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blackgold Explains The Kuwait RV! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

blackgold Explains The Kuwait RV!

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blackgold Explains The Kuwait RV! Empty blackgold Explains The Kuwait RV!

Post by RamblerNash Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:31 pm

blackgold  People keep saying that you can't just raise a rate, but that is exactlly what they did in Kuwai inside a few years

JoeSchmoe  i keep hearing different explanations on the whole kuwaiti thing. Who the hell knows which is right

blackgold  but that is exactlly what they did in Kuwai inside a few years

Tebow  Spectra knows

JoeSchmoe  id love to know where the guy is who got me into this. He made millions off the kuwaiti thing, hed be able to explain it

JoeSchmoe  but then again, he was already a millionaire

blackgold  The US has trillions of dinar, they may figure out a way to exchange without us but I doubt it

JoeSchmoe  blackgold That could all be guru nonsense too. There has necer been proof of that

JoeSchmoe  never

Tebow  JoeSchmoe correct

blackgold  you think they are stupid

Tebow  gurus yes

JoeSchmoe  i think it is smart to get us to believe that they hold trillions

blackgold  Read what George Sorros did to the currency of Russia with just a few billion

JoeSchmoe  are we holding russian money?

blackgold  No but the US knows hold the currency gives them power

JoeSchmoe  well i hope u r right on that speculation

blackgold  not speculation

JoeSchmoe  That us holds trillions

JoeSchmoe  of dinar

JoeSchmoe  that IS spec

JoeSchmoe  has never been proven

JoeSchmoe  outa the mouths of gurus

blackgold  how else will they pay for the war, currency RV or oil

JoeSchmoe  another guru myth

JoeSchmoe  trust me..i want it all to be true!

JoeSchmoe  and i am sitting here ti it ends one way or the other

blackgold  Well then avail yourself to the fact, you are wasting your time in this

Tebow  taxpayers paid for the war

blackgold  taxpayers don't have any money, thats a joke

JoeSchmoe  why woukd i give up my dinar when ive come this far

JoeSchmoe  im here til the end

JoeSchmoe  just looking at all sides

blackgold  If there is no RV or oil exchange the end is here

JoeSchmoe  we may be waiting a very long time to see what comes adter the gov....full gov

Tebow  blackgold I pay taxes and I have money, jokes on you

blackgold  All currency comes through our Treasury, where do you think yours came from

JoeSchmoe  not my dinar, not our treas

JoeSchmoe  i just hope no onew dinar comes from bgg lol

blackgold  some brought it back from Iraq

Tebow  blackgold wrong all currency does not comes through our Treasury

blackgold  the treasury has a list of almost everyone who bought it

Tebow  blackgold wrong again

JoeSchmoe  ill let you handle this tebow lol

JoeSchmoe  fingers tire

JoeSchmoe  d

Tebow  blackgold any proof? Of course none!

blackgold  All currency comes thru the UST

JoeSchmoe  blackgold I thought you were one of the more lefel headed dinarians....at first

JoeSchmoe  lecel headed

Tebow  blackgold Wrong again!

JoeSchmoe  leve

JoeSchmoe  level

blackgold  level

blackgold  lol

JoeSchmoe  lol

JoeSchmoe  ipad

JoeSchmoe  unkess youre joking around like that other dude last night....

blackgold  no

JoeSchmoe  then you must be a newerbe

blackgold  All currency goes through the UST

Tebow  Making crap up agwin

JoeSchmoe  blackgold How long you been in this

blackgold  since Kuwait

JoeSchmoe  whaaaaat...and younstill believe things that you cant prove?

blackgold  My friend made money I was on the road

Tebow  wrong this hasn't been going on since Kuwait!

JoeSchmoe  lol

blackgold  missed it

blackgold  You mean your dumb butt didn't know about it

Tebow  blackgold talking about dumb! LOL

JoeSchmoe  Kuwait didnt rv. As much as I despise sandyf, he explains the kuwait thing good

Tebow  Kuwait was the First gulf war, Iraq was the second! The second was when we invaded Iraq and change everything.

blackgold  JoeSchmoe what do you call it

Tebow  JoeSchmoe he's googling it, learning some history

JoeSchmoe  lol

JoeSchmoe  they explaied what happend, and i have heard it explained the same way by many others. Not an rv

blackgold  You can name it what you want, it went from .10 to $2.00 plus

blackgold  period

JoeSchmoe  I wish you wer right, but i dont think so

blackgold  it went from .10 to $2.00 plus

Tebow  blackgold again wrong as always! The worth of the Kuwait dinar when down because Iraq invaded Kuwait and stole their money. Kuwait after the war reinstated their new currency back to where it was before the war.

JoeSchmoe  yea, people made loads of money from it. I think the black market

JoeSchmoe  Tebow Thamkyou

JoeSchmoe  thankyou too lol

JoeSchmoe  that is how i remember it being explained

blackgold  Gee we invaded Iraq and stoled their value of the currency, the will just reinstate the value before the idiots in the US invades

blackgold  invaded

Tebow  People in Kuwait who had the old dinars were able to exchange their old currency with the new currency on a 1 to 1 basis. Only in country!

JoeSchmoe  Tebow Outide country black market?

JoeSchmoe  outside too

Tebow  JoeSchmoe in country and only for a brief time they exchange!

blackgold  My friend bought the knew currency and once it went international BOOM

blackgold  new

JoeSchmoe  Tebow Cuz like i said, the person who got me into this made millions off the kwd

JoeSchmoe  ut he also said he was waiting for this to hit ten cents and wphe was out with a mil. He has ten mil

blackgold  My friend didn't make millions but he had enough to get a new house car and retire

Tebow  blackgold no we didn't steal Iraqs currency! Geeeez! We set up a new Iraqi currency without Saddams face on it.

blackgold  Ooooh so you admit we setup the new currency and robbed our own people

blackgold  thought so

blackgold  keep talking

Tebow  JoeSchmoe yes some Kuwaits had dinars that were worthless and sold them to others unknowing that they would be worth something when they issue new currency

Tebow  blackgold we didn't rob anyone, your the one who pushings government steal from the people

blackgold  Well it doesn't matter what i believe, we have nothing until it revalues

JoeSchmoe  blackgold Trudat, or ri

Tebow  blackgold you are correct it doesn't matter what you believe

JoeSchmoe  hell ill take .10 and run just to get away from this mind f###

blackgold  well i'll leave you all to your misery. have a bless night

JoeSchmoe  Tebow Tebow Its when I see people just carelessly believing something in a certain way because it makes them feel good, that makes me start to question this.

Tebow  blackgold I'll leave you to your ignorance

blackgold  If they thought I was really wrong and a nut, why are they arguing with a nut or a sick man. what does that make them

blackgold  think about it


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