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TNT Chatter 12/9/18

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Post by Ssmith Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:00 am

RVAlready: Once the LDs were printed, the last physical impediment to the RV was removed. Assuming that the US treasury, Trump, and the IMF are ready, the CBI can now release at a moment’s notice. Thus, there is finally some possibility that this might be done by the end of the week. Before now, every time someone said “by Monday, or by Friday” it was almost impossible, because the LDs had not even been printed.

Drofstewerdship: You’re saying they are printed now

RVAlready: Because they were recently printed. It has been announced. Do you guys not remember the announcement…yes it was on recaps…maybe also on here….. Tony talked about them being ready a few weeks back…. Remember, Allaq was showing them off.

Dedar: Remember what was said on the call? 95% chance to happen this weekend…100% chance to happen by the end of the week….. It is all done. All we are waiting for is the release and it can happen at any time….. You need to be ready and getting everything in order.

Dedar: I can understand everybody feeling a bit down but this is a business transaction and we cannot allow emotions to get in our way….. We really need to lift each other up to be ready for this event.

Yada: Dedar,,I believe is it released and we are awaiting our turn

Dedar: So do I….. We are just waiting for our turn.

JSL: As was mentioned here earlier, it wasn’t Iraq who devalued their Dinar. It was the 3 letter agencies that did it. That is why DAZ always said to us over and over “Just as easy as they turned the switch off they can turn the switch back on ” Steady Rudder Folks, …in remembrance of “DAZ”

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