yes, they said they don’t want a bunch of new billionaires didn’t they?

All this TNT Tony’s little band of worshipers follow him into the toilet bowl. Yes, let’s just flush this idiot down the proverbial toilet along with Frank26 and many others where all these scammers belong.

More news….


We are waiting for the government to get “fully” formed and settle this political crisis. There is and always has been a requirement to have a fully functional government in place and an adherence and “full” implementation of the Iraqi constitution to get the reinstatement of their currency. Do you see this happening already? Then why do you anticipate so much an RV?

We can see that the CBI is ready to do something with so much talk and emphasis now stemming around these smaller category notes. We know that the ATMs are launched already and dispensing these notes for petty cash. Many now also have credit and debit cards to pay their bills and so don’t walk around with wads of cash. This enabled the CBI to reduce the 3 zero notes by 2/3, which was part of the plan they told us in 2011 had to happen as part of the project to delete the zeros. Remember I did not say “reduce the money supply” so please do not put words in my mouth. We can see that launching a greater mass of these smaller category notes (250, 500 and 1000) is already beginning the process of reducing the larger 3 zero notes to the smaller category notes. We read in today’s news letter also that there was a plan to launch a 100,000 dinar note too but for inter-banking use only and not for general use. So they postponed this action for now as not to confuse the people or put too large a note in circulation during this period. But we know they have to do something to maintain a money supply since they did reduce the 3 zero notes. I am not privy to all the mechanisms to which the CBI has at its disposal for this purpose. Overall this is all VERY good. But this is a VERY slow process and even Dr. Shabibi told us it may take years to convert and transition over.

We know that the average citizen now has a bank account and the banks are VERY liquid. This money can now be invested and loaned out. This will be even more significant when they mass housing construction projects begin when these funds are released. This is called circulating the money – money flow in the economy. This is a healthy economy. This is what we needed to see.

But what about all this investment money?

This will be the icing on the cake when this money is released. When these foreign companies come into Iraq they will create millions of jobs. They will need to pay the workers. This will divert payrolls away from government payrolls on to the private sector. Then as the cities are rebuilt more and more private malls and shops can reopen and yet more private jobs. Can you see the progression and snowballing effect? Is this not the goal we keep hearing about? To get off of oil as the main source of revenue? To get to a more long-term sustainable non-oil economy.

But the funds won’t be released until the government is fully formed and functional. These investors are now holding back funding these projects until they see the political stability once again. We saw already the first hiccup from the Kuwaiti investment conference and so let this be a warning to the GOI to get their asses moving.

We know of the 2018 – 2022 reconstruction plan for Iraq and so we are familiar with what they want to. It is all VERY good. But the first year is already ending and still no reconstruction happening. Do you realize this election cycle has taken over 6 months already and still no resolution? How does this look for investors? Not very good!

So as outside investors in Iraq we too sit and wait. But we already released our funds years ago when we purchased the dinar in the expectation of great wealth to come out this country. Unlike the reconstruction companies, our wealth will come from a simple reinstatement of the currency back to the trading platforms and going international once again.


But we have a dependency and that is on the reconstruction funds and pressure for these investors to be able to easily convert their profits and get them out of the country. Are they going to keep converting and reconverting to US Dollars to do this at the currency auctions?

Will all these investors be expected to go to the currency window at the banks and convert their dinar to US Dollars to take their profits out of Iraq?

Do you know what contempt for corruption this will bring? If you think it is bad now wait till this occurs and the CBI does not come up with a better plan for this process.

Hey! I have an idea! Why not just reinstate the dinar and let them take dinar out of the country? Let the dinar float and investors into the currency markets and buy it as long-term investments. Then maybe the rate will rise and the dinar will be in demand, thus these reconstruction investors will want dinar. This will create yet even more of a demand.

Let them then take it to their bank in their own country’s bank and exchange it that way to eliminate corruption at the Iraqi CBI auctions. Banks will want the dinar them too and place some of it in their investment portfolios. The governments reserves too will want it and buy it from the banks. There is an entire cascade of movement and investment in the dinar once it is reinstated.

