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Mountain Goat 12/10/18

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Post by Mountain Goatee Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:10 pm

December 10, 2018 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.


A “veto” imposed by Moqtada al-Sadr on the candidate of Binaa Coalition for the post of interior minister, Faleh al-Fayyad, and on giving the education portfolio to the Arab Project, which is led by Khamis al-Khanjar, has prevented a vote on the remaining candidates in the new government in particular the minister of the interior.

The parliamentary vote on the last of the ministers in Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s government was postponed last Thursday as a result of the veto imposed by the Sadrist movement on Fayyad.

The source told Asharq Al-Awsat that attempts are underway to convince Sairoon coalition and Sadr in particular, to lift the veto and approve Fayyad as the only candidate for the Binaa coalition.

“The problem is that Sairoon also rejects keeping the education ministry within the share of the Arab Project, which is part of al-Mihwar al-Watani Sunni Coalition and currently has the defense, education and planning ministries,” the informed source explained.

He added that Binaa also insists on granting the education ministry to the Arab Project.

Head of Qarar Coalition Osama al-Nujaifi is also attempting to obtain the education ministry.

However, Nujaifi, being part of the Reform and Reconstruction Bloc, means that the government will find difficulty in reaching consensus until next Thursday's session. The source stressed that the dispute on the remaining portfolios will likely continue.

Why Faleh al-Fayyad?

Iran insists that Ataa Movement Leader Faleh al-Fayyad be chosen as the Iraq's new interior minister, a political source said. Iran is seeking to have Fayyad, who is a close associate of Tehran, chosen as the interior minister to ensure that trade with Iraq through land border crossings would take place after the United States imposed a second batch of sanctions on Iran, the source revealed. But is this the real reason?

The white-haired Faleh al-Fayad, was the national security advisor to Haider Al Abadi's Iraqi government. He worked hard to coordinate the Iranian backed militias with the Iraqi security forces to overcome ISIS. ON Aug 03, 2016 al-Fayyad, became the head of the new National Guard.

So he sounds like a very good pick from Mahdi to me. So why so controversial to Sadr?

Remember that the interior minister will be handling the large sums of money to be used for the reconstruction projects. In the past this money was squandered over the 8 years during the Nori al-Maliki administration. It has been said that the amount of money stolen over this period that Iraq could have been reconstructed 3 times over. So I believe Sadr is just being cautious and standing his ground in not wanting ANY Iranian backed figures in this new government. Can you see it now? Another 4 years and all this investment money, yet Iraq does not progress by the year 2022? What then?

So anther attempt then on Sunday Dec 9th to vote on these last 8 ministers but they did not get a quarum and so they postponed the vote until a Thursday session on Dec 13th. Maybe 13 will be our lucky number?

More news….

So I need to come on and clarify yet more rumors and garbage intel we are all hearing. Yes, these idiots are at it again….lol..lol..lol..

Rumor #1: The IQD market rate is now 119 : 1 in Iraq.

Funny how a couple weeks ago the rate in the CBI was 1120 and they told us it was 120 : 1 . Then when the rate in the CBI went to 1190 they told us it was 119 : 1. Doesn’t this even seem weird to you? Don’t you think something is fishy here? Why pass this on to anyone without first investigating it?

This is the most ridiculous rumor of all as of lately. How anyone could believe this crap? I am shocked that a grown man who supposedly is saying he is on top of Iraq intel and what is happening will take this rumor and spread it. Time to get another source for your information from Iraq. Yes, fat man TNT Tony I am talking to you.

So I had to investigate this rumor when I heard it. It appears someone in Iraq is giving this guy Tony a run for his money and is really jerking him around to make him look stupid. It is working too. The market rate for the dinar is still 1190 dinars to the dollar, up from 1120. Seems someone over there in Iraq is looking at some site on the internet that is showing the rate as 119.00 incorrectly thus this jerk is spreading the rumor instead of getting off his ass and walking down the street to check it our for himself with the street venders.

Rumor #2: Iraq is showing educational programs on TV, billboards and having street presentations on the newer lower category notes.

Yes, they are and I can’t dispute this rumor but unless you ask the VERY important question to your source they are not going to tell you. What is this VERY important question?

The question is this – WHAT CATEGORIES?

Hello anybody home? Anyone bother to ask this VERY important question?

No, of course not. This jackass TNT Tony just takes the info at face value and hypes it up again wanting you to believe it is the new smaller, smaller category notes. But in reality they are still just talking again about the newer smaller category notes of 250, 500 and 1000. Get it? The CBI just did a new format for these notes and they need to educate the people. But the good news is this is exactly the kind of education we want to see on the other smaller, smaller category notes. But remember they are not just going to launch then all at once. The CBI will slowly phase them in as the economy grows. So we can expect a constant stream of an educational process to take place.

