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Let's Be Honest Empty Let's Be Honest

Post by chadao Mon Dec 10, 2018 6:41 am

I don't really think they going to increase their money value. Let's be honest. Every single time Iraq introduce new dinar example the 50k dinar and the 

latest 25k and 1k Dinar , it doesnt took more than 1 week before the new dinar starting selling in my country. And you guys really believe they recollect 

almost 2/3 of their circulated money? In your dreams really. If this thing drag more than 2 years , I believe they use the same method as EGYPT does. 

ISIS only exist because of 2 reason , Iran and poor. Nobody would actually give a damn about joining ISIS if your people are wealth and prosperous. 

You cant reconstruct your country if you don't have strong currency. Imagine other country came to iraq to build facility and homes only to get killed 

and bombs by ISIS. Who would volunteer go iraq to work just to get killed. I don't actually see a hope in iraq even after 5 years. How does anyone of 

you still think there's a hope in iraq when they need almost 1 year to complete their election saga. GG

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