So this is why I keep telling you that to kick-off this huge, massive reconstruction effort Iraq the CBI must first reinstate the dinar. This is why I also tell you this is NOT yet done and has to be done soon.

Wow! What a novel idea….lol..lol..lol…  I am glad someone thought of it….

This is the way I see this playing out. Suddenly Mahdi’s cabinet is completed. The reconstruction funds start to release within a week. But there is a lag since it takes time to get the projects underway. Not too far in the distance the reinstatement occurs. Also the CBI soon releases the 50 and 100 smaller denominations and maybe along with the 100,000 notes.

The process is kicked into high gear….

How long will all this take?

I know the CBI was targeting for EARLY Jan 2019 but with delays in forming the government I am not so sure now since time is ticking…tic toc,,,tic toc…

Be patient and let’s get the govt fully formed and functional first. The rest will fall into place.

Will all this RISK and WAITING be worth it?

Does the pope say mass on Sunday…enough said…. 

More news….


BAGHDAD - Agencies close to the process of forming the Iraqi government revealed the existence of signs of the end of the crisis to complete the cabinet reshuffle of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi on Tuesday’s session in parliament Dec 18th. Again we watch what happens. This is all we can do.

But we do know that this delay in causing instability as seen from the rest of the world and this is what matters most for us – “perception”.

Incidentally the election does matter and this reinstatement will NOT occur without a “fully” completed government. Mahdi is old and can not take on proxy cabinet positions and still get all his other work completed as PM. So this proxy issue may or may not occur.

More news….


The governor of the Central Bank, the size of the Iraqi reserve of hard currency up to 60 billion dollars, and covers 170% of the size of the mass of the local currency, the governor said in an interview published (Alsumaria News).

The size of the reserve currency of foreign currency is always measured to the size of mass especially since the IMF recently developed a new standard which added the ability of the state to cover trade and debt repayment. He pointed out that the size of the cash mass is 44 trillion dinars and Iraq is fourth in the ownership of US Treasury bonds and the reserve in the foreign currency reserve, and described the reserves of the Iraqi Central Bank of foreign currency as very comfortable within international classifications and is ahead of other countries.

On the issue of the currency OF THE CATEGORY OF 100 THOUSAND DINARS, he said that these ideas are traded by the Central Bank, but at the present time pending, pointing out that there is a trend in some countries to reduce the categories of currencies so as not to be stored or counterfeited, the currencies of small groups may prompt the citizen to bid farewell to banks to difficulty.

(Mnt Goat – to me this looks like there is a long term plan to issue a 100,000 dinar note. Why is this if they want to complete the project to delete the zeros? So this article says the CBI is holding off on this idea (pending) for now. My guess is they they are doing this and will not launch this 100,000 dinar note until after the reinstatement and then only use it for inter-banking transactions for trade and reconstruction transfers of money payments of large sums. The average citizen may NEVER see this category. So this is the real reason for this 100k note.)

The Central Bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, BUT THIS PLAN NEEDS TO TAKE DELIBERATE STEPS AND A STABLE SITUATION FULLY so as not to be exploited in the work of fraud and others, and announced the Central Bank of Iraq on July 12 this year Iraq has 89 tons A gold.

(Mnt Goat – my comments above are backed by this next paragraph that tells us “the Central Bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros”. More proof I am correct and just not mouthing off with my “opinion”.)

More news….

Should Americans wish each other "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas"? Should an office "Christmas party" be called a "holiday party" so that it's more inclusive?

Why do the ultra-liberal activists seek to eliminate Christmas as a holly, religious, holiday altogether?

Dennis Prager answers these questions and more in a short video. Is this UN Agenda 2021 again? Who is instigating this?

Here is the Video link:


After you watch the video you might want to take this short quiz so Dennis Prager can know that you care and how you feel about this topic. Here is the link:


Let’s not forget the TRUE meaning of Christmas and keep CHRIST in Christmas.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Sumer News: For two consecutive days, Iraqi President Barham Saleh has been trying to salvage what could be saved to complete Prime MinisterAdel Abdul Mahdi’s government cab.

