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OCT 3 - SCOTTI G & SENATOR BEAR’S THOUGHTS DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1


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Post by Scotti G on Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:59 pm

Senator Bear and I are diligently on duty. Like you, we also get frustrated. We are receiving information day after day and so much of it is targeted misinformation. One of the sure fire ways I detect bogus info is when I see the same information start coming out of the woodwork from different sources all at the same time…..BOGUS! My smoke detector has been working overtime to vet out the truth. Last week we were receiving great information that appeared to be good but we just could not buy into it. For this reason, Bear and I did not bring it to the chat room for discussion.

Now we all need to understand that Okie has received info from many sources. He often runs the info by us to see if it merits any further attention. We honestly give him our recommendations and he does what he so wishes with the info. I know he feels real bad for sharing information over the last couple of weeks from people he thought had relevant information. On both occasions, Both Bear and I told him our smoke detectors were going off but he decided to share the info and let you each decide for yourselves whether or not to accept it. Having said that, I know that ole Cowboy is trying ever more diligently to only bring to you verified info from here out. Bear and I are going to do our very best to cover his six.

I cannot reveal the many contacts Bear and I share which are able to account accurately the activities of the Parliament and the many sources that have most unique perspectives of the actual status of this RV process. I am not talking of Treasury or IMF or stateside US officials who are constantly putting out CARP in an effort to keep us off step. I am speaking of other individuals who uniquely have a view into this process from a monetary perspective…Remember what that West Texas man keeps saying!

To the info at hand. I have said for several weeks now that Maliki was taken care of….I cannot be 100% certain of events behind the scenes for the last few weeks but it does appear that this assessment is absolutely correct. Either voluntarily or not, Maliki’s tenure as PM is at an end. It is believed by inside contacts that this will be seen publically this week. I will not go into the specifics of what our group has uncovered but this is from several sources over the last four days.

Combine with this the info received that the amendments to the HCL have been completed as of today. As well, the Erbil agreement is confirmed to be done, just not announced. There was a security issue within the banking system and that is being resolved even now. Now last week several bits of info came to Okie, Poppy2 , Bear and myself that forex professionals in their offices were receiving confirmation of rates and preannouncement of RV. I can say that I believe this is relevant to us. Though I am not totally sold on the rate (which is respectable and in the mid $3.00 range) I am comfortable that they have been placed on notice that a change in the rate of the IQD is very near.

Please do not hurt yourselves or others by assuming anything. I can assure you that guessing for answers is not going to bring you comfort and peace. I am convinced that we are extremely close. There were some people at one of those ‘pay for misinformation sites that sounds like CV’ who just get great fun at bashing Scotti G and oh how they make fun of the window scenario I have shared with you. (I try to keep it pretty simple for others outside of our OOM family so they can keep up!) So let me do this a different way. I expect that this is the week we should step through the door to our new blessings. Now you have never heard me name a date… I will not be that irresponsible. But IF the information we are receiving is factual (and we do believe that) then we should be done with this investment this week.

Now let me put out a comment about being cautious and not going overboard with the information Senator Bear (he is really bucking for president) and I are sharing right now. Some of these same reliable sources have given us a fixed time frame by which, (if there are any more glitches in the system) this process must be completed. I will not address that at this time but if for some reason we do not find ourselves cashing out this week, I will come back and share information on the end point that exists!

In His Mercy and Grace

Scotti G
Scotti G
Scotti G
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