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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   12/14/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 12/14/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   12/14/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 12/14/18

Post by Ssmith Sat Dec 15, 2018 10:50 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet points by AZhombre) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Opening Comments: It is Friday, a good day!

Update:How can you designate something that is going to happen if it happened already? Tony/mtg on Monday. Both sides saying they are done. My guys over there say it’s completed. Still telling the public there is no agreement, and fighting over the positions to fill. We’ve been told on this side the US agreed to release and they are international now and showing up on the boards at the regular rate.

Nothing to happen until they change rates. Got a call last night “it’s over it’s done”. Then why can’t I go to the bank? Still saying between the 12th and 15th. Something should be happening today or tomorrow (Sat). Today, don’t have any rates, they are there. At least 3 banks saying it’s over. At least 2 banks saying they’re going to process the Zim.

I can’t make up anything for you guys. Banks are ready, supposedly Iraq is ready, but not allowed to give details yet. Am I going to sit around looking for RV. Not prior to 3:45 pm Eastern time. Won’t change until the markets are closed.

Board Questions: 81?Strategies: Tony/put info on 3 sites.

Atlast51:Include this Sunday or expire Sat am?

Tony 95% last wk, 100% this wk. Will go until Sunday evening. C/resolved and pushed back?

T/individuals in both Iraq and US say it’s been resolved. Cluth/#28.50, VND $2 highest rates?T/$28.50 available to us for Dinar. People have been paid more over the years that we’ve verified. $2 contract rate for the Dong.

DaleB/what’s likelihood someone will delay it into next yr.?

T/good chance because we’ve gone thru this scenario the last 4 yrs. After Black Fri and hide it in the Christmas shopping. This year is the best one yet, all banking laws completed, accepted all over the year.Whether this weekend. This time saying what else is left? Could fight over the ministers. Just a flip of the switch.

Even if it didn’t happen right now because of defense and or interior positions could be filled in Jan. Looking for something Fri night, Sat, or Sunday. Positively looking for something to happen this weekend.

Question on utopian method. Ray/create charity, donate to it and they run it.

XXX Frequency $100k Dinar equals $83.00 and write it in their budget? Does $83 make any sense to anybody.Maybe a “stimulous plan” like POTUS Obama did. POTUS Trump gave us a stimulus tax plan of $50/month. Doesn’t amount to $1200/yr. If Iraq is writing $100k in their budget, and at the new rate, new economy equals $30k per person! They’re not getting 3-4 for one for the exchange, but their buying power will increase. One time stimulus payment.

Fweman Trust? Ray Phantom809.

Any mention of Dong being exchanged?

T/only know about dinar.

ElderJB/can any company circumvent Iraq? Regardless of what Iraq does.

T/not based on them getting their gov’t together. Nobody said US would go before or without Iraq.

SanMan/intern’l banking off 12/15 thru Jan15th. Waiting that long?

T/international banking system shut down for a month? I find that hard to believe. How is global trading being done if it’s shut down for a month? No, doesn’t make sense to me. Never heard a bank shutting a global financial system for a month! Days, yes, but not weeks to months.

BBPdinar,clarification to added security. Need to be prepared for older notes?

Tony/don’t know. Should have the old notes as well as the new notes.

It’sMe/Has the plan of exchange changed when WF penalized?

T/don’t know how they are going to do it. Still being held to have a better plan. Now limited to growth because their plan wasn’t approved. Could be over that in a day, don’t know how it affects us. Maybe can take it in and not use it for investments, etc.

1eyeRose,Zim 11-22 cents and 2 cents. Ploy by gov’t to exchange early and not get higher rate?

T/if we got the 11-22 cents, the gov’t would always get the rest of the higher rates over the year. Not doing it to intentionally take it away from you. Admin and Zimbabwa themselves has cause the whole agreement to be restructured or cancelled out altogether. They are paying people in Zim notes and then refusing to accept that same money when paying their bills, and told to pay with US $. And if they don’t they will go to prison for 10 yrs. Telling people is equal 1:1. It’s crazy. There is a plan to stop Russia and China taking over Zimbabwa and other countries. Not the purpose to take away from you and me.

OmniWar/T/one guy, paymaster, said that’s all he intended to pay for dinar. Paymaster sets rates when they pay you. Too late now, gave your dinar. That group got $28.50 and caps, fees, etc. Once they get attorneys they’ll go after the paymasters and all will be frozen.

XPrinces/ what side of the pond?

T/us bank people

Bethoven/if US Govt shuts down will it effect the RV?

Tony/no! Holding up the whole world? Only people hurting are fed employees.
Echo519/dinar contract rates from oil in china. What does the dong have for contract?

T/China wanted it contracted. We’re not buying from china, don’t know.

Planter/latest info on Zim?

Ray/no change from last call.

Live Callers: 865/ Knoxville, TN. Not looking for RV until? Tony/3:45pm
C/mtg Mon, voting Tue.

Which leaders?

T/article says “leaders”. Ahmiri hinting changing interior Mon nite for Tues.

C/do stories corelate with your sourses? High Alert?

Tony/don’t look at other sites info. BofA live at 2:45. HSBC, Wells, Chase, say they saw it would be by the 15th. Not restricted, will notify their people at the last moment!

C/filling in the call.