His first attempts were with those who refused to waive the nomination of Faleh al-Fayadh, head of the Popular Mobilization Committee of the Interior Ministry in the government of Abdul Mahdi, the leader of the Fatah alliance Hadi al-Ameri on Tuesday, and the second was on Wednesday, December 12, 2018, with his partner in the leadership of the construction bloc Nuri Maliki leader of the coalition of state law.

Saleh said to the owners of what he confirmed yesterday to Al-Amri, the importance of supporting Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi to complete the cabinet cab to meet the aspirations of Iraqis, and to prevent any negative repercussions affecting the Iraqi street.

Saleh also called on Maliki to coordinate between political parties and reject differences and focus on the national interest on the current political considerations and abandon the insistence on the nomination of Fayadh instead of losing the entire political process.

Salih hinted to Maliki that it is not good for all Iraqis to hit the block of construction represented by Maliki and al-Ameri bloc Sadr, led by Moqtada al-Sadr and with the Alliance of Reform.

It is noteworthy that Nuri al-Maliki preferred to sit during his meeting with Saleh for filming, and Iyad Allawi, Vice-President of the former Iraqi to look together to the camera, unlike the meeting with Amer Saleh, did not give the leader of the building a clear response to give up their positions on the nomination of Fayadh, but promised to study the solutions available.



“Sadr is working to eliminate the influence of the leader of the rule of law”

Baghdad – Nas: An Iraqi newspaper said on Friday that “the Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr,” leading “AN ORGANIZED CAMPAIGN TO LIQUIDATE THE INFLUENCE OF THE LEADER OF A COALITION OF LAW NURI AL-MALIKI, who served as prime minister two consecutive cycles between 2006 and 2014, in the facilities of the state,” referring to the prevalence of the term ” Deep state “in Iraqi political circles.

The newspaper “Al Arab” reported today (14 December 2018), “Nas”, in which he said that Sadr was keen on “Maliki’s coalition does not get any ministry in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi so far, despite achieving 25 parliamentary seats During the general elections last May. ”

“The leader of the SADRIST MOVEMENT IS IN A POSITION TO DISMANTLE THE INFLUENCE OF HIS ARCH-RIVAL MALIKI, especially as the Dawa Party is no longer in the forefront, and has lost its influence on the government because of the conflict between its wings; the first represented by Maliki, and the second led by former Prime Minister Haidar Abadi. ”

The newspaper says that “THE POLITICAL TEAM OF THE SADR,” SUCCEEDED ON WEDNESDAY, “TO OVERTHROW MALIKI’S GOVERNOR OF BAGHDAD FROM OFFICE, and the installation of a governor loyal to the Sadrists. Sadr is also WORKING TO DEPRIVE THE MALIKI COALITION OF GETTING THE POST OF GOVERNOR OF BASRA, Iraq’s economic capital, where the conflict is raging. ”

“Sadr told his ally in the reform coalition, Ammar al-Hakim, that he is ready to support any candidate he proposes for the post of governor of Basra, noting that” SADR AGREED WITH HAKIM TO PREVENT MALIKI’S COALITION TO REACH THE POST OF GOVERNOR IN BAGHDAD AND BASRA. ” “The reform coalition can now provide the necessary majority in the Basra provincial council to pass a candidate for Hakim to the post of governor,” she said.

Maliki, who stepped down as prime minister more than four years ago, remains strong in some Iraqi state institutions, the paper said.

According to the newspaper, Maliki, appointed during his mandate between 2006 and 2014, “thousands of employees loyal to him in the high and middle grades in various ministries and institutions and government departments,” and says that the term “deep state”, common in the political circles, “in reference to members of the Dawa Party Pro-Maliki, who control the pillars of the government and its vital joints, even after stepping down from office. ”

The newspaper says that Sadr is “pressing” Ali Abdul Mahdi to “liquidate this influence in one of his most prominent demands in the formation of the government,” adding that leaders of the reform alliance, which is sponsored by Sadr, warn that “the deep state loyal to Maliki, can thwart the government of Abdul Mahdi as I tried with the government of Abadi and succeeded in some joints. ”

The newspaper quoted observers that they do not rule out “that this campaign to liquidate the influence of al-Maliki is the introduction of political exclusion and may be referred to the judiciary.”

