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IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More!

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IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More! Empty IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More!

Post by RamblerNash Tue Dec 04, 2018 10:38 pm

forest54  Trying to keep up with all the news......Lot's of drama in Iraqi land.....LOL

Dave  forest54 hate to break it to you......cabinet did not fly.....

Zig  Year-End DinarAlert Conference Call - Friday December 7th 2018 6pm PT, 7pm MT, 8pm CT, 9pm ET

Enorrste and Kaperoni will host a DinarAlert year-end conference call this Friday December 7th, 2018 to wrap up the latest developments and news as it pertains to the dinar investment. Q & A will follow as time permits. Please join us.

Number (641) 715-3670

Code 296983#

forest54  Y Dave Yea I know.

Dave  postponed till thursday from what i have read

Zig  Well peeps do say that I sit on my brains, Doug.....

Tuscaloosa1  If Donald Trumps owns currency, we had better hope he has nothing to do with the initiation of a RV. Reason being, could you imagine how the media would rip him apart for personally capitalizing on something he used his position to control? That has basically put handcuffs on him....... IF. Thanks Daily Beast for that setup.

Zig  Tuscaloosa1 : Long time....don't be such a stranger.....we need fresh blood in here!!!!!!

Doug_W  WHO cares if he was smart enough to invest

Doug_W  only the LEFT

Tuscaloosa1  Doug W, but you know how the media likes to twist things.......especially when it comes to him.

Tuscaloosa1  Thanks Zig 

Zig  New members get a free outhouse compliments of Mod Doug!!!!

Tuscaloosa1  LOL

Tuscaloosa1  Outhouse........now that can be a chilling welcome. Smile


Zig   Tebow, Don't miss Kaperoni's call on Friday!!.....Details above at 1:32PM

Doug_W  Zig   :laugh ur such an instigator

Zig  Moi?

Doug_W  wee

tman23  Kaparoni said and is going to give a year end report........... LMFAO !!! FIGGING PRICELESS !!

Tuscaloosa1  Outhouse and Kap call gives "Float" a new perspective. ;read;

Doug_W  Hiya BOSS @mod

mod  Kap friday call info www.iqdcalls.com/kaperoni.html

mod  Doug_W hi

Doug_W  I am living up to my bargain with you

Dave  Tuscaloosa1 new pespective,,,,,,has not changed at all in yrs

Tuscaloosa1  Dave But the new outhouse has

Dave  lol

Zig  TMAN23!!....I was about to send a search party out.....

Zig  Don't poke fun at my buddy Kap!!.... :Really?

Dave  tman23 thought you dropped off the edge of the earth

tman23  The GRAND SHABIBI said the time to lift the 3 zeros is at the start of the new year NOT y IN THE MIDDLE OF A QUARTER BUT THE VERY START WHEN BANKS NEW FISCAL YEARBOOKS BEGIN .......... So if we don't see it January 3rd or there abouts....... look for 2020...... This is complicated to understand but ALWAYS TRUMPED BY HOPIUM AND GURU BS

Zig  tman23   : Are you familiar with "Sam I Am?"......he now posts here.....

Tuscaloosa1  @ Tman23 - Yes I love the way tnt gets those "in -call " text now to add a little drama to the hopium.

Spectra  Stryker - Will They Delete the Zeros?, 4 DEC

The time has finally come for the CBI and GOI to deleting the zeros but will they do it? (economic and political stability = 2019 Budget)

tman23  January 3rd the 117th Congress will convene......... OMG.....117 .....there is the rate from the SIG report.... $1.17............. Mountain goat will explain it more from the basement of the Bavarian Mountains where all world intel flows through first.............

Zig  tman23   : You are missed.....don't stay away so long!!

Zig  We need more "Characters".....

tman23  Zig ...... Been very busy......dodging those free acid baths the Saudis offer

Tuscaloosa1  What is the take with WS at KTFA? One would think with him owning banks there that he would be in the know and would not waste his time updating if he did not think/feel there was going to be a RI.

Zig  Why would someone who owns banks be associated with Frankie Frankie??.....LOL.....does that make any sense?

Tuscaloosa1  Zig You've got a point there too

Doug_W  Zig we need Tbows red flashing light now

Tuscaloosa1  Frankie is pretty smart, you have got to give him that. He sits there on his calls and clowns while Delta does the work. ;frying-pan-smash

Tuscaloosa1  And the call is all the better if Frank remains silent.... Oh I think I am supposed to put "IMO" here......but wait this is not KTFA. :Thumbs-up


Doug_W  tman23 funny

Tuscaloosa1  tman23 Frank On the rocks or skids

Doug_W  want a laugh

Doug_W  U guys sit here making fun of him he sits there raking in teh $$ Laughing at you

Zig  Doug_W : Yup

Tuscaloosa1  Haven't read, as of yet, Franks weekly pump of his call. His bark is always worse than his bite.

