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 "Revealing" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 12/11/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Revealing" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 12/11/18

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 "Revealing" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 12/11/18 Empty "Revealing" - Tues. AM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 12/11/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:23 am


Don961 » December 11th, 2018

Abdul-Mahdi listens to the advice of the chest .. The management of the various portfolios by proxy until the consensus between the blocks

Monday, 10 December 2018

Baghdad - Writings

It seems that Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi has listened to the advice of the leader of the Sadrist movement and the alliance of others, "Moqtada al-Sadr," to decide to manage the portfolios of the faltering ministers agree on their proxy candidates
Media reports revealed on Monday 10 December 2018 quoting the wisdom movement led by Ammar al-Hakim that Abdul-Mahdi will be allowed to pass four ministerial portfolios and that the remaining 4 bags will be postponed until 2019 with the administration of the agency, headed by the Ministries of Defense And internal and justice, if differences continue on the candidates between the political blocs.

The details confirm that the next Tuesday may not witness the completion of the cabin of Abdul-Mahdi in full as a result of continued negotiations with the leaders of the blocks, especially the building block, which insists on Faleh Fayad as a single candidate for the Interior portfolio, and the block of reform and reconstruction and "Suron" who reject his candidacy. link

Samson » December 11th, 2018

Electricity reveals its production of energy and imports from Syria

2018/12/11 8:39

The Ministry of Electricity has begun the process of rehabilitating the link between Iraq and Syria to supply surplus energy to Iraq before the summer season, revealing the resumption of the Iranian side to meet the need of a number of gas generation plants, which contributed to the increase of production by 1500 MW.

"Iraq has agreed with Jordan to supply 300 megawatts before the summer season," said ministry spokesman Musab al-Mudar in a press statement. "The link is through Syria because of an electrical connection between it and Jordan." "He pointed out that "Iraq has had an electrical connection with Syria, but this line was sabotaged by a terrorist called, "pointing to" directly to the owners to rehabilitate the vital line called the «existing 2}, and expected to" finalize the connection with Syria before Next summer season."

The teacher said that "the energy production in the country reached 11 thousand and 500 megawatts, the share of the capital, including three thousand and 500 megawatts, which can be the ministry of processing by 23 hours," adding that "the staffing is currently undergoing regular maintenance of a large number of generating units With an estimated capacity of 4,000 MW." And the supply of gas from Iran to operate a number of generating stations, he stressed, "the resumption of pumping gas on the basis of the need of Iraq at the current stage of 15 million cubic feet per day, which can produce 1500 MW of electricity, 12 million cubic feet per day through { Towards the province of Diyala, and three million standard cubic feet per day through the city of Basra, noting that the actual need of the country at the current stage.

The ministry spokesman said that "the price of these shipments depends on the price of the Gulf Exchange, explaining that Iraq is paying the amounts of these contracts in Iraqi dinars,indicating that the Iranian gas depends on each of the stations: Mansuriyah, which currently provides the system with 500 MW, , And Besmaya, which supplies 1500 MW, stressing that his ministry aims to be the energy processing next summer better than the previous. In the same context, the Minister of Electricity Luay Khatib inaugurated the transformational power station of the upper threshold in the province of Najaf. He said that his ministry started its journey to provide 24 hours of electricity throughout the country, praising the efforts that have been made to complete the transformational power station for the holy Alawite threshold, which will contribute to removing the bottlenecks in the electricity grid and providing services to the old city of Najaf, in addition to the upper threshold. LINK

US Energy Secretary: Thanks to the courage of the Iraqis, we enjoy stability and this gives us a chance to build

11th December, 2018

US Secretary of Energy Rick Perry said Tuesday that thanks to the Iraqis' courage, we are enjoying stability, noting that this gives us a chance to build. "I welcome with my counterparts the Iraqi electricity and oil ministers," he said at a press conference held by the US Chamber of Commerce in Baghdad today. "Four elements were discussed: courage, security, energy and opportunities."

"We are here today thanks to the courage of the women and men of the Iraqis and the international coalition forces," he said. "Given their courage and sacrifice, we see the stability and security that currently exists. This gives us the opportunity to build, rebuild and revitalize the Iraqi economy and infrastructure. This leads us to consider a prosperous future. "He said.