(Mnt Goat – I can not even imagine the corruption that would go on with Nori al-Maliki as governor of Basra, where there is so much reconstruction to be completed. You see this Maliki guy follows the money and always finds ways to steal it. He is so slick. They need to keep him out of the politics, expire his immunity, conduct an honest trial and hang him.)



Revealed a member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Haneen al-Qaddu, Saturday, the end of the meeting of the Special Committee to consider amendments to the budget in 2019, noting that the Committee discussed the amendment of 27 items within the budget.

“The Finance Committee in the House of Representatives ended a meeting to discuss the budget items and amend 27 items within them,” Qaddo said in a statement quoted by the agency “Information” and read by “Economy News”.

He added that “the meeting discussed reducing oil prices within the budget to $ 50, as well as the allocations of the province of Basra and the liberated provinces and the investment budget and reduce the budget deficit.”

He pointed out that “the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives pending the government’s report and the amendments made during the next two days in order to take the final decision on the budget.”

(Mnt Goat – please, please don’t anyone tell me there are still no laws that need to be amended or passed to support the reconstruction plan of 2018-2022. As I described in my opening dialogue, the reconstruction effort is closely tied to the reinstatement event so you go figure what has to be done and when. Oh – gee why do we need a fully formed functional govt then. Folks put the pieces of the puzzle together and do your own thinking for a change….stop listening to the idiot gurus. Enough said…)



The head of the Iraq Reconstruction Fund, Mustafa al-Hitti, said on Saturday that the donor countries are delaying the start of reconstruction to hold the parliamentary elections and choose the new government, stressing that ONCE THE POLITICAL SITUATION STABILIZES AND THE CABINET RESHUFFLE IS COMPLETED

Al-Hiti said in a statement to "Al-Ghad Press" that "the Kuwait conference for the reconstruction of Iraq included two objectives, one documenting the damage and losses suffered by Iraq before the international community and this is the most important success, and the second World Bank's ratification of this document of damages and losses."

He pointed out that "the PARTICIPATION OF MORE THAN 70 COUNTRIES IN THE KUWAIT CONFERENCE is evidence of its belief in the reconstruction of Iraq, in addition to the presence of more than 2500 companies to invest in Iraq and this means that the document has been adopted and became a reality."

He added that "there are commitments by the States with 26 billion dollars as investment loans to work in Iraq and this is important."


He stressed that "the INVESTORS IN IRAQ ARE WAITING FOR THE STABILITY OF THE IRAQI GOVERNMENT TO BEGIN TO IMPLEMENT ITS COMMITMENTS," noting that "the presence of US companies in Iraq evidence of their interaction, and asked them to be more effective visits and the opening of workshops."



While there is talk of chasing spoilers and siphoning off public money without success for years, many succeed in evading punishment and enjoying their huge wealth out of sight in many ways, while leaving great scars in Iraqi society.

They often followed crooked ways away from the eyes of censorship. Many banks in Europe and elsewhere turned to safe haven for their money, not eager to pursue or even hunt for them.

“You know what is the most dangerous secret in Iraq,” so wondered my Iraqi Encyclopaedia Ali al-Nashmi in a comment on his page on the social networking site Facebook and was seen by “Trend Press.”

“I have been looking for five years in Europe, which is the banks where corrupt and siphoned off Iraqi politicians have found their money in the banks of the smallest country in the world, a state of Lechsteinstein, a very small emirate between Switzerland and Austria on the Alps, “Noting that” this country the number of our souls is only 30 thousand people and an area of 160 kilometers and the whole economy is based on the existence of banks, especially tax evasion and also the money of looting and corrupt, especially third world countries. ”

Al-Nashmi pointed out that “these banks are not subject to American and European financial control, although two years ago they are providing data on their customers to the European Union, but Europe does not believe what is provided to them, so these banks are a breeding ground for corruption,” noting that “the number of companies registered within its bank The Central (LGT) is 180 thousand companies, while the number of souls 30 thousand people. ”

Al-Nashmi pointed out that “the weight of the funds deposited with it more than the weight of all its population, although the population does not equal half the population of any sector in Sadr City,” explaining that “the majority of depositors of Iraqis, and very strange is that this emirate does not ask about the source of money , Only when an Iraqi applicant comes, they ask for a certificate from three former depositors that natural money, imagine that the corrupt bank in the world is afraid of the reputation of the corruption of some Iraqis, especially politicians.