The CBI has told me many times that they can not just launch these very low. lower denominations like the new polymer 5,10,25,50 100 and coins until the economy is suited for them. So how do they get the economy suited for them? They have a plan. First they must slowly make the 250, 500 and 1000 in demand, use electronic banking for larger purchases, then as the economy grows begin to launch these other notes. I would be looking for the 50 and the 100 notes next. At some point they will reinstate the dinar but we don’t know just at what point of equilibrium it will be. To do this means an educational process of what these newer polymer notes look like and how to use them.

But we can see that they have surely moved already to the next level and important step. For years and years they struggled just to get the banking reforms in place. Not they have the ATMs running, electronic payrolls, electronic POS, credit cards, and emphasis on just petty cash and not wads of cash in pockets the day on and after payday. We see the banks are now liquid and loans are being given based on “credit rating” criteria. So this economy is slowly being converted over to the global banking systems. So much progress has been made towards the “project to delete the zeros”.

So why this constant insistence to tell everyone all these lies of rate that are not true or immanency of some RV? It is all just a game by these gurus to get you to come to their calls, forums and sites. They must keep you pumped up. This is so they can profit from you when you click on their sponsors. They need you to visit their sites to build up visitors to substantiate sales of sponsor links. But you are the sucker believing this crap over and over again. You are just buying into their madness every time you click on their sites or attend their calls.

Rumor #3: The IQD is now international

Folks I will tell you one more time that the IQD is NOT yet international and if it was it would have to be “reinstated” first and if it was reinstated we would all be at the banks already. Get it? It is that simple.

Don’t buy into this stupid reasoning that some guru gives you that we are just waiting to see a rate we want and everything else is done. NOT correct. Oh – the banks are trading the IQD too already. Really? NOT true again. The banks are just selling and buying the dinar just like the internet brokers. So why didn’t they tell you way back in 2014 that the dinar was international then since the internet brokers were selling it then. So the banks are acting like these internet brokers now. Nothing more. Why not, since there is millions to be made in the selling of this currency. I lose respect for anyone who lies to you about this issue. Trust me, if it was international already thus “reinstated” it would have to be back on the global trading platforms, we would not be waiting so long for the rate to rise since the traders, through demand, would bring the rate up already by now. Get it?

But these same idiot gurus have been telling you this now for over 3 years already that the dinar was already international and so where is the increase in rate then? Yet these are the same idiots who also tell you that it will not come out low and rise slowly. But they tell you it did come out low since it is now only 1190 and this is a very low CBI rate still. Then they tell you that we are just waiting for the rate to “flip” all of a sudden to the rate on the bank screens they are seeing. Really? They say we are waiting for it to “revalue”. But it isn’t even reinstated yet so how can it “revalue”? Besides the term “revalue” is really a technical term used by the IMF that means that a currency must be already on the global trading platforms and exchanges. Then undergoes a significant upwards change in value. Since the dinar is now not even reinstated, to have a “revaluation” would be impossible.

So again I say “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. It either has to be one way or the other. So which is it? This is so typical with these idiot gurus. They even contradict themselves and this shows they don’t know what the hell they are even talking about. This is the typical TNT flip-flop.

So did the dinar come out international already or not?

You see they are very mixed up and what they say does not even make any sense on what occurs. They seem to think it is already reinstated at the 1190 rate and we are waiting for a sudden triggered revaluation at over $3. Really? Technically this is impossible. The CBI itself has told me and still tells me they are waiting to “reinstate” the IQD. I am not the one confused. So who do you believe some internet idiot who calls himself an intel guru or the Central Bank of Iraq. You tell me. This is at the heart of all the confusion out there in trying to study this investment. These people make it very difficult for you investors to stay on track. They are the cause for many of you giving up and selling out of your investment.

Yes, TNT Tony I am talking to you again. You idiot! – “Who does this make sense to?” This guy knows I am correct too yet he is so stubborn and will not admit to mistakes. So he continues to pump his lies over and over again.

Rumor #4: The IQD is international since the CBI and other exchange sites have changing the representation of the IQD rate now with five decimal places.

This change may very well be in preparation for the future reinstatement back to the global markets on the currency exchanges, since they operate with this level of accuracy. So this is a good sign but please don’t overrate it and go hysterical over it. It does not yet mean the IQD is already international.

Rumor #5: The IQD rate is $6+ and the Dong will be around 8% less than the IQD.

