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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Christmas Miracle"  12/4/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Christmas Miracle" 12/4/18

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Christmas Miracle"  12/4/18 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Christmas Miracle" 12/4/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Dec 05, 2018 10:08 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Christmas Miracle"  12/4/18 2018-068

“Christmas Miracle"

With a hard springtime expectation now entrenched in your RV brain regarding a potential release, let me offer a different viewpoint, an easier one that involves a potential Christmas Miracle.

And while I believe Christ was not born on December 25th (more like August 21st on the old Julian Calendar which is really September 3rd on today’s Gregorian Calendar), most to all Christians don’t understand this fact. And if told, they would reject it outright and not bother to consider, research or reverse their beliefs.

“Believers” have a pretty good handle on things. No reason to rock the Christ birth boat. So should I tell them Christ was black too?


Ok, with that jab out of the way, lets assume for examples sake that Christmas is actually Christmas, and if one then counts Christmas Eve and New Years Eve as part of the normal holiday season, and assuming all Sundays functions like government holidays because banks and government offices are closed, and understanding the newly elected 116th US Congress will not legally be seated per the Constitution until January 3, 2019… this means there are 7 out of 11 days before, during and after Christmas (December 23 - January 2) that would be considered non working seasonal holidays.

Which of course we be optimal for an RV release because everything shuts down and thus the environment for surrendering the world’s financial system would be at its safest.

Remember, 9/11 was the last time this GCR/RV trick was tried… how did that go? Exactly. That’s why we’re always cautiously optimistic about dates and times.

This means that on December 11, 2018… as the UK Parliament votes on Brexit and decides whether or not to stick with EU governance or leave outright without a deal via their "Memorable Vote” per their own Constitution as drafted by The City of London, who’s House of Lords will publicly decide for their United Kingdom subjects whether or not to become an equal sovereign entity with all other 28 European Union members… or continue to go it alone in an attempt to rule the world.

Know the RV start will be determined by the outcome of this vote, period.

So in theory, one could see the RV anytime before, during or after Christmas just as easily as one could harvest RV earnings in the springtime.

Nobody really knows because this free will decision will be made by the former owners of “The City” who believed their were entitled to the earth and all its resources. Only they can surrender their quest for complete domination and their decision has not yet been made.

What chu’talkin’bout Yosef? Crazy ass white boy trippin’, shout’in out like “hey… "springtime, springtime”… now preachin’ “Christmas Miracle, Christmas Miracle”… make up your DAMN mind.

Well, my politically incorrect jive may sound idiotic but my sources are strong and they tell me it’s an either / or / game time decision… which means there’s an easy way (Christmas) or a hard way (Springtime)… which is absolute and there ain’t nothin’ in between.

Which in a way is comforting knowing the actual best and worst case scenario is for a start date after years of study.

Although, technically we’re still in flux because of what actually happens on December 11th, in said House of Lords, as to who will in theory be determining humanity’s dis-enslavement start time.

Logical given The City of London has been not so secretly running the world for 300 plus years, so legally they must be defeated before we may holistically begin.

Make sense?

This resolution of legal sovereign entity city / state termination will be accomplished through legal charter default when The City banks are unable to pay back their outstanding sovereign debts—much like Puerto Rico and the US Corporation in 2104—when instantly both cabal created nation states collapsed as Puerto Rican sovereign debt defaulted as did the US Corporation because that’s where both were domiciled.

Remember, US. Corporation is a mimic government and not the actual Republic of the United States per 1776.

And unlike the 2008 crisis, there will be no European Central Bank bookie to cover all of the The City’s insanely massive derivative bets.

We’re told The City’s insurance exposure alone is in the multi-hundreds-of-trillions, and why the NPTB expect full capitulation by the cabal’s infamous House of Lords before Christmas, and thus why Theresa May waited until the very last minute to bring the EU/UK government exit plan forward—as the NPTB already know the outcome and have prepared a Christmas miracle for humanity.

How sweet. But what if it doesn’t happen? After all you can’t have Christmas morning without gifts. That’s just good Anglo common sense.

That is why we are waiting 100% on the cabal installed House of Lords to vote— per their own free will—to eliminate their beloved City of London out of economic world relevance as the lone monetary authority overseeing the planet’s gross money supply: which will thrust Great Britain backwards to become but a single sovereign nation among 208 other sovereign nations.

No special treatment, nor complete destruction. Basically commonality for the once untouchable Dark Nobility.

Who would have thunk it? You obviously. You’re reading this drivel.

So legally, and by choice of the vanquished, the NPTB are ending the old financial system… which technically must be done according to very old and existing Crown Laws governing default.

You’ve heard of drinking five hour energy drinks I’m sure, we’ll this is purging a five millenia enslavement bar right out of the gut of the Draconian overlords.

It’s their worst nightmare on heroin and humanity’s wish come true beyond all imagination.

Surreal is the only way to describe such reality being snapped into place. And yet, that’s what’s happening.

Now some of you GCR/RV historians out there will recall this type of legal reversal has already been done at The Vatican with the Catholic Church being stripped of their spiritual Crown rights over all lifeforms; as well as in Washington D.C. where US military has been made to cease enforcing war upon the entire world; and also in Israel as the UN recently eliminated their favored nation status as the cabal’s diplomatic sovereign, which was solely created to ultimately rule over all other governments.

Again, this is all wry researchable via the Internet if you’re at all curious. If not, well, then you’re a passive sheep who prefers s slave existence, what can I tell you.

