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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 12/4/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 12/4/18

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 12/4/18 Empty KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Notes by Sunkissed 12/4/18

Post by Ssmith Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:07 am


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Frank26: Here’s what I’m going to do. Like always, I take you back. I take you back a little bit don’t I? And we go back and we look at what was happening, during the week with our Teams.

This is me and Delta talking last Tuesday (11/27/2018). By the way, these recordings, and you’re going to get a few of them tonight; these recordings have a lot of information in them. You can’t get it all at once.

And we sometimes have people that transcribe our Conference Calls. But it would really be important that either you take notes, or you go back and re-listen again, because these recordings have a lot of information in them. And during the week, we noticed that you miss it; because you ask the same questions that we just already taught you.

And I’ll tell you something: I will not move forward with you, until I know that everybody understands, until we’re all together, in one accord. There are too many mistakes being made. I am very proud of the posting and the discussions. But there are some assumptions being made, and tonight, we’re going to deal with.

As a matter of fact there are three of them that bother me tremendously.

For example: Delta brought you an article; and it showed you the exchange rate, the Program Rate. And then it said “dot” zero zero (.00).

The following week, almost a week later, he brings you another article, and it shows you the Program Rate, and it shows you “dot” zero zero zero (.000). And then all of you missed - apparently - the one that Walkingstick brought you this week. (holds up the article: Post #37, December 2, 2018) This one. I even posted it in RED.

If I post something in RED, I suggest you pay attention to it:

“WALKINGSTICK said (Post #37)
Exchange Iraqi Dinar Globally.
4:00 AM Baghdad time
Iraqi Dinar Exchange Worldwide
4:00 AM Baghdad Time

Because when you look at the paring, that I’m pointing at in Livestream, you’re going to see the exchange rate, the exchange rate, the Program Rate: “dot” zero zero zero zero (.0000). Did you notice that? .00, .000, .0000. You missed that didn’t you?

The question is: How is it possible, that they are trading the Iraqi Dinar at a Program Rate?

How is it possible that you missed it? That we explained it. Which we will spend time tonight again, rehashing it. I will not move forward with you until everybody is together and understands what in the world we’re talking about.

And another issue that bothers me a lot: The American Dollar is dropping like crazy against currencies around the world.

No it’s not. The American Dollar is powerful. We told you very well what the American Dollar’s dropping against. And we’ll talk about it again tonight.

And there’s also going to be a lot of information in these calls, and when we’re done with the calls, I have a report for you. It’s a little thick. It’s right here. It’s half of this book by the way. From Walkingstick.

So I don’t know how long we’re going to be together, but let’s kick back, and let’s listen to the very first recording that I have for you tonight. Where Delta and I are talking about the decimal points. We’re talking about 43 Trillion + 1 Trillion, which is 44 Trillion. There’s information here. Please enjoy.

Call with Delta:

F: Manny! Let’s not waste a single minute. That I think is AMAZING! Walkingstick told us the fractional banking - the fractional rate calculations - all the math! It’s long been done. Then all the sudden, you find slots opening up for digits, in the fractional area! That’s amazing! So no only is it… what is the rate right now, 1119?

D: No, it’s 1193, 1194. This is really amazing! I did put the last week number which was like 1200 - 1204. But there was no numbers behind the decimal point. So they stopped reporting, and then today, they have been since November 14.

So November the 14th, looks like the numbers have been changed, and now you have a decimal point. Now, if you go to the currency exchange of the Central Bank of Iraq, you do have a decimal point, but not with the US Dollar. You have the Euro, the Pound, and every time they do the auctions. And then after that first page, you do have the numbers there.

The interesting part is this is the first time the Central Bank of Iraq is reporting the 3-digits AFTER the decimal point with the US dollar. Now I got to say in my basically opinion, what I think is what’s going on; first of all I think it is fractional banking that you, Walkingstick, and all of us were talking about number one.

Number two, we know that they are about to go international, so they need those digits. The reason they didn’t have them before, they don’t need ‘em.

But now when you go international you have to have that fractional number. Especially those three digits to do exact numbers. Because if you have like one-tenth of a penny internationally, that can make a lot of difference on banking, the fractionals, and how they make their money.

D: But what I concluded, actually, out of that, another huge thing, it could be that the reason the Central Bank of Iraq now is showing this? I do think, they are de-pegging from the dollar.

F: Because they’re pegging?

D: No-no. Remember: The Iraqi Dinar was pegged to the US Dollar, ONLY, for the last 13-14 years.

F: Right! Pardon me. DE-pegging! You think that they are DE-pegging?


F: Okay. Continue. You talk.

D: So, what they are trying to do here, the reason they had all the, just think about it. Why would all the currency, like the Chinese Yuan, the Japanese Yen, Euros, all of the currency. They used to have a decimal point, because the IQD was not pegged to them. Was de facto. Was basically, pegged to the US dollars, and the Program Rate, we know that.

But remember, we talked about this a long time ago, when we see that they have 3 digits next to the decimal point, then we know that they are de-pegging from the US dollar.

