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 "Extremely Close" - Tues. AM TNT Thoughts  12/4/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Extremely Close" - Tues. AM TNT Thoughts 12/4/18

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 "Extremely Close" - Tues. AM TNT Thoughts  12/4/18 Empty "Extremely Close" - Tues. AM TNT Thoughts 12/4/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Dec 05, 2018 9:26 am



Election was in May, they said it would take two days for us to get the results. Then two weeks...we’ll here we still are.

The do not even seem to realize - The purpose of a cabinet is not to represent each block. It is to find the best guy to run each government department - regardless of block/party/sect. A cabinet is not a representative body.

I think Mahdi will simply appoint all the positions they cannot agree on, and go on down the road. They have no right to override his final decision… Cabinet positions are not popularity contests.

Looks like Mahdi told parliament he can come back in 2 days with more names if they cannot agree. I do not know if giving them that out was a good idea…. I think he should say - My cabinet, my choices, and not present any alternatives to them. They just love to kick the can down the road…. Plenty of cabinets have run with guys appointed by the PM. Nothing new there.

If they can’t get it together, funding should be taken from them but the corrupt probably wants that

I am afraid he just guaranteed that this will not be over today

jMO the next excuse we are going to hear is..... They cannot do it this year because it will mess up the accounting for 2018, I hope I am wrong.

We have all seen incompetent politicians, but Iraq takes the cake in this regard.

IMF website for the IQD shows that they have historically made significant movments on the value of the IQD the Wednesday before or following the UN Midmonth rate adjustment...so it could be 12/12 before we see this...but that would give them a couple more days to get the cabinet in place

I believe we are extremely close. Any minute now!

Fishon hope you are right, what facts do you see as indicating we are at any minute?

JCNoble Watch Trumps global negotiating right now. Too much others to list…. How else can he wipe out out horrible debt? Trust me, I can pick all of it apart also but choose to take the high road. No one will ever tell us in advance

Seeings the USA is in control of Iraq, then there will always be "one more thing" coming out from Iraq until the USA says it is time to go. logic

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