Al-Nashmi quoted girls working in these banks as saying that “the Iraqis are now more than depositors in our banks because they know that there is no American surveillance or accountability and fear of any development that will result in the search for their money because Swiss banks are subject to international censorship. “The information has been repeated in front of me for five years, so they told me about two former Iraqi ministers in very, very, very, very important ministries.”

Al-Nashmi stressed, “Imagine how much we are cut off. In short, brothers, we are separated, and there are very serious secrets in this matter, but I know that it is my national duty to pose this very serious issue. We must frighten and besiege the thieves. If we can not stop them, Arbhm and reveal their methods. ”

“There are countries with taxes and controls, but there are countries with less taxes and less control, so they are taking refuge,” said economic expert Laith Mohamed Rida, an economist at Al-Tijah Press. “THERE ARE PEOPLE LOOKING FOR SAFE COUNTRIES IN TERMS OF TAXES.” to her.

Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi announced on Wednesday (November 21, 2018) his intention to put forward the project “Fighting corruption,” pointing out that this project will put points on the letters.


(Mnt Goat – why would anyone want to invest in one of “the most corrupt country in the world”? Could it be there are massive profits to be made, less taxes, ? But how do you realize these profits meaning get them out of the country? I talked about all this already in my opening dialogue today and so go read it)



BAGHDAD – Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is leading an organized campaign to oust the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, who served as prime minister for two consecutive terms between 2006 and 2014 in state facilities.

Sadr’s keenness that Maliki’s coalition will not get any ministry in the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi until now, despite achieving 25 parliamentary seats during the general elections in May.

Observers say that the leader of the Sadrist movement is in a position to dismantle the influence of his arch-rival Maliki, especially as the Dawa Party is no longer in the forefront, has lost its influence on the government because of the conflict between the wings; the first represented by Maliki, and the second led by former Prime Minister Haider Abadi.

On Wednesday, Sadr’s political team succeeded in ousting Maliki’s governor from Baghdad and installing a pro-Sadr governor. Sadr is also depriving Maliki’s coalition of the governor of Basra, Iraq’s economic capital, where the conflict is raging.

Political sources told the “Arabs” that “Sadr told his ally in the reform alliance, Ammar al-Hakim, that he is ready to support any candidate proposed for the post of governor of Basra.”

The current governor of Basra, Asaad al-Eidani, one of the candidates of the list of former Prime Minister Haider Abadi during the May elections, but broke away after winning a parliamentary seat and joined the alliance building close to Iran, which includes Maliki’s coalition and the Badr Organization led by Hadi al-Amiri and Asaab Ahl al-Haq led by Qais Khazali.

The sources said that “Sadr agreed with Hakim to prevent Maliki’s coalition to reach the post of governor in Baghdad and Basra,” explaining that “the reform coalition can now provide the required majority in the Basra provincial council, to pass a candidate for Hakim to the post of governor.”

Hakim strongly supported the delivery of Sadr’s candidate to the post of governor of Baghdad, after Maliki’s coalition tried to block the vote on Wednesday.

The sources said that al-Sadr stipulated that Abdul-Mahdi, in support of the post of prime minister, to implement some demands for full waiver of the maturity of the Sadrist bloc in his ministerial cabinet, and to give him the freedom to choose ministers, including the removal of a number of officers loyal to the owners of sensitive positions in the Ministries of Defense and Interior. This decision was indeed one of the first actions carried out by the Prime Minister after taking office.

Although he stepped down as prime minister more than four years ago, Maliki’s influence remains strong in some Iraqi state institutions.

Maliki’s career has seen the installation of thousands of employees loyal to him in high and intermediate grades in various ministries, institutions and government departments. The term “deep state” is commonly used in political circles, referring to members of the Dawa party who support Maliki, who control the pillars of the government and its vital joints, even after stepping down.