Again this is just garbage intel from this jerk Bruce from the Big(stupid)Call. He has nothing ever to back up his claims. Someone is jerking him around and he is too stupid to realize they are doing it. He should be ashamed of himself for even passing out this kind of intel to everyone. Remember this is the same idiot who told everyone just a month ago that “the RV is done and China is exchanging and we are just waiting for it to go around the world to get to the west”. Really? So where is it then, if this was true? But we all know this is just not even a logical thing to happen for many reasons and so Bruce should also know this. Why doesn’t he know it? Is he really that stupid? Yes, in listening to many of his calls I believe this guy is that stupid or either mentally retarded. So which is it?

Rumor #5: The ZIM rate is on the bank screen but we are told it is no longer in the basket.

Folks again I am telling you the ZIM was never in the “basket” and there is no such thing as a “basket” Get it? The rate of the ZIM on the bank screens is solely for the newer, lower category notes issued in 2016.

These 2016 notes they want to get to up to par 1: 1 with the US dollar again. In 2016 these notes were issued and initially came out at 1:1. This did not last long as the mismanagement of the monetary system in Zimbabwe again soon devalued these newer notes. Before they issued these newer lower category notes in 2016 they recalled the hyper-inflate notes meaning the 100, 50 trillions, etc..etc. They offered up to $25 US dollars for each 100 trillion note. I have the article I can show you. They then official expired these notes. This means they are NO LONGER LEGAL TENDER! Get it?

So the first lie to induce you to buy these expired notes was that they swore they were BONDS. Really? Now to get the 2016 newer notes to 1:1 Zimbabwe had them “bonded” But this has nothing to do with the older hyper-inflated notes. This is solely the 2016 notes.

I proved to everyone without a shadow of a doubt that these old 2008-2009 expired notes were not in FACT “bonds” of any kind and they are not redeemable on demand. So then their tune changed and they realized they were wrong. Then they came out and told everyone they had to be 8 x 11 paper. Why didn’t they tell you that before they told you to go out and buy all this defunct, expired currency under the pretension they were ‘Bonds”?

Of course none of the gurus apologized for misleading you…did they?

But why did they tell you this in the first place if it was not accurate?

Was someone pumping ZIM? Did they start this rumor?

Ye of course they started or at least they continued it without any real proof or validity of what they were saying. Then with my relentless campaign to inform everyone of this scam, these gurus got scared and are now backing out that these 2008-2009 expired notes as they are now NOT going to be taken at all by the banks. They come up with a fake excuse and say that it is Zimbabwe’s fault as they had a change in govt. IN fact Zimbabwe did have a change in govt but I assure you it never had nor ever will effect these expired, defunct ZIM notes.

So I have compiled a list of all these gurus who spread these false claims about the ZIM. I have names, addresses and conference call recordings of everyone involved. Yes, a nice complete file to turn over to the FBI.

It is not going to be good enough later to say you just “repeated” what you were told from some intel source. This is not going to get you off the hook. Get it? We heard it from YOUR mouth not someone else’s. So YOU are going to be investigated and charged with fraudulent currency schemes. According to the law, this is a felony and up to a 5 year imprisonment term.

So these scammer gurus are afraid of law suits afterwards and believe me when these FBI investigations begin, if these are not bad enough, wait till you are served on these class-action suits. Yes, legal action up the ass!

So any of you who where stupid enough to fall for this ZIM scam and ran out to buy these expired 2008-2009 notes you are stuck with them. I warned you and so I am warning you again today. Stop all this foolishness and hype over these expired ZIM notes. You are not going to get rich over these notes. Stop buying them or worrying about them. This is only a scam and you are the victim. Get it? It to too bad but I tried to warn you. Did you listen? Are you listening now?

More news….

Many ask me if Iraq misses the EARLY 2019 timeframe do we wait yet another year to 2020?

Well if you knew about the IMF and Iraq 5 year reconstruction plan from 2018-2022 then you should not be asking if it will go to 2020. Right? Shame, shame, shame on you! The answer should be apparent. Are you doing your homework or just want to be spoon fed?

Everyone by now should know about this plan. There are multiple past articles on this subject matter in my newsletters.

What does this 5 year reconstruction plan tell us? They already wasted almost 6 months out of the plan with this foolish bullshit with the elections and all the recounting crap. They were supposed to reinstate the currency back in Dec 2017- Early 2018 to kick-off the plan. But they failed to do it due to a violation of the mandated 2% currency spread. So the IMF pulled back for 90 days. Those 90 days were up in March of this year. Then the elections come upon them and I told you this would interfere and it did.

So a complete year is gone from the plan already. The plan will NOT work unless they are in article 8 and to allow ease of transfer of funds and profits in and out of Iraq for all these projects. The CBI will need to stop these damned currency auctions and reinstate the currency. It is not an "if" they want to do it, but they "must" do it or the 2018-2022 project will fail. fail.

