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 "Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18

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 "Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18 Empty "Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18

Post by Ssmith Mon Dec 10, 2018 8:37 am


Mother Esq:
Cart Before the Horse! (Retail vs Brokerage Side of Banking - Going to the Bank)

Not sure where to start so I will first say, I have always had a problem with sequels. They are not ever as good as the first picture show. Am I allowed to use that term “picture show” Showing my age!

The first Matrix was the best Matrix Reloaded . . ho hummmmm. Same with others. . . So what I am going to do is not rehash what I have already shared.

By now this community should know where I stand on all this setting up of Trusts/Foundations/LLCs before facts are known. I have been consistent because I have done this kind of work most of my professional life.

I believe in their uses but only after facts are known, goals and objectives clearly defined and a methodical process has commenced with all affected parties.

Now on to two things:

Retail versus Brokerage Side of Banks:

There is a huge difference and one you all should bear in mind. . .The retail side. . which everyone is familiar with and you should not confuse it with the Brokerage side or the Wealth Management Side.

The Wealth Management Side is the Doorway to the Brokerage side of a bank. . And not every bank has them. . And unless you have a certain amount of assets you cannot even get to the Wealth Management Side.

There has come up time and time again this idea of insuring above and beyond what the Federal Depository Insurance Corporation or FDIC will cover in an account. If you just visit the retail side of the bank then perhaps it is an issue. If all you want to do is deposit the proceeds of your exchange into a Checking or Savings Account or open a CD or Money Market Checking Account then maybe you need to pursue some sort of additional insurance.

I am going to be very bold here and say this: If that is your direction all power to you. You are empowering the bank – you will be making money for the bank. . while you earn a passbook savings rate. . if that is what you feel comfortable with by all means go that direction. The bank will not stop you they will see visions of dollar signs, and plums dancing in their wee little heads!

Wealth Management Brokerage Side.

You want me to tell you the easy way to protect the value of your exchange while earning interest ultra conservatively? I am not going to sell you anything just going to give you some education. When you exchange it will first be in an account probably akin to a savings account but you need to immediately request the bank to put those proceeds into a brokerage account and you need to direct the bank brokerage arm to purchase in the accounts name “Government Instruments, Bonds, T-Bills, Municipal Bonds, Corporate Bonds, Notes of exchange – very liquid assets high grade financial instruments.

These financial instruments will have a stated value on the “face” Sure there will be a fee associated with doing this, however you have now taken cash and converted it into an instrument with a guaranteed face amount.

If you insist on high grade “paper” and that is the term of art you use. The amount of your exchange is now protected. . .at the full value of your proceeds In your NAME not the banks!
The amount is now earning interest at an ultra conservative rate. I did not say equity instruments like stocks or mutual funds. I said government instruments or high grade bonds. You do not have to worry about bank failures.

You have financial instruments backed by the US Government or by Blue Chip Corporations and if your slightly aggressive but still conservative you can look at Government instruments from Canada, Australia, the UK Switzerland, and even Israel. Did you know that the state of Israel has never defaulted on a bond issue? They are the highest grade. .

Now you can relax and take 6 months to do some solid planning. You can use the Wealth Management Side – they will have access to insurance folks and accounts and lawyers and you are now a preferred customer and they will engage these folks for you… and on your behalf. . or you can go out on your own and look for these professionals on your own and do your own vetting if you feel comfortable enough to do it.

What you have done is put your monies in financial instruments with a stated value. They can never be worth less than what they were purchased. Now this is the key. I am sure if Rayren wants to do a seminar on this or add to their financial seminars at some point they might. What I am going to suggest is that you now have assets that are earning conservative interest but you can leverage those assets because they are first “liquid in some sense, they have a stated value and can never be worth less than they are. You can now “hypothecate” some of those new assets.

Those portfolios and you should have more than one I would assume several. You can designate to the bank and trust me they will have ideas. You can leverage one or more portfolios in various financial deals partnering with the bank or brokerage firm. That is all I am going to say — this is what is called “high finance” It is not for someone with 100,000 or 1,000,000. This is for very sophisticated clients of a bank’s wealth management side. . .it is called hypothecating!

Again not going to get in it anymore but what I am trying to say is this. All this talk about insuring accounts. Honestly you never need to have a lot of money sitting in an account. Too risky from hackers and the fact if your money is too easy to access you will blow it. You need to put your money in situations that make you go through steps to access large quantities. That way you have to really think about it before you convert to cash. Because once it is in cash you can easily spend it and then it is gone.

