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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Ballons!"  12/618 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Ballons!" 12/618

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Ballons!"  12/618 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Ballons!" 12/618

Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:39 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Ballons!"  12/618 Yosef_17


The beauty about a 100% global fiat economy is how easy it is destroy those who have created it, earned by it, dominated as a result of it and waged war over it.

And that’s what you’re seeing now… all aspects of the global fiat economy are being deflated, simultaneously and without prejudice.

To put this harsh reality into a visual, imagine a few dozen colorful balloons all hovering in the air together, slowly sinking day by day, hour by hour, with by a subtle couple percentage points, collectively and individually as not to alert anyone of the danger and scare the public needlessly to what really is going on.

Because what’s really going on is that the 2015 GESARA Treaty (aka The Paris Agreement on Climate Control) is being fully implemented, publicly, which includes the death of the old financial system, just as the cabal’s deadly reality was removed privately over this last decade (2008-2018).

As a result, the crude oil balloon is sinking; the market trade balloon is sinking; the corporate equities balloon is sinking; the municipal bond balloon is sinking; the platform clearing house balloon is sinking; the City of London balloon is sinking (Brexit); the liberal policy balloon is sinking; the white supremacy balloon is sinking; the mass media mind control balloon is sinking; the sexual assault balloon is sinking; the chemtrail balloon sinking; the illegal drug balloon is sinking; the deadly pharmaceutical balloon is sinking; the GMO balloon is sinking; the corrupt political balloon is sinking; the diplomatic sanctions balloon is sinking; the anti-gold petrol dollar balloon is sinking… etc, etc, etc..

Remember, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So if all boats (truths) are now rising with the GESARA tide, then all balloons (lies) must also be sinking in equal and exact proportion.

And since all these balloons have used the same oxygen source to remain inflated—the old financial system and USD—then by definition, all balloons must also deflate as the new financial system is installed and announced as being an asset backed replacement.

What does this mean to me personally? When do I get my proverbial beak wet?

Well, the world is shifting beneath EVERYONE’S feet, not just yours. However, you were blessed to be enlightened as to participate in the healing of the soul of the world as a Human Angel.

God chose little ole’ you to help everyone else out of a 400 year ditch dug by the Eastern European Dark Nobility (cabal).

Meaning, you were also burdened with a sense of the massive losses now being inflicted upon the sleeping masses due to radical GESARA changes; even though the world was mercifully converted over an extended period of time.

That’s wonderful, Yosef. Really great. Thank you for that. Now when the Fudge do we get paid?

Ah, results. The bastard child of process.

I understand your fiscal anxiety, even your physical pain and suffering.

But so what.

Global prosperity demands a foundation of global peace. To release such massive and unprecedented global money supply otherwise would be irresponsible, and create an incredibly dangerous environment post RV.

But since you asked the question of “when,” know that yes it could anytime after the Brexit vote on Tuesday (December 11).

Although, if you are still asking “when” you’re going to be very disappointed with the blessing, as the RV is not a transactional experience at it’s core.

Rather, it is a spiritual exercise with an extended preliminary journey that includes waiting patiently for benevolent overseers to flip over the geopolitical chess board.

The secondary aspect of said spiritual exercise to a heart wrenching challenge to delivery mercy to an endless supply of hopeless and broken people.

Don’t think for a second you can remain comfy in the suburbs, or the white western world for that matter, with the volume of resource being bestowed upon Zim holders.

The other currencies, go exchange and enjoy your life… but Zim holders… and especially any Zim holder reading this… no damn chance.

Charity will become your master by redeeming just one bond note of Zim.

As all Zim redeemers will be turning their lives over to an all loving and eternal God that you may or may not know accurately and/or worship.

And facing the truth of Yeshua—staring God in the face when that moment of redemption comes—will be the hardest and most significant decision you will ever make—no matter how righteous you might already be as a devout Human Angel.

See, Africa’s gift (with the Shona’s as its leader tribe emanating from Great Zimbabwe) creates long-term servants not suddenly wealthy trillionaires.

This is why the NPTB keep selling it on-line… as the benevolents want and need as many servants in the streets, loaded to the gills with infinite resources, as to disburse blessings out to the 7.6 billion human beings suffering from the cabal created illusion of scarcity.


Because when this RV balloon does burst, watch out below as nearly 8 billion boats (souls) will all suddenly rise with the tide at once, and they shall look to you for both instant relief and on-going mercy.

Know the entire world has been subjected to horrors beyond your understanding due to the cabal created fiat financial system, under the same unified Draconian decision making snakehead committed soullessly to enslaving humanity.

That’s a fact. And everyone worldwide is going to understand it as such in the next few decades. And there you will be with your bottomless accounts and servants smile offering philanthropic aid and stable financial future.

Now for some spiritual reason and personal divine covenant, God entrusted you to make things right on this planet.

You exist to heal the soul of the world. Or at least you have been given the choice to do so, as well as the free will option to bless the masses or remove yourself from such a lifetime burden.

Still wanna redeem your multi-trillion dollar face value Zim bond notes?

Think about the repercussions of doing so. Really think about it before doing it. Pray on it and surrender to the Heavenly answer.

There’s no shame in backing away. And there’s divine protection for those engaging in a lifetime of servitude.

It’s a massive opportunity if you have a servants heart, but that choice may or may not be forced upon us all anytime around this holiday season.

And depending on what you sincerely believe in, in terms of whether you have a relationship and trust with God to directly enforce this spiritual transition, or believe a consortium of mankind is manifesting this historic, free will financial transaction… but your experience will ultimately be dictated by your core beliefs.

And this soul decision will be reviewed between yourself and Yeshua.

That’s why in this era of divine feminine, with limitless resource being offered to the meek of the earth, ALL have been faced with the same decision in their own way… devout to God or not.

Service as life or death by self.

Are you a deflating balloon or rosing boat with a righteous hull?

Do you sincerely trust God is the only question any Zim holder should be asking themselves before, during or after the RV?

Am I chosen servant here to serve or common soul here to be served?

True Human Angels have already made this choice, in spirit, and thus we have no fear of the results… because we’ve long surrendered to the Most High.

If you have not yet surrendered, again I encourage you to do so now. If not, sobeit.

At least you were informed of your options by a poet servant channeling the Voice of the Greatest Good.

The choice to fully submit to a deeper spiritual truth is completely on you.

God is with us

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Ballons!"  12/618 Empty Re: Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Ballons!" 12/618

Post by Scotchie Fri Dec 07, 2018 7:41 pm

GESARA   LOL, no such thing

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