They must migrate to the private sector and get the 95% of the citizens off the government payrolls and let the private sector take care of them. Once they do this the oil revenues can go into the reserves and be used for many other projects, such as a much needed military, defense, security and national guard units.

Did you read the article from Saleh months ago on the Iraqi Sovereign funds (SWF)? There is over 200 billion dollars in these funds that Iraq will begin to tap into come February. Yes, the SWF are real.

Defined sovereign wealth fund (SWF):

A sovereign wealth fund (SWF) or sovereign investment fund is a state-owned investment fund that invests in real and financial assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, precious metals, or in alternative investments such as private equity fund or hedge funds. Sovereign wealth funds invest globally.

More news….


Grace with Glory, from Chicago - Witness the Winds of Change

Oh this woman could sell you the shirt off your own back. She is a really good scammer. One attribute these scammers have is that they can sweet talk you to death. She is real good at it too. They have their pre-canned sayings to cover just about any situation. Have you noticed this with any other intel “gurus”?

In my Dec 5th newsletter I analyzed her objectives for having her conference call and what she was really up to. What is her cause? What is her real intent?

So recently she had to lash back at me and use the sexist, racial card again like so many of these other charlatans do. This is typical and shows her real nature. Really Grace! They feel this is the only recourse to bashing me since they have nothing of factual substance to debate on the context of what I add. They must attack my sex and call me a man. She should go talk to my husband and our two beautiful children on this subject matter. Enough said about this these stupid allegations.

This time she even tells everyone I am some bigot that is stalking her down. Really? Just like the other idiot Becky McGee, who recently admitted to being scammed on her intel and is ashamed of it. This Grace with Glory idiot too will soon find out that creating FEAR in people is not the answer. She is also being used and has an agenda. Her claims to be some “light worker” really sums it all up. Another looney tune! Really? Is this what these people do they go around scaring people and crying out - “the sky is falling…the sky is falling”? Then they claim to be all holy and say they are “graced” for bringing you the bad news. Oh boy!

How can you come on a call twice a week and be happily excited about the world’s economy crashing? What is so exciting about the possibility of massive joblessness, homelessness, and even civil disorder. What will this resolve? This is sadistic by any stretch of the imagination.

Yes, I think we all should be aware that there is going to be a check and balance coming soon to the world’s economy. Simply put, a global crash is coming and it will be much worse than they first one. Why? Even the many older prophecies and recent prophets tells us this is coming. The way of massive debt simply cannot continue unchecked. But is massive debt the real underlying problem here?

But this debt is not at the heart of the problem. This worry is not what we should be dwelling on. This is NOT at the heart of the problem.

Instead massive debt and mismanagement of internal affairs of the USA and other countries is only one of many symptoms of the real problem.

The FREEDOM and SOVEREIGNTY of nations is at stake. This is the real battle. Who cares if your rich or poor and you don’t have LIBERTY and FREEDOM. What the hell are you going to do with all this money?

Oh – but many of you really greedy people think you are going to buy your way into the elite. To become the same as those you hate so much now for taking away and restricting your wealth. You say a “transfer of wealth”. Really? Do you for one second really believe that entities that are so snug and secure with their laws and financial manipulation are just going to let you walk into billions of wealth and begin to make decisions that impact and effect their wealth and little nest eggs? Really is this what you think? So this is what I mean by toothless crake-heads. They listen to these gurus and are lead down this path of stupidity and hysteria.

Just look at all those rich Jews in Germany during WWII. You only need to look at this realistically. What good was all their money when they are on a railcar heading for Auschwitz? Even money is not going to overcome a ideology that some are bent on applying to the world. This ideology is coming slowly as the new war is really on you and me again to restrict and fully control us.

To survive as FREE and SOVEREIGN nations we must weed out those crocked, treasonous politicians who do not have the best interest of “THE PEOPLE” in mind when they govern. But rather some world agenda to mold the planet to their liking. So yes, this is scary and we all have to wake up to what is really going on behind our backs now for many decades. It is time to wake up and as Grace says “winds of change” are coming.

You see I am a realist and I point fingers at those guilty of making this mess in the first place. The world is run by people not by magic somehow. If you don’t cut the head off the snake, it will only grow back and come to haunt you yet another day. There is only one way to rid ourselves of these charlatans:

1. Expose these charlatans and their plans;

2. Educate the citizens on what is really going on behind their backs;

3. Bring them to justice for their crimes. In other words just impose existing laws and stop this double standards when it comes to enforcing the law. There are ample laws already in place but no one is enforcing them. Get it? They always go after the little guy and us them as an example while the “big fish” still roam the streets freely.

4. Put measures in place to ensure any new charlatans are restricted from high government positions. This means screening who you vote for very carefully and getting rid of the “deep state” within the govt so your vote does count.

