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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Derivatives"  12/11/18  12/9/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Derivatives" 12/11/18 12/9/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Derivatives"  12/11/18  12/9/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Derivatives" 12/11/18 12/9/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:35 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Derivatives"  12/11/18  12/9/18 Yosef_19


So you’re probably asking yourself today, “Where do transgenders shop for underwear and how do women properly maintain a water bra?”

I know IAM.

But today I also found myself asking why is the Irish Boarder Backstop / Brexit issue so damn important to those crazy Brits in that cabal stronghold known as the House of Commons?

So I investigated. Incredible I know. Research. Curiosity. Learning.

Shocking that we as a species don’t floss more—it’s just a value added hygienic activity—and neglecting flossing cripples insurance companies and society through unnecessary medical bills (random fact found during research).

OK, so there’s no hard Irish boarder now, nor has there been a checkpoint since 2005 because in 1998 they signed the Good Friday Agreement which took 7 years to implement in full.

So that’s basically 20 years without a hard Irish boarder by law.

Thus I get the media concern from both Northern and Southern Irelanders perspective.

But what’s the real truth behind the whole innocuous Irish boarder issue?

And what’s the deal with fruit cakes during the holidays? The half life of one of those is like 500,000 years! That’s the same digestive nightmare as a can can of spam!

How can either be deemed a gift, at the holiday season or otherwise?

Know that when Northern Ireland became a part of the United Kingdom, the settlement language was cleverly crafted to also be hidden tax haven for global corporations using European Financial Services companies.

The EU & UK quietly introduced a nearly zero corporate tax and duty free zone as well as granting the freedom for the entire western banking world to design sophisticated derivative products that legally, but not morally, covered risk for all cabal investment and insurance pursuits... globally.

Aka Northern Ireland is a giant and complete financial scam, much like miracle whip for sandwiches.

Nothing miraculous about licensed cancer paste.

But because of Brexit, we are all finding out just how many derivative products have been bought and sold on behalf of the UK/Northern Ireland domicile.

Currently, there are 45 trillion pounds worth of derivative positions sitting wide open and tied to City of London based banks through the Northern Ireland corporate tax loophole.


That said, none are legal UK banking positions which are held in the likes of LME Clear and ICE Clear Europe. But if Brexit fails to yield an agreeable global divorce deal, all that derivative debt will suddenly come due for British banks, as legally all EU debts would overnight belong to the free wheeling, soulless City of London owners, effectively bankrupting the global cabal corporate kingdom and the Government of Great Britain.

Both would implode mathematically on March 30, 2019.

This is a very interesting fact. But no where near as interesting as the life and career of Telly Savalas.


Which makes this nasty little Brexit fight an urgent musical chair dance to avoid responsibility as to who will bear the massive derivatives bill as it comes due.

And it will... the clock is ticking and the EU has jumped Illuminati ship.

Africa (Zimbabwe) will ultimately absorb the debt if a Brexit agreement is reached, which is ironic even for irony given the decades of horrific sins committed by the Brits all across that beautiful continent.

And also why some form of a Brexit deal will probably be completed before springtime, as the European Union remains firm on their stance of no further Brexit negotiations because they don’t want to get stiffed with the Northern Ireland derivatives bill.

But neither do the British banks. So like the laundry, nobody wants to do it, but it piles and begins to stink if nobody steps up.

The Africans have already said they will fold.

See, all derivatives globally now have come due with new quantum financial system enforcement of common GESARA asset backed ownership laws.


So now that you know what Brexit is really all about—the financial collapse of Great Britain a la the US financial collapse in 2008 calked the “mortgage crisis,” which really was also a derivatives debt margin call by the Chinese who are prepared to do the same with The City of London—feel content in knowing you have also researched why Telly Savalas was an underrated actor.

Did you also know the global financial collapse already happened the moment the western world financial system began its immanent descent into the dark abyss of irrelevance in August of 2008?

That’s when the cabal began seriously negotiating their global monetary control exit which concluded in December 2012.

This current nonsense is just the remaining Anglo’s being greedy at the end of a six year fulfillment, and thus creating disruptive drama in order to gain extra percentage points on future financial trades that will end up yielding additional billions and trillions over time.

So maybe you can see why their being such bastards about Brexit—which holds back our RV. And also why Draco Royal Princess Theresa May is running around like an exposed alien begging for “Irish Border Backstop” leniency.

Otherwise, she’ll take the blame as the political patsy for the death of The British Empire.

Her entire legacy depends on getting a Brexit deal done, as does the fate of 66 million people living in the United Kingdom. Not to mention the billion plus living across Europe who will be indirectly negatively affected.

FYI: Donna Trump will be taking that proverbial Draco patsy blame here in the US: Justin “Bieber” Trudeau in Canada; BiBi “Iron Dome” Netanyahu in Israel, Scott “Hot White Mess” Morrison in Australia, Shinzo “Saggy Lids” Abe in Japan, etc etc.

Who loves ya, Baby!

God is with us

Written by Yosef

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