Sadr is pressing Abdul Mahdi to liquidate this influence in one of his most prominent demands in forming a government.

Leaders of Sadr’s reformist alliance warn that the “deep state” loyal to al-Maliki could thwart Abdul Mahdi’s government as it tried with the Abbadi government and succeeded in some of the joints.

Maliki is no longer at the political level, Iran’s most important ally in Iraq, after the brightness of the star Hadi al-Amiri, led by the Fatah Alliance, the second Shiite political force, after the Sadrist bloc, in the Iraqi parliament.

Observers say that “Maliki, will not enjoy the level of Iranian support, which was obtained previously, in the presence of other Iraqi parties, can meet the Iranian desires in Iraq.”

Observers do not rule out that this campaign to eliminate the influence of al-Maliki is the introduction of political exclusion and may be referred to the judiciary.

Among the actions that Maliki may worry a lot, and dragged him to justice, the Iraqi parliament approved the formation of a committee to investigate the events of the fall of the city of Mosul in 2014.

Political circles speculate that this committee may lead to the conviction of al-Maliki, who was prime minister that year, and issued strange orders to withdraw military units in front of the advance elements of an organization calling for the city of Mosul, the summer of 2014.

Iraqi politicians say the appointment of Osama al-Nujaifi, a veteran politician from Mosul and stubborn opponent of al-Maliki, to head this investigative committee was “no accident.



The Central Bank announced on Thursday a banking settlement between the federal government and the Kurdistan Regional Government.

“According to the joint efforts between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Central Bank of Iraq, a settlement was made to the credit bank balances open at the branches of the Central Bank in Erbil and Sulaymaniyah,” he said in a statement.

He added that “the payment of more than (190) billion dinars during the month of December 2018 in addition to the previous repayments, which exceeded (380) billion dinars, where the total paid for the date of more than (570) billion dinars, and the installment of the remaining amounts on the number of installments “He said.




(Mnt Goat – my point of presenting this article today, which just came out again for the third time in the last couple months, is to show you that the CBI and finance committee is bragging again how wealthy they are. But where is this reflected in the rate on their currency? Why still an 8th of a penny per dinar?)

The governor of the Central Bank, the size of the Iraqi reserve of hard currency up to 60 billion dollars, and covers 170% of the size of the mass of the local currency, the governor said in an interview published (Alsumaria News) The size of the reserve currency of foreign currency is always measured to the size of mass Especially since the IMF recently developed a new standard which added the ability of the state to cover trade and debt repayment. He pointed out that the size of the cash mass is 44 trillion dinars and Iraq is fourth in the ownership of US Treasury bonds and The reserve in the foreign currency reserve, and described the reserves of the Iraqi Central Bank of foreign currency as very comfortable within international classifications and is ahead of other countries, compared to the mass of cash offered by the local currency, and said the reserve is close to 60 billion dollars, so the Arab Monetary Fund considers Iraq from Countries.

On the issue of the currency of the category of 100 thousand dinars, he said that these ideas are traded by the Central Bank, but at the present time pending, pointing out that there is a trend in some countries to reduce the categories of currencies so as not to be stored or counterfeited, the currencies of small groups may prompt the citizen to bid farewell to banks to difficulty The Central Bank has a future plan to restructure the Iraqi currency, including the deletion of zeros, but this plan needs to take deliberate steps and a stable situation fully so as not to be exploited in the work of fraud and others, and announced the Central Bank of Iraq on July 12 this year Iraq has 89 tons A gold.