This is my point with people like Grace. They do not address the heart of the problem instead they induce FEAR MONGERING then to make it worst they claim to be some “light worker” and use this excuse to sit around on the sofa all day using your donations to live on. Oh – what a life!

I have to tell you I work very hard all day at the gast haus then most nights I take the time to read and research the best information on the subject matters I bring to you. I do not charge even 1 cent for any of my news.

Why do I do all this?

Read my mission statement for my Facebook page. It is very clear of my mission. Do I claim to be some “light worker”? Am I egocentric? Do I use this as an excuse to neglect my responsibilities for my business and family and then put a tin cup out for donations?

No! I do it because I walk the talk, not just talk about it and then do something else. I do not claim to be so holly and be some self-righteous “light worker”. I do it because I am compassionate about the human race and I can see how we are being abused and manipulated by the powers, that we supposedly elect to govern us. This is an absolute abuse of power at the lowest and highest levels. This is not as God intended us to live. This is imprisonment only you are lulled into it so little at a time you don’t realize it is even happening to you.

So maybe if this lady Grace “with Glory” would only take some time to read my hundreds of newsletters over the years and learn about my mission she might understand. Oh- but they don’t want to understand about telling the TRUTH.

Then this other issue Grace “with glory” (and others) so often bring up is about my anonymity. So why are they do bent on exposure of my family and friends to these toothless crack-heads who purchase this currency. I hear what they say on the forums. I hear their stupid constant hype on the conference calls. These people are not normal and I guess greed brings out the worst in people. So I choose not to want some crack-head showing up at my door with a baseball bat (or worst a gun) in the middle of the night, demanding intel on the RV. It is all about protecting my family. It is too damned bad if you don’t like it. My attitude is in thinking of my familyand loved ones FIRST instead of my own self-gratification, egocentrism, or of getting all the “glory”. It is not about getting “glory”. It is about non-selfishly helping people. Yes, Grace even says she wants all the glory and so now you know her kind of “glory” she desires.

You see my time in the military intelligence has taught me many lessons about people. We would get even the hardest of military brutes, then when under real fire, they coward like little frightened girls. So I know about human nature. I really see it too when some ask me to come and visit with me. They seem so kind and gentle and only want to come and say hello. Really? What they really want is to trick me and resolve my identity and compromise my family. Do you think I am that stupid? So let’s stop playing these games. I have a daughter now going to college in the USA and another to enter college next year. What do I want for their future?

So I am compelled to talk about Grace’s conference calls and motives for her calls. I have listened to many of her so called “winds of change” (or better “wings of change” ) calls and I have determined that this woman is nothing but a bum who is resorting to scamming people for donations. She is using her channels thru this fictitious GCR notion (as many others do too) to take donations from people to live on. Do you really think this is a nice thing to do. She is homeless and refuses to work. She claims to have some great financial background. Really? I doubt it and so if true then use it and GET A REAL JOB!

More news….

Oh- so today I went out to the ISX (Iraqi stock exchange) and checked the rate of the IQD. Here are the results:

foreign currency

U.S. dollar

1 USD = 1,190,300 IQD

1 Iraqi Dinar = 0.0008 USD

So today these idiot gurus report 119.03 dinars to the dollar. Am I missing something here?

So where then is this 120 dinars to the dollar (or 119 today) we keep hearing on the TNT calls? Again on their last call they specifically told us it was 120 dinars also showing up on the ISX for the market rate of the dinar. This is simply not true and is a lie. You can see it for yourself. Go figure!

This is merely a mistake made by placing the decimal in the wrong place when reading the rate. This was done by one of TNT contacts in Iraq which is to typical of these idiots and all the mistakes that have led to misinformation to us about this RV process. Why does anyone even listen to this crap from these idiots over in Iraq?

Oh -so now some are bashing me for listening to it and ask – so why do you listen to it?

I listen to it because if I don’t try to clarify this crap then who is going to do it? Are you? Do I see you stepping forward to help those aged people or people not smart enough to see through the lies. The world does not evolve around you and what you only want. There just happens to be almost 8 billion other people on this planet. Get it? This kind of sarcasm is going to get you banned off my Facebook site and I have banned 2 people already last week.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, and the alliance of Surun led by Moqtada al-Sadr , attacked the leader of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki. Maliki stressing that his coalition WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO REPLACE THE CANDIDATE FOR THE INTERIOR MINISTRY OR ANY OTHER MINISTRY.

The leader of the "coalition of state law" in a press statement: "We will not allow the Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, or any party, replacing the candidate of the portfolio of Interior Faleh Fayyad , nor any other candidate for the other bags," asserting that "the replacement of Fayyad means the imposition of will by the coalition "Pass" on the parliament and the government, and unconstitutional ways, which is a threat to the political process.