951/So.Cal Guy/Zim? 1-10 to go?

T/getting tougher by the day! If I was the US I wouldn’t do it. Maybe take it and do it within 2-3 yrs, takes it in and holds it as a reserve currency. Committee guys say no. RVP’s at banks saying it’s on our screen we’re going to take it. Do you think we’ll leave it? Zimbabwe is the last frontier! China, Russia, USA there. Who’s going to control that gold mine? If it goes, don’t know what there’re going to do with those that have thousands. I was told this 8-9 yrs ago from someone working at the US Treasury. Less than 2k people then, and they wanted info out there.

C/let’s say it does go, would it go in the 2nd basket?

T/I’m going to hold it somewhere safe and watch the economy grow. Long term investment that took longer that everything else.

C/what are you looking for at 3:45pm?

Tony/RV announcement. Do it at 3:45 to make a change before the market can react. Could go within 2 hrs people coming thru the door. By Sunday evening everybody could see rates on Forex. That’s why I’m looking for that time frame.

281/ Houston, TX. Fractional banking benefits?

T/unless you own the pyramid, it won’t benefit you! You’re going to make high interest and pay me pittance.

574/South Bend, IN. Chatter in Reno?

T/Text saying they are celebrating, another contact said nothing is happening!

610/ Gman in PA.

562/ Long Beach, CA. 1sttime caller. What 2 banks will take Zim?

T/HSBC, WF, maybe one other of the big banks.

C/Citibank will take Dinar now. Had $ checked and all ok. Thanked “Republican Ray”.

Ray/don’t give it to the individual, put them in a position where they control it.

707/Santa Rosa, CA. Counterfeit currency was primarily on Dinar? T/yes. 10% seems high to me!

C/heard if Zim wasn’t exchanged by 22ndof Dec or it wouldn’t be worth anything? Tony/no! Not the 1st 8 days. Said if not by the end of the year, may not be able to exchange it (ZIM).

509/ Spokane, WA. Any news articles releasing lower denoms?

T/nothing different that what they have been telling them for specific dates and times. Still using 250 and 500.

C/wished they gave us better hints when releasing LD’s.

T/will happen when it goes! Everybody understands the holdup is Maliki. Trying to get him a VP position. Until somebody with enough power/authority, or gives up, it’s going to be a stale mate. Only questions over Defense & Interior. Coup could come from Defense Minister. They are not going to allow the $ controlled (Interior) also.

423/ Chattanooga, TN. No electricity for 2 days.

T/you went thru that and in Iraqi’s have done it for 10 yrs!

C/want to get excited and don’t want to be like little boy crying “wolf-wolf”. Anything about this that makes it different than ever before?

T/A lot as far as banking system itself. Re-opening centers that were closed. Some people brought in for payouts in some locations. Bank people themselves saying it’s over and done and waiting to show us.Do they really have to wait for the announcement of these ministers or not? Iran wants part of control of Iraq through Maliki. CBI is on their own. Could say we always have political interference. They didn’t make the announcement but are they going by Sat? Banking system, people of Iraq, etc. want it done. Don’t know if it’s now or Jan.

C/on scale of 1-10, at 3:45pm Eastern?

T/won’t look for it at that time, but a little after.

760/Oceanside, CA.

C/got Ray & Tony talking about getting in trouble as kids. Someone asked about the $25k note. Purchased more dinar last wk. Was told didn’t have newer notes. Does it matter to change older currency for newer currency?

T/wouldn’t worry about it if authentic.

C/from 2003 on is OK?

Ray/should be.

Tony/take her offer for newer ones if you can.

C/ZIM notes included “sales tax”. Other currency wasn’t.

T/Zim isn’t classified as currency that has no sales tax.

440/Parma, OH. 1sttime caller, been in before 2008, appreciates their humor. Who introduced you to this?

T/was in net-work marketing. Feb 2008 received call about this. Thought it was crazy.

Called Tony over 3 mo’s. and then he jumped in. Was asked to do a call with him. One week, we’ll exchange and it’s done. At the end of that week Tony kept doing it because the other host was sick. 10 years later I’m still doing it. Was going to go do something else but still here today.

C/how did you transition into a “guru” with more intel.

T/info wise people listen to the call, especially when we converted over to TNT. Ookie was the first one who helped him with contacts in gov’t. Then guys w connections called and shared info. People helping people. DC in DC. Give people good information. Then received #’s (how many would be broke later, Bagdad/Kurdistan in internet café’s getting info from us. Was referred to as “hotdog king”. Wasn’t looking to be a guru. I had no problem putting info out there because it didn’t hurt us when asked to. Didn’t want to make it political.

C/wonder how much dealers make?

T/same as bankers do. Sterling said they made $800m. Whatever it is, paid my bills.

C/? on contracts.

T/30 year process. They are still making a profit.

C/certainly a windfall someday.

T/know it’s going to happen someday.

907/Anchorage, AK. Question on exchange location when someone doesn’t live in the same area year-round.

T/ask banks!

Tony/they say “it’s done”! Even last week looking for this week. Wait for info, Friday is their Holy Day. If anything, exciting happens, we’ll tweet it out. Relax, enjoy your day. Be aware hoping we get that call.

Ray/utopian way of giving! If anything happens between now and Monday, we’ll get back with you! Keep believing.

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