Again maybe Rayren will indulge you all in this area with more information. However I would be getting on thin ice to go further.

However I encourage those of you with significant amounts to think about this way of protecting your value as opposed to CDs and passbook savings accounts where you test the limits on the retail side of the bank.

Visiting the Bank:

One guru out there not on TNT and I cannot believe they said it has encouraged his litany of followers to take their advisors to the bank to do the exchange. . I was horrified when I read that. I wish I could beg those that want to do that. Please hold off, please do not do that.

Do not selfishly go to a bank and freak them out so they say, “Whoa wait a minute maybe this is not for everyone and they pull back on doing exchanges. Do not do this. . by now you should be smart enough to go into a bank and do the exchange yourself. This is not rocket science. The bank cannot cheat you. I think Tony/Rayren have been plain enough on how to do this. However if you take in a bunch of advisors all your going to do is slow the process down for everyone else.

Secondly as an attorney I have news for you. No lawyer is going to take time out of his day to traipse down to the bank and sit there for money after the fact. Today most attorneys earn in excess of 350.00 an hour. They will also want a retainer up front. I would ask for no less than 10,000 to babysit a client at a bank. So think about it!

Do you have that upfront money to hire an attorney to go babysit you at the bank. The lawyer wants to be paid and he wants it guaranteed. So he will ask for a retainer. His time is worth something. I do not work off Promissory Notes. Not that I want any clients but I am telling you how they work. . . and there are others in this forum who are also attorneys they will tell you the same thing.

The other thing if you push for the contract rates and are asked to sign a non disclosure you might be testing the boundaries of such an agreement if you walk in with a battery of advisors. What is supposed to take 25 to 30 minutes will turn into a 3 to 4 hour three ring circus. Because each professional will want to justify your trust in them by inquisition and questioning everything. Mainly because they want to justify their bill against the retainer.

Anyway enough said. Please on your end be patient be prudent. Find a good Financial Planner or firm or utilize the Wealth Management side of a good bank. Hold them accountable. Take your time go through the steps of planning. . . .ask questions listen with an open mind. Fill out the forms let them run risk assessments and you need to ask questions. The process if done correctly will take time – if it takes 6 months you are doing it right! Then execute methodically and slowly the pieces so everything fits together and works towards the objectives you have previously thought out.

At the end of the day – you will have a solid Financial Asset Protection and Estate Plan in place. And then your wealth Manager can sit with you and work out types of investments that will accelerate your dreams and legacies. This is the proper way. Do not get the Cart Before the Horse! Do not assume you need a Trust there are many kinds, do not assume you will need an LLC there are many kinds of entities. Let your objectives and the facts come together in a well thought out cohesive plan that will be unique to your and your family.

May our Good Lord continue to uphold each person in this community and shine his light upon you and. Your family this Christmas Season. God bless everyone. I am and. Remain

With warmest personal regards

Mother. Esq.

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 "Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18 Empty Re: "Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18

Post by Ssmith Tue Dec 11, 2018 9:17 am

"The TNT Detour Narrative" by Ron Giles

I couldn’t believe that this, Mother Esq, post was posted on IDC. I couldn’t believe that someone would post something that is so in-your-face promoting the Central Banking System VS the QFS. Without talking about the QFS and promoting the Central Banking System of the Wealth Managers side of the banking system, this post promotes the use of sacred Exchange/Redemption funds, for a profit. Wow!

This TNTdetour narrative that gave us the idea of lopping 6 zeros off the face value of a bond, continues to spread disinformation, misinformation, and misguided information designed to limit the funds one can get from the exchange. When confronted with the illegal idea that 6 zeros will be lopped off the Zim Bond value, they change the narrative to say that with the rate they promote will effectively, ‘lop off the zeros’ giving us a minuscule amount of funds compared to asking for rates commensurate with the humanitarian projects we plan to do. This is the narrative that stinks of Cabal limiting the slaves from getting the real money that destroys the Central Bank, banking system. What happened to the real narrative of virtually unlimited funds to do the humanitarian projects of our choice, anywhere in the world? How small thinking do they think we are?