He called on al-Sadr's alliance to "clarify its position and view that it is pushing to reject Fayadh's assumption of the interior, and to abstain from voting for him in parliament," stressing that "if the Fayyad does not get the votes that qualify him to take over the Interior Ministry, Parliament, it means that the people are the one who chose him for this post. "

He pointed out that "according to the Constitution, the selection of candidates to take over the ministries whether or not to vote within the dome of parliament, and not through chaos and threat and intimidation."

The Al-Fath Alliance (the representative of the Popular Popular Militia) accused Al-Fayadh of nominating the interior portfolio to create a political crisis. This nomination was rejected by a categorical rejection of the Sadr Alliance, which refuses to negotiate.

For his part, said the leader of the alliance, "Sawn" Ali al-Khazali for "the new Arab," that "Maliki is trying to impose his presence in the Iraqi political arena, and earn the spotlight through his statement," asserting that "the alliance is not obliged to justify his position to the owners."

Al-Khazali stressed that "our position is consistent from the portfolios of defense and interior, and we have already announced, we do not accept any person who is partisan to take over," stressing that "as a coalition we break the rest of the session of the parliament that circumvented Maliki and others, trying to pass Fayadh, Parliament ".

He added: "We have waived his entitlement as a larger bloc under the conditions are not negotiable, which is to form a government of technocrats of independents, and this condition will remain," noting that "must change the Fayyad and change any candidate is partisan, and Abdul Mahdi to submit new candidates for passing in parliament "He said.

Maliki's statement comes after a visit to the commander of the "Corps of Jerusalem" Iranian Qassem Soleimani to Baghdad, during which he met with politicians from various parties to the political process, and pushed towards support Fayadh to take over the Interior Ministry.

(Mnt Goat – So everyone should be aware by now that this article is telling us what is at the heart of the issues in holding up the formation of the final pieces of the Mahdi’s cabinet.)



The former Iraqi prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, said that Iran contributed to his removal from the presidency of the government for a second term, indicating the existence of a conflict of wills in Iran.

Abadi said in an interview with the channel "Eastern" that "the conflict of wills in Iraq and inside Iran created an atmosphere that led to the removal of power," pointing out that "the internal conflict in Iran was reflected on us."

As for Iran's assistance to Iraq in its war against Daqash, Abadi said, "The role of the Iranian side was in the guerilla war against an oppressive organization, where they trained elements for that because they have experience in this field, as well as they handed us a weapon but we were buying it as we buy it from others."

"The former president Barack Obama told me that he is not enthusiastic to participate in a fighting," he said, pointing out that "Obama came to the presidency by adopting to withdraw from Iraq."

"The US side also provided us with a weapon at a time when we did not have the possibility to buy arms so quickly."

And the causes of the fall of the city of Ramadi, the center of Anbar province, but the organization is urging during the receipt of power, said Abbadi that "there was deliberate in the fall of Anbar complete by the organization," pointing out that "will be the details of all what happened in his memoirs to be published in the future.

(Mnt Goat – so here it is in black and white from a news interview with Abadi as to why he was not so far selected for the position of PM. But they missed something we also know to be true in that the US was trying to influence the elections and the people did not like that, so Abadi became a hot note of contention and had to be bypassed for a more neutral candidate.)



The head of the Iraqi Trade Bank, Faisal Al-Homs, said on Monday that investment with US companies will rebuild the destroyed provinces and infrastructure in the country.

"The initiative to invest American companies in Iraq will be rebuilt," he said, adding that "Iraq needs this initiative to rebuild more than a province in addition to the restoration of infrastructure."

He pointed out that "the interaction with the countries of the world is in the interest of the country and the building of the Iraqi state and provide a decent life for the citizen," pointing out that "the IRAQI BANK FOR TRADE IS A LINK WITH THE BANKS OF THE WORLD, WHICH FACILITATES THE ENTRY OF INTERNATIONAL COMPANIES TO WORK IN IRAQ through guarantees and will have an active role in this field".

On Monday morning, the US Chamber of Commerce in Baghdad, attended by US Ambassador Douglas Silliman and Vice President of the US Chamber of Commerce, Steve Lotus, announced a US initiative to cooperate with Iraq and the introduction of several US companies for investment and reconstruction.

(Mnt Goat – US companies finally getting onboard or at least we are only now hearing news of them. Remember the 5 year reconstruction plan calls for 2018-2022. A year has already been wasted for this mess of an election process. They are now behind. We know they wanted to reinstate the dinar way back in last Dec and early Jan. So what will they now due this Dec and Jan? Will they miss the opportunity again?)