Is not it important in the statements and conversations is to mention the figures, but the important is to analyze and derive the data and results to be clear to all, is there a real need for the large cash bloc amounting to 44 trillion Iraqi dinars and in many cases if a large proportion of them hidden and outside the circulation and did not constitute deposits from them in banks more From 10%, and the large cash mass cost large amounts of money to print and transfer to Iraq because it is printed in a European country and every paper card has the cost of paper and printing, especially as our currency is printed in a special paper and forms and colors and sizes of multiple and contain many signs of safety, And because they are banknotes are vulnerable to damage in the preservation and circulation so that the need to reprint large quantities of them during the periods of time and this substitution is fraught with a lot of hearsay and signals similar to what is currently happening for 7 billion dinars, which is under investigation and investigation, we mean that the large cash mass is not Its connotation But it is perhaps a reflection of the failure and lack of confidence in the work of government and private banking because the citizen did not gain confidence from banking because of the lack of buildings and equipment and technologies and skills of working staff and delay in completing transactions so that the citizen may be in a waiting for the purpose of depositing cash, Not to mention the corruption and arbitrariness of the treatment of customers sometimes and the establishment of some private banks violations reflected on depositors and shareholders without taking firm action from the Iraqi Central, which has not taken decisive decisions towards banks and violation of 10 years ago, and depositors did not recover or We are concerned about the absence of the Deposit Protection Law, which we hear about, but it is still a wish. As the banks of many countries have switched to automatic payment systems through Visa Card, Master Card and ATM and ATM, our system is still dependent on clearing which may last for one week Or more as the validity of the breasts is claimed.

When talking about reserves of more than or less than $ 60 billion, one should not lose sight of the proportion of reserves of foreign loans and debt by sovereign or non-sovereign guarantees because the indebtedness is estimated at $ 120 billion or more of the kind not subject to Paris Club adjustments. If the reserves are compared with revenues Oil (in the case of stopping the export of God forbid) and debt service and Treasury remittances Vali When reserves will survive after addiction to the window selling the dollar in the Central Bank of Iraq, which exceeds 150 million dollars a day under the title of coverage of Iraq’s needs of goods and services, despite the wealth, Great sanctity The exchange rate, which does not change despite the variation that Iraq has experienced, and these prices currently amount to 120 thousand dinars per 100 dollars, although this figure is very far from the prices of the previous conversion (3 and 3) dollars per dinar and far from the prevailing prices (1184) dinars per dollar , And as some say if Iraq shared the fission is limited to.

It is the right of every Iraqi to boast about the race’s possession of the gold reserves of 89 tons, which makes Iraq ahead in terms of gold reserves, and the reason for our motivation to boast is that gold as they say in the popular words (decoration and safe) in the sense that would appear Iraq with a view.

It is positive that Iraq is rich, but this richness is like a woman who is charming with her beauty and femininity but hiding inside her tons of pain, tragedy, despair and disappointment. What is the benefit of the large cash mass and the size of its reserves and the weight of gold and the saying of states that Iraq is overstating its reserves.

Every day he dies Hundreds and dozens of patients and the scarcity and loss of medicines and the high cost of health services and a million displaced people in the winter without shelter, food and clothing and the benefit of all this and one third of our people living under the poverty line and there are more than one million unemployed and non-oil sectors are 1% of the balance of payments and most sectors In agriculture, industry and semi-housing And there are a shortage of 4 million housing units and there are more than 2 million citizens rely on social welfare that does not provide the minimum requirements for living and usefulness, and some of the remaining education is destroyed and the spread of unemployment and addiction and cannabis and the number of those who stand in lines of alcohol, although many weaken those who go And the meaning of the presentation of these tragic cases (regrettable) is the need for the official to realize that the importance in his work and his words is not what he achieved for him and for the institution.

To boast about what it achieves for its people to ease and end their tragedies, and to say to the world what they say, including that we are the poorest country in the world because it is important that our people take what they deserve from the wealth that the Creator has given them. It is useless to come out in the calculations of the world when millions of bellies sleep from hunger.



BAGHDAD - Agencies close to the process of forming the Iraqi government revealed the existence of signs of the end of the crisis to complete the cabinet reshuffle of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi. The website of the channel «Arab» sources said that the discussions held since last Thursday between the heads of political blocs may lead to an imminent breakthrough to resolve the crisis of completion of the cabinet cabins by re-Faleh Fayadh to the post of head of the popular crowd and the National Security Adviser.

The sources pointed out that the decision of the Council of Ministers to cancel the decisions of the previous government for the transitional period, was aimed mainly to restore Fayadh to his post after the consensus of the blocks of construction and reform and reconstruction, as a way out to maintain balance.