The Mother ESQ post gives us incite to where they want us to use the Central Bank Wealth Management side of their commercial operations to service thousands of Trillionaires instead of just Millionaires. It’s a marketing ploy. Most of the things she says the banks offer within their Wealth Management brokerage side of the bank is true. BUT this is a trap to keep currency holders in the bowels of the Cabal maze of control. How so, you ask? Let’s talk about this detour from the road less traveled to turn back to the road that leads to pain and suffering as slaves.

First of all, one needs to understand the reason we are to receive massive funds and for which these massive funds are to be used. Making more money is not the intended use.

If the exchange resulted in a few hundred thousand dollars to use for humanitarian projects, we are limited in what we could accomplish compared to, say a few Billion dollars. Agreed? If you want to put funds into the hands of people-of-heart to really change the world, would you not want to give them the funds they need to reach the billions of starving people that these funds were intended to reach? Would you really want to restrict them from accomplishing this goal? Putting your faith and trust in the hands of wealth managers, the arm of flesh, is a detour from where we want to go. They are good at managing money for gain, but not managing money in service to others. Careful, I hear a Cabal rattlesnake ready to strike on the commercial side of the bank. They want a big share of your money and to keep it tied up in their banks… a limiting factor for sure. Besides the principle for the structured payout will stay in the QFS without choice, with the release of quarterly interest payments at a negotiated rate of interest, up to 10%. Try getting a bank to give you that rate on any bank instrument they have, especially on Trillions of dollars. If you seek interest on money that you are already getting interest on, that is greed, and not what this money is intended for.

The TNT narrative does not support the humanitarian work most of us here on IDC want to do. We want to be told the truth that supports the massive task we are to be given. We want the information we need to set our own course and engage our hearts in our humanitarian work without restrictions from Cabal manipulations. “The field is white ready for harvest…” but you can only use a cycle instead of a tractor and harvester because the Old-Powers-That Be want to restrict plans to do the larger amount of our work.

If you want to follow this misguided use of bank services as your course of action, it is your right. But before you do, there has been a warning given for the use of this money. It is alive and is not given to you to make a profit off investing in any bank instruments or any investment to make money. It is given for humanitarian work. Period. If it is your intentions to accumulate money for the future by putting it into bank instruments, this money will bring you pain and suffering and will not support your intentions. If you don’t use these funds for their intended use by the source that gave you the funds, your money will rot and eventually decay to nothing of value.

The structured payout will provide you with all the money you will ever need to begin and sustain your humanitarian work. The QFS, the GCR, and the restored Republic structure will eventually destroy the Central Banking System. Any bank instruments the banks use to entice your participation with them will eventually be useless. The banks are on a collision course for their demise and all those involved with them will go down as well, and especially those who have used their sacred Exchange/Redemption funds inappropriately to make more money. You cannot serve two masters. You either put your faith and trust in doing humanitarian work, or you put your faith and trust in the Cabal banking system of greed and gain. The choice is yours. Fireswan appropriately says, “Forward not Backward.” Forward is moving into harmony with the Heavens, backward is going back into the slave environment of the Cabal, by using their banking system. Freedom is a bitch when you chose to drag yourself back into the slave cave. Representatives of the QFS will be the ones conducting your exchange/redemption appointment. They will know your intent and will act accordingly. That’s what chalking is all about. It is a major change from the Cabal conditioned way of thinking. Change your thinking and enjoy the benefits.

I want to give a shout out to the TNT Detour narrative and those that promote it, for effectively giving us the real contrast of the choices we face. It has made it very clear which road we should travel. My suggestion is that you take advantage of the offer to participate in the safe structure of the QFS, the GCR, and the restored Republic with your money, and leave the Cabal banking system of central banks and their bank instruments of gain, to those who come from greed and serving self, with their money. The TNT Detour narrative is a dead end and has been all along. The QFS offers a road that is alive and will take you to where you want to go. I suggest you take it!

Forward not Backwards

Ron Giles

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 "Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18 Empty Re: "Cart Before the Horse" - Bank Story from TNT Mother Esq 12/9/18

Post by Ethel Biscuit Tue Dec 11, 2018 10:51 am

Mother Esq wrote:Not sure where to start so I will first say, I have always had a problem with sequels. They are not ever as good as the first picture show.

Well, this is just nonsense - Terminator 2 was miles better than the first Terminator film! And The Godfather 2...

In fact, there's plenty of websites dedicated to precisely this phenomenon.

I didn't bother reading whatever other nonsense Mom wrote after this.

picking  "Scum" - Sue Winters
Ethel Biscuit
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