The source of the parliamentary, on Monday, the formation of three sub-committees to investigate files of the work of the Central Bank, including the issue of seven billion.

The source said in an interview for the «orbit», that 'the First Committee was formed from the members of the House of Representatives to view the window selling the currency of the Central Bank, composed of (Naji Saidi, Hoshyar Fateh, Ahmed Safar, Muthana Samurai, Anam Nazil, and Mohammed Tamim) .

He added that 'another committee, was formed to see the contract for the building of the Central Bank and the approvals issued and the stages of implementation, composed of deputies (Haneen al-Qaddu, Ahmed Rashid, Faisal al-Issawi, Shirwan Qadir)'.

The source, who preferred not to be named, that 'the Third Committee was formed to investigate the damage of the financial amounts of Rafidain Bank and the Central Bank, amounting to 7.5 billion Iraqi dinars, and consisted of deputies (Faleh Abdashi, Haitham Jubouri, Majid al-Waeli, Jubouri, Muthanna al-Samarrai, Jamal Sidu) '.



Ali Alak Governor of the Central Bank. “Economy News”

Economy News – Baghdad

The governor of the Central Bank Ali Al-Alak said Monday that the bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves, pointing out that the bank continues its efforts to stabilize the local currency.

Al-Alak said in a speech during the opening of the fourth annual conference of the Central Bank in Baghdad and attended by “Economy News”, that ” coinciding with the first anniversary of the victories of the security forces on the organization is calling, this annual conference is looking forward to the sustainable development of the Iraqi economy,” noting that ” Continue his efforts in stabilizing the local currency. ”

“The central bank maintains a high level of foreign reserves,” he said.

And began on Monday, the activities of the fourth annual conference of the Central Bank of Iraq, in conjunction with the anniversary of the Iraqi victory day on “Daash.”



Economy News Baghdad

US debt has become the focus of attention recently after it has been exacerbated by the extent of the degree of astonishment of the extent of continued discharge, which makes the trick of gold looming again.

A report published by the Daily Reconciliation website highlights the current US debt and deficit, as well as a glimpse of US national debt from President George Washington and Alexander Hamilton in an article by James Rijkards on Weekly Standard.

The US debt ratio stands at the highest level in history (106%) except for the post-World War II period.

But at least in 1945, the United States won the war and its economy dominated global production, while today there is debt without global domination.

The United States has always been willing to increase debt to fight and win the war, but the debt has been reduced and contained once the war ends.

Today, there is no war comparable to major wars in American history, yet religion is growing.

US debt has seen a steady increase and decline, but there has not yet been a view that deficits are not important and can be increased indefinitely.


It is noteworthy that these historical efforts to manage US debt were supported by both parties.

Although Republicans Harding and Coled have previously reduced debt, and Democrat Andrew Jackson removed debt in 1836, today there is waste on both sides He writer predicts the PROSPECT OF AN AMERICAN DEBT CRISIS SOONER rather than later. THE US BUDGET DEFICIT UNDER THE ADMINISTRATION OF PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP IS CLOSE TO $ 1 TRILLION A YEAR, SIMILAR TO THAT OF HIS PREDECESSOR BARACK OBAMA IN 2010 AND 2011.

This is the result of tax cuts, cancellation of the spending ceiling, high student loan defaults and inaccurate economic growth estimates by the Budget Management Offic.The annual deficit appears to exceed $ 1 trillion next year, taking into account projected spending.

As the impact of economic growth begins to fade after Trump's tax cut, with no new tax cuts in 2019, the debt-to-GDP ratio now stands at 106 percent as debt grows faster than the economy.

The US national debt grew 8.8% annually, but only 6.3% of GDP.

But this situation is unsustainable and it is not entirely clear whether GDP will be able to eliminate the gap between its growth and debt acceleration.

In a simplistic way, the United States is heading for bankruptcy, the author said, but stressed that what he says is not intended to arouse fear, but rather an honest assessment based on the figures.

At present, the United States has about $ 21.6 trillion of debt, compared to a $ 20 trillion economy, which means that the debt is bigger than the economy.


Economists Ken Rogoff and Carmen Rhinehatt conducted a historical survey that retrieves data and experiences some 800 years ago, looking at countries or empires in some cases, which have been bankrupt or have defaulted on their debts.

The researchers found that the risk zone in debt to GDP ratio was 90%, and once they reached it, they found a turning point. At this point, the dollar return of debt is less than the dollar yield of production, debt becomes a real obstacle to economic growth.

As the US debt to GDP ratio is 106 percent, the United States is deep in the red zone, facing a deficit of about $ 1 trillion plus more spending.