A source said that the two blocs agreed to launch the hands of Abdul-Mahdi in the selection of the candidate of the Interior portfolio without the intervention of any political party, and end the file of the crisis of the vacancy of the security ministries, including the Ministry of the Interior without a winner or a loser. In the midst of the political blocs' struggle over the candidates of the vacant ministries, which has not yet ended, talk about the subject is renewed in every political or national forum, which explains the size of the gaps between these blocs.

In this context, Fayadh confirmed his adherence to his candidacy to fill the internal portfolio, but he said that it remains up to Prime Minister Abdul Mahdi. Al-Fayadh added that he was honored to be nominated for this position and that he would not escape or disavow his duties if he did not run away from his post. Receiving the duties of the ministry.

Al-Fayyad said that his candidacy came from the prime minister, who told him that he was "entitled to do so," pointing out that he would not relinquish this right, as he put it.

Al-Fayadh called on Abdul Mahdi to refrain from bowing to any pressure, whether from his alliance or from any other political party. And the failure of the House of Representatives during its previous sessions to include a paragraph on the vote on the completion of the cabinet cabin after it took place in the meeting on Tuesday, the fourth of December of the withdrawal of deputies to protest the name of Fayadh to vote.

The leader of the Sadrist movement and the main supporter of the alliance, "Sadr", Moqtada al-Sadr, expressed his rejection several times to the Minister of Fayyad, as he was presiding over several positions, the most important of which is the presidency of the National Security and National Security Advisor and the presidency of popular mobilization.

It is noteworthy that the former Prime Minister, Haider Abadi, dismissed Fayadh of his positions after entering the political arena, and according to the Iraqi constitution can not combine security positions and political action. On the other hand, a spokesman for the Iraqi presidency announced yesterday the abandonment of Iraqi President Barham Salih of the British citizenship granted him days opposed to the regime of Saddam Hussein.

"President Barham Saleh has legally waived British citizenship as a commitment to the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution and the legal procedures for his waiver of British citizenship have been completed," said Luqman al-Faily, a spokesman for the presidency.

He added that the president "expresses his thanks and appreciation to the United Kingdom, which gave him nationality during his opposition to the regime of" Saddam Hussein ", his concession is a commitment to the provisions of the Iraqi Constitution in the fourth paragraph, which states that persons may not enjoy another nationality acquired if elected or assigned Sovereign functions in the Republic of Iraq ». Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdulmahdi holds French citizenship and dozens of Iraqi leaders have nationalities from Iran, Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, Qatar, Sweden, Denmark and others. Iraqi President Barham Saleh is the first president of an Iraqi republic after 2003 to relinquish a foreign nationality based on the Iraqi constitution.



A member of the parliamentary finance committee, Hoshyar Abdullah, on Sunday (December 16, 2018), about Iraq's cash reserves, while pointing out that Iraq is a country that has a .good cash reserve.

The news that the monetary reserve is declining is incorrect and the aim is to confuse the" market and affect the price of the Iraqi dinar as part of moves adopted by some parties," .Abdullah said in an exclusive interview with Baghdad

The bank reserves and liquidity of the country is very sound and the ability of the Iraqi dinar" "is strong, and what is rumored otherwise is a disgrace He pointed out that "Iraq from countries that have a large cash reserves, estimated at 60 ".billion US dollars.

He pointed out that "the Finance Committee formed sub-committees to investigate deep in terms of auction sale of currency and the building of the Central Bank, and drowned seven ".billion dinars due to rain in light of accusations against them and calls for investigation.

The parliamentary financial committee, revealed Thursday, December 13, 2018, the date of the start of investigative committees on issues concerning the Central Bank, while confirmed .its intention to open any file on which suspicions The parliament has formed three committees, about (the central bank auction), (the cost of" building the building) and (the seven-billion-dollar drowning case)," committee member " .Ahmed Hama Rashid said. "The parliament has formed three committees. And fact-finding He stressed that "the House of Representatives, determined during its current session to take what the investigative committees offer and push the executive bodies to implement its recommendations as soon as possible .

The House of Representatives earlier decided to form 3 subcommittees to investigate files related to the work of the Central Bank, including the issue of seven billion.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
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