"Because of the vitality of the people, our future will be secured by security and stability, which is our hope for our two countries," he said. "My presence here is to send a message to support America to build a strong Iraqi economy and support the efforts," Perry said. "The Iraqi ministers' word is parallel to the views we have put forward to develop the private sector and the Iraqi economy."

"The US State Department made the mistake of preventing it from traveling to Iraq, and we are here to contribute effectively to strengthening economic cooperation with Iraq," he said. "The most important thing is our presence and we discussed, despite the challenges, the positive opportunities, including restoring infrastructure and rebuilding refineries," Perry said.

"It is possible for America to overcome the challenges, and there are constructive steps and signing contracts to send a positive message that Iraq can develop its potential," he said. He pointed out that "the sanctions on Iran is a reality and Iraq is able to develop its capabilities to overcome the consequences of these sanctions." LINK

US Chamber of Commerce : Soon we will announce the US-Iraqi Business Council

11th December, 2018

The US-Iraq Business Council will be announced soon, Vice President of the US Chamber of Commerce Steve Jobs said Tuesday.

"The discussions and meetings are positive with the Iraqi side and as it turns out that there are a lot of investment opportunities in Iraq to enter US companies, including health, telecommunications, transport and others," he said, noting that "most US companies have extensive and long experience in various fields and A world-class opportunity that is both appropriate and shared."

"The US-Iraq Business Council will be announced and includes the proposed plan of action for 2019, including the establishment of the council to serve as a platform for American businessmen in cooperation with Iraqi businessmen to start cooperation between the two parties," he said.

He pointed out that "the most important obstacles facing American businessmen is the issuance of visas to Iraq, and this subject was circulated with Iraqi officials and obviously we have made some kind of progress and aspire to more facilities that businessmen should be present in Iraq to discuss projects and future cooperation." LINK

Source: Abdul Mahdi will open 13 thousand files of corruption billions of dollars and chasing spoilers

11th December, 2018
Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi plans to open 13 thousand files of corruption and issue orders to prosecute those involved to bring them to justice, indicating that the amounts are estimated billions of dollars deposited outside Iraq.

"The prime minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, intends to open 13 thousand files of corruption found in the Integrity Commission and will order the pursuit of the corrupt and arrest them," the source said. "Abdul Mahdi is thinking in a way to return the billions of dollars seized by corrupt people who disappeared from Iraq as a result of rampant corruption."

"There are moves to restore the Iraqi funds found in some countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and the UAE and have been detained for return to Iraq," the source said.

Although there is no accurate statistic of the money lost by financial corruption, it is estimated at tens of billions of dollars seized by senior officials in previous governments. LINK

Doc.K » December 11th, 2018

Q drops on the planned MARKET CRASH

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: a22a92 No.4243710
Dec 10 2018 15:20:23 (EST)

The plan to have the FED raise rates [steep incline beginning Mar 2019] in an effort to 'kill' the economy prior to 2020 P_elec is known and planned for.
Structure change coming?


PJ75 » December 11th, 2018

Q mentioned months ago that the Fed would be restructured. The Rothschilds are being cleared out. Great news for all! Just another reminder from Q yesterday that the good guys are in control! Huber and Fitton testifying on Thursday, also!

And another outstanding Monday CC from Frank last night.
Frank (Quote) : "Please allow time to reveal to you the revelation of your destiny in this investment."

S41755k » December 11th, 2018

Come on 17!

Thaler08 » December 11th, 2018


KBC123 » December 11th, 2018

Either A) Q
B) 2017 articles posted by Walkingstick Link

Doc.K » December 11th, 2018

December 17 ??? I stated last year that the # 17 is very important as GODLY Number. Praying Dec. 17 is IT ! During Dec. 2013 the highest exchange rate was Dec. 15 & 16. - 1USD - 1,138.50 IQD

Bravesfan » December 11th, 2018

17% budget for Kurds
17 laws
17% ???
Frank talked about it on cc last night

Frank26 » December 11th, 2018


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