I know they are going to peg to the basket of currency. Which is the 5-6 currencies and we know this is what is going to happen. But for them to do that now, Frank, would give you an indication that they are really REALLY very close to show us the rate.

And,it gave to you another indication that they are now linked internationally to every system, every Forex, every Central Bank in the world, because now, they ARE showing you those 3-digits on the Iraqi Market Exchange which is since November 14th.

So since November 14th, they start adding those three numbers, which, this is NOT coincidence. This is really very very very HUGE. When I saw that.

Number 2 is because the numbers, like I said 1193. If they continue like this and they don’t, let’s say, increase the value, or reinstate their currency, then we might see 1180 next week. And let’s see what they’re going to do. Remember this theory that you and I talked about, a while back, that, what’s gonna happen, the Market now reflects what is less than the Official basically Market Rate

D: The Official Rate Frankie is 1200. The Central Bank of Iraq sells the currency to the banks at 1190, the banks sell it for 1200, because that’s the Official Rate the Central Bank instructed everybody to sell.

But wait a minute, right now it’s 1193, so what’s the bank going to do now? The private banks, state owned banks, the ones that sell dollars to citizens, and to other entities. So that gives you an indication that definitely, we are really very close and they told us Frankie, last week that the Central Bank of Iraq, is basically preparing to delete the zeros.

They are actually ready to rise those numbers. Reinstate their currency. And for them, sure as this, because remember, I follow this all the time Frank, they have not had an update since November 14. They just updated those numbers today. So for them to do that, that will give you indication that we’ve got to be really very close, and they are about to show us the right numbers.

F: They put themselves in this position Manny. After they introduced and agreed with all the fractional calculation, all of the math that Walkingstick told us that they were doing with their banks. They also finished a Stress Testing of their banks. And now to see, that you have that rate: “dot” space space space (.000). Yeah. They put themselves in a position to enter the international theater now with their currency. Those numbers are about to change.

D: Yes. And that is why I was, when I looked at it, wait a minute, this is uh a different pattern, and this is why I concluded that they’re probably about to announce that basically the Iraqi dinar is pegged to the basket of currency, which will be included and be one of them. I believe they are not pegged anymore. There’s a lot of detail of course. They’re not pegged anymore to the USD. They are just pegged to all of the basket of currencies.

They are about to go international.

Otherwise they could have done this a long time ago. Look at the patterns. We looked last week, they just had a solid 1200, no decimal point, no nothing. So this is really very significant.

F: Very significant. This is very serious. When I talked with Walkingstick last night for over an hour, yes he shared things, but he kept reiterating — in fact TWICE he asked me: Delta has not seen? And then he tells me we know what we’re looking for.

I said “No Sir.” Delta has not seen anything on the Real Effective Exchange Rate? “No Sir”

Anything on the NEER? “No Sir”

F: Delta, what you found, what you brought to us, I think that’s what he’s looking for. Because now the Nominal calculations, not too high, not too low, have given the Real Effective Exchange Rate, and they’re about to release it, I think. He was looking for this! And here is the vehicle to show this. They changed how they are putting their mathematical rate on their site. This is exciting.

D: It is!

F: I can’t wait to talk to him.

D: Absolutely. And not only that Frankie, it looks like, those numbers there, they are now basically international. Not the rate yet. And remember the key part was when they said “Oh by the way, we’re going to redenominate, reconstruct the currency, the dinar’s going to take the place of the thousand.

Not only for Iraq, but like I told you last time, but they didn’t give us an exchange rate. Because now we’re going to have the exact exchange rate based on international calculations, which is where it’s going to be $1.50 to $2.00, $3.00, whatever they come up. But definitely the numbers are all calculated.

D: You do remember a while back, what you gave to the Family, when the CBI sent this letter to Baghdad “Oh by the way, the international exchange rate for the Iraqi Dinar is under study and as soon as they get a conclusion we’ll let you know.” Remember that 3 or 4 years ago, when they sent that memo to every bank.

So it looks like the rate is calculated and everything’s done. But I was looking for something like that, when you told me that Walkingstick asked you that if I see something, that I was to let you know. You know I was expecting something there. It looks like the CBI now is ready to release the new rate and it could happen at any moment now, based on those details.

I’ve got another report for you real quick Frank. It looks like the Central Bank of Iraq they did update their financial position for the month of October.

Remember the one that I follow all the time. The one that gives the currency issues and everything. So it looks like they did again in October, they did print the same kind of amount, a little bit higher: $55 million dollars of worth of currency issuing.

What I’m trying to tell you right now, I noticed the money supply, remember two or three days ago, the CBI and everybody came out and said “Oh by the way, the money supply outside the bank is 44 trillion.” It looks like for the whole year it was 43 Trillion.

But now for the month of October it was 43 Trillion and they increased by 1 Trillion dinar. Now I do believe that this extra 1 trillion dinar that added to the money supply, those are the lower denominations that they did print.

But here’s the interesting part: it looks like that 1 Trillion dinar, is going to a replace the value of the 43 trillion dinar. Did you get that? Did you get that Frankie?

The 1 Trillion dinars that was added to the money supply, to jump it from 43 Trillion to 44 Trillion dinars, we do believe that is the currency that they because this currency is going to have higher value than what they have.