But I digress...

So to review the NPTB are making all cabal global corporations, governments and religions surrender their assets managed and domiciled in the once untouchable legal confines known as The City of London circa 1697.

Many prefer to call this group the soulless maniacs of the Illuminati, but I prefer to call them the Dark Nobility, though honestly… all names for them undershoot their evil and are but meaningless human terms… as these killers are so ruthless, the truth is that they are a singular functioning Zionist body that is not human; rather they are Draconian gypsies from the Sirian Constellation located between Saturn and Mars, known also as the Belt of Orion, and simple not organic to this planet.

Yup, it’s like watching Star Wars in your living but fighting actually in your living.


See when the Draconian’s sun died a few million years ago, they began traveling off their planet in search of rich seed planets with abundant resources for their survival.

This is why they have been so secretive all these millennia, and why they worship a darkened sun (swastika) which we called satanic or occult as they religion Emirates from Saturnalia.

They jokingly crafted for us warm and fuzzy beliefs about Christmas, to fool us into worshipping their God Satan (aka Santa Clause or Saturn’s Claw) for their on-going amusement and our enslavement.

Frankly, the sovereignty of our world has been under similar Draconian tricks which is why they were able to keep our captivity hidden for several millenia (1,000s and 1,000s of years).

And why there is even a need for a global “cabal’ conspiracy/organization.

It’s also why I rail so hard on Anglos, ala white people, because the race isn’t organic to the earth.

That’s a fact!

Believe, don’t believe, doesn’t really matter to me anymore. There’s only one truth. And brothers and sisters, if this is in fact that truth, everyone in the world will have to adapt eventually once it is revealed.

You were loved enough to get a head start with a couple trillion digital shekels in your electronic wallet.

Sadly, the RV is less a historic monetary event than an open admission of our Draconian enslavement ending.

Making this upcoming Brexit vote next week a cabal death ceremony (aka anti-Christ Mass) that resets the legal framework by which the benevolents have determined will legally accomplish the release of humanity and the resources of our beautiful planet.

This is why the redemption dollar figures are so crazy high. Humanity has never gotten access to them really.

Then all of a sudden we will be given access to them all. Without limitation.

This is what is meant by the term “sovereign rates.” As you are declaring your soul sovereign of your planetary oppressors.


For as our resource rich planet collectively regains it’s cosmic sovereignty status, so to will we as individual souls.

Together we will rejoin all other planets, galaxies, universes and super universes—and that’s when the real minding fun starts.

Or not.

Funny, but this is technically why Zim rate and term don’t mean a damn thing.


So yes, a Christmas miracle is really a possibility and perhaps always the NPTB’s plan for an economic jubilee during the holiday season when a positive, life sustaining vibration could raised the most across the entire planet.

Peace on earth right—makes sense to give us heavenly prosperity as a gift.

Not saying, just saying.

That not said, the alternative or back up plan to mass joy is the complete destruction of all Draconian corporations, entities, non-GESARA compliant sovereign nations, their rogue leaders as well as a full public exposure campaign of the Draco’s evil history.

All of this would logically require a few months to complete, and thus why I have offered here the springtime prediction as another potential reality.

Because it is on the table. Just as much as the possible Christmas miracle. All up the The City of London House of Lords.

Talk about face melting duality!

So until that damn Brexit vote comes in, we really won’t know our immediate fate. And even then, we won’t really know when the jubilee will be publicly be released worldwide as their WILL NOT BE A PRIVATE RV with a no deal Brexit vote.

It’ll just kinda happen through normal channels and via the banks when GESARA is announced and the rates change to reflect a gold benchmark.

Not what you signed up for when purchased currency or were gifted Zim?

Well, tough titty said the kitty when the milk went dry.

Put on your big boy / big girl pants and start dealing with the fact humanity (you) HAS been an unconscious slave species less individual consent over your entire lifetime—regardless of your age, health, good family name, strong resume or bullshit military title.

“None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who believe themselves to be free.”

Time to wake up, kids. You’re a prisoner in the matrix and the Zim is your energetic ticket out. As it HAS less to do with the acquisition of money than it does freedom.

Things are about to get cosmically very real and the shock of dangerously brutal truths will wipe out anyone unprepared mentally and emotionally to accept radical and irreversible change.


Again, do consider that old Yo is accurate here and not certifiably insane?

This would mean your entire life has been artificially crafted lie design for you to believe you were free, when something you had learned was completely false.

Which then means all truth you’ve held dear is a lie, also designed by alien masters to control all aspects of human life, plus re-incarnate your soul to continue a pattern of slave your labor in their benefit.

I know… hilarious, right? Until its painfully true… hey wasn’t easy for me to accept but here the Fudge IAM posting to all of you in over one hundred countries.

So if this holiday season you find yourself suddenly in top down philanthropy situation, wealthy beyond measure, after decades of an incredibly difficult bottom up lifestyle, we’ll at least you will know why.

And my soul will be at peace. ‘Cause you guys are heavy:)

Now what you do with this truth is on you entirely. I just felt everyone had the right to know before opting in or out of the new divine feminine era that ushered in the re-introduction of humanity to our cosmic family of soul beings.

God is with us

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Christmas Miracle"  12/4/18 Empty Re: Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Christmas Miracle" 12/4/18

Post by Kevind53 on Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:33 pm

What is hilarious is the thought that you might actually believe even half of the bull you spew. What is sad are the fools you have mislead and defrauded.

Trust but Verify --- R Reagan Suspect

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