"We have become more and more like Greece, WE ARE HEADING TOWARDS A SOVEREIGN DEBT CRISIS, that is not an opinion, it is something that depends on the numbers," he says.

How to get rid of this crisis?

For the elite, there is only one way out at this stage - inflation - they're right. Tax cuts will not do that and the structural changes of the economy will not. Both will help if they are done correctly but the problem is simply too big: economic growth must go well beyond current levels, which is not available.

Leaving only one solution - inflation.

The Fed has printed about $ 4 trillion over the past several years but there has hardly been inflation with the fact that it has started to accelerate recently.The reason for the LACK OF INFLATION THROUGHOUT THIS PERIOD IS THAT MOST OF THE NEW FUNDS THE FED HAS GIVEN TO BANKS HAVE TURNED THEM INTO DEPOSITS WITH THE CENTRAL BANK TO REAP INTEREST, which means that those funds have not been pumped into the economy to trigger inflation.

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Post by Mountain Goatee Mon Dec 10, 2018 12:10 pm

The bottom line is that even printing money does not trigger inflation, but is there another solution ?, In fact there is, and the Fed can raise inflation in 15 minutes if it uses it.

The Fed can call a meeting of its members and vote on a new policy of declaring the price of gold is $ 5,000 an ounce.

They can also make this new price possible through the use of gold owned by the Treasury at Fort Knox, as well as by gold dealers in US banks carrying out open market operations in the yellow metal.

The bank will buy gold if the price reaches $ 4950 per ounce or less and a seller if the price reaches $ 5050 per ounce or higher, printing money at the purchase and reducing the money supply in case of selling through banks.

This means that the Fed will target the price of gold instead of interest rates.

The aim of this is to cause a general increase in price levels, as the rise in the price of gold from $ 1230 per ounce today to $ 5000 means a significant reduction in the value of the dollar when compared to the amount of gold that can be bought by the dollar.

This is a massive inflation in 15 minutes, a time taken to vote on the new political.

IT HAPPENED TWICE IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES DURING THE PAST 80 YEARS. It was the first time in 1933 when President Franklin Roosevelt ordered an increase in the price of gold from $ 20.67 an ounce to $ 35 an ounce, an increase of almost 75% Gold in dollars.

The US president then took the step to get rid of the price crunch associated with the Great Depression, which worked, as the US economy grew strongly from 1934 to 1936.

The second time was in the 1970s when President Nixon ended the possibility of turning the dollar into gold through US trading partners. Nixon did not want to raise inflation, but it happened.

The gold ounce rose from $ 35 to $ 800 an ounce in less than 9 years, up 2200%, and the US dollar swelled by more than 50% between 1977 and 1981, losing half of its value in that period.

History shows that an increase in the price of gold denominated in dollars is the fastest way to stimulate public inflation. If markets do not do so, the government can.

If the US ECONOMY ENTERS A SEVERE RECESSION AT SOME POINT, WHICH IS HIGHLY LIKELY, the Fed may reach this trick that has proved successful every time.

Source: Mubasher

(Mnt Goat – so a some kind of event is going to trigger the financial reset that I have been talking about for years now in my newsletters. I am NOT talking about this stupid notion of a GCR (global currency reset) where hundreds of currencies all reset at the same time and everything is going to be perfect afterwards. How stupid and how dumb it that. Instead this real global reset will be brought on by some kind of crash. It is a matter of how they plan to do it and what will be the impact upon the average citizen. We can see that this is getting closer if we listen to the real news of what is happening in France and Great Britain. But who has placed the seeds on this disaster? It did not just happen. These seeds of this coming financial collapse is something these deep state operative have worked on now for many decades. Did you watch the video I presented in my Facebook video presentations? Dr Coleman presents to us some thoughts about this Agenda 2021 plan for implementing the NWO. He talks about 17 points of interests and one of them is massive debt. We must always go back to the root casue of many of our problems today in the world. If you study these problems you will see that they inevitably always point right back to a small group of people who want to control the world and are manipulating it to that goal.

Link to Dr Coleman’s presentation:




Seems they have succeeded in getting the US into massive debt. )


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. Let us all now know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the revaluation of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republic of Iraq and the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
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Post by Captain259 Mon Dec 10, 2018 5:29 pm

Someone is not telling the truth. Either MTN. GOAT, Bruce or TNT TONY is lying. I wish it would stop. All of you GURU's are hurting a lot of people. We only seek the truth but you A__HOLES are fighting each other. PLEASE,PLEASE STOP THE BULLS--T AND LET US KNOW THE REAL TRUTH.

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Post by RamblerNash Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:51 pm

@Captain259 wrote:Someone is not telling the truth. Either MTN. GOAT, Bruce or TNT TONY is lying.

All three are...And many more...

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