So what’s gonna happen is remember, they’re going to introduce the lower denomination notes and add value that’s going to replace and phase out the 3-zero notes. So how much do they have in total? They have about 43 trillion outside the bank, which is worth about 40 billion dollars. So Frankie, this 1 trillion dinars they have, they should have a very high value, in order for them to replace THE WHOLE VALUE of the 43 trillion dinars.

F: That’s a heck of a point you just made. That is impressive thinking. Thank you.

D: If you do the division Frankie, just think about it, 1 Trillion dinar in circulation in new notes, so right there, you can figure out very close, how much the rate has to be in order for them to cover-up the whole 43 Trillion that they have right now.

So remember, the restructuring of the currency, the purpose of that is to reduce the bank notes; the currency notes in circulation. So from 43 Trillion to 44 Trillion, that 1 Trillion, is the key here. So it looks like that Trillion is going to be the coins, the 10 dinars, the 5 dinars, all that LDs, to replace the whole 43 Trillion.

So the calculations, the mathematics is going to be like this: 1 Trillion New Iraqi Dinars is going to be equivalent to the 43 Trillion Dinars. This is really HUGE and amazing. So the exchange rate has to be, based on we’ve got here, has to be close to $2.85 to $3.00 Frankie.

F: I agree. (Frank stops the recording with Delta for a moment and says: By the way, this whole Conference Call is in my opinion. Thank you very much.) Very astute. You did an amazing job in coming up with these conclusions. Thank you Manny. Thank you. I’m going to run all of this by Walkingstick and see what he has to say.

D: Absolutely. But I think that it’s very important to shoot him a text or let him know because I think he was waiting for this, now the CBI is showing that. I don’t believe that is a coincidence. And remember, the question is too Frankie, if you look at those numbers, right?

D: Now you have to ask yourself, where is the Central Bank of Iraq getting those numbers from? The Fractional numbers. Where are they getting those numbers from? Right? I mean, I know the 1200 is the Program Rate, the 1190.000.

But where is the Iraqi Market getting those fractions from? Like 1193.853. Where are they bringing those .853? The ONLY way they can do that is they have to be linked internationally to be able to do that!

F: Yes! Yes. Yes.

D: This is what I’m trying to get here. I mean, you don’t make those numbers up Frankie. Those numbers, it’s like for example now, you go to the Forex, right? And you get the Japanese Yen. You can have the exact exchange rate .00, so where did they get those numbers from?

This is the International Market determining the rate of that currency! So, that gives you indication that the Central Bank of Iraq should show the numbers today or tomorrow, this week, or next week, whatever it is. But the numbers have to show up, because it looks like they’re working late; they have to plug in now the Iraqi exchange rate. Which is the one Walkingstick talked about a long time ago, that they’re going to show us the numbers.

Those fractional numbers, they’re not made for the CBI. Those basic rates, calculated, based on the international numbers and this is really very significant.

F: Calculated by international numbers. Only need now to show the Real Effective Exchange Rate. (REER) There it is. That’s brilliant.

D: Yeah they need that. So let’s say they come up, for the sake of the number, $1.00. They have to have a fractional rate. It cannot be 1.00. They’re going to have a buy and sell, Let say that number is 1.039 they’ve got to have 3 numbers, it’s actually going to match like any other currencies.

But now it looks like the Central Bank of Iraq, they got 100% linked to International Banking. The Central Bank to the BIS. They are now linked to the Forex. Everything is set up from the Central Bank of Iraq and the Iraqi Market is effecting that

D: Remember the Iraqi Stock Exchange, they didn’t change the plan and they are supposed to go international BEFORE END OF THIS YEAR. And they have to be in NASDAQ. So they need those fractional numbers.

So for the Iraqi Market to show those fractional numbers, that gives you indication that the Central Bank of Iraq, they are about to raise the rate. I’m talking about any moment now, based on this information.

F: Okay. I agree with you. Due to the fact that they are showing these “slots,” you know these digital “slots numbers” available, it means that they have calculated international numbers. Now, the rate has to do the same thing by announcing that they did this with the CBI’s REER numbers. The Real numbers. And I like what you just said, somebody… I mean 43 Trillion all year? Then all of the sudden 1 Trillion in one month? My goodness gracious, the rate has to be pretty doggone high for 1 Trillion to equal 43 Trillion.

D: Absolutely, and this is the key Frankie, but of course they might give us a sucker bid, like we said a long time ago. They might really come out at $1.20, then of course after 6 months, whatever the date is, then throw the exact number there like $2.85, $3.00, whatever it is.

But based on those details right now from the CBI website, I mean the rate really has to be high in order for them to do that. And make it more attractive.

Remember, the citizens, they want more attractive, especially investors. They need the real numbers to come out like that. And based on that information from the BIS, a month or two months ago, when I-Team reported that $2.85 was showing, so it could be a higher rate, but according to my calculations, based on those numbers, they should really be in the $2.85 to $3.00 range in order for them to cover all this money.

F: Yes. Is all I’m gonna say (laughing). Very good Delta. Very Good.

Frank stopped the call at this time. —————

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