Zig  Probably, in private, he wonders how so many suckers buy his sh**......lol

Doug_W  U know he does

Tuscaloosa1  Doug_W You are correct at that. That's why I wonder if Delta and WS are on that payroll. If so, that explains everything.

Doug_W  who knows 1?

Tuscaloosa1  Zig I am sure he and his wife lie in bed at night and laugh about it for real.

Zig  Of course!!

Tuscaloosa1  Here he is a year and a half later after he was begging someone to GIVE HIM MOSUL. ;$$$

Zig  I can't believe that I used to listen to ALL those people.....lol

Doug_W  Tuscaloosa1   remind me was his wife's name george or fred I can't remember

Zig  Tink

Zig  He does have flashy suits....he is a showman....good actor.....

Doug_W  him or his wife Zig ?

Zig  Him

tman23  EASY......KNOWN FACT FRANKIE LOVES GOING TO HAWAII............ HE MOST LiKELY FLIES DELTA AND A BIG SELLING ITEM IN HAWAIIAN GIFT SHOPS ARE WALKINGSTICKS......... ARE YOU STARTING TO GET THE PICTURE ??? Then there is the A_TEAM..... which is probably one of his favorite old shows.....not a complicated guy LMAO

Tuscaloosa1  Zig Frankie = Drama King

tman23  Frankie equals FRAUD

Zig  You can say that about most of them out there.....just a business for them.....taking advantage of naive people.....I was once one of them......

Zig  Don't write "was?" Doug....lol

Tuscaloosa1  Zig Now who did you take advantage of? :laugh

Doug_W  then now I MUST write it Zig   WAS?

Zig  Smart ass

Tuscaloosa1  LOL

Doug_W  and a red neck too

Zig  Not meant for you.....Tuscapaloosa.....whatever

Doug_W  Zig it is:Tuscaloosa1 

Tuscaloosa1  Zig I knew but it was still funny.

Zig  Conversations about people like Frankie Frankie hopefully will benefit some lurkers but sometimes people have to learn on their own.....because those people are like gods to them......

Doug_W  those ppl are SHEEPLE then Zig 

Zig  Kaperoni, to me, is a little different....but people will disagree with that....like tman and Tebow.....lol....he is the only one out there who comes here occasionally so I give him credit for that.....and he does not call the RV every week nor put out crazy stuff IMO.....but I really don't put anyone on a pedestal as some think.....who knows how this will play out for us.....I don't think anyone knows.....just a lot of conjecture..................

xyz  Zig I listen to you

xyz  :bub

Zig  :TY:

Zig  Big mistake though.....lol

Tuscaloosa1  I have watched Frankie about 4 times over the years (he puts me to sleep for the most part) and I watched last Monday a week ago. My observations: He reminds me a lot of another narcissist (IMO) named "O". He started out pulling his ponytail around on his shoulder so it could be seen. Later his gets out of his chair and gets in a position where you can basically just see his hands......and cuff links. Then he positions himself and puts his foot in the chair so you can see the pants he was wearing. (they looked like baggy baseball pants but he must have thought he was styling.) He does this to get reactions from his "live chatters" as he cannot say five words without cutting his eyes over to that screen to see what people are saying about him. (also why his calls run so long......can't concentrate without peering at that screen. He knows tink watches it like a hawk to delete ANYTHING remotely negative to distract the flock. And finally to link in "o". Frank can't say two words without looking as his notes when he is into his update mode. Other than that, he should be working in Hollywood....great actor.

Zig  This investment sure has attracted some strange characters....opportunists.....

Doug_W  sure has Ziggy

Zig  Con artists are not stupid people....

Doug_W  by far NOT

Zig  Just use their intelligence to scam people....

Tuscaloosa1  And smiling all the way to the bank......

Zig  Not saying the Dinar itself is a scam.....as some do say.....

Zig  Just that it has attracted some bad people......

Doug_W  @wdave1 say something

Zig  Tebow, Don't miss Kaperoni's call on Friday!!.....Details above at 1:32PM

blackgold  Tuscaloosa1   You got one think wrong about frank in that video. ( You can see his hands and cuffs)

Zig   Relatively new here?  Please read the rules above the chat box which is located at both http://www.truthcall.com/chat/ and http://www.iqdcalls.com at the bottom of the Home page (and on several other pages)... Everyone is welcome to participate here no matter what their perspectives are about anything...Any topic is fine...All we ask is that you be respectful...It is simple to register and post: Just follow the yellow highlighted lines above/below the box...Post in the message box below then hit enter or click on the arrow at lower right...To address anyone specifically, click on their name and it will appear in your message box...Not sure how to add an avatar?...Ask in chat...100 Smileys available: Click on smiley face at lower left of box...Click on one and it will appear in your post...Click on the icon at top right of message box with a number to its left to see who is logged in...Log out by clicking on the icon at top left of message box....The owner posts as "mod"...you may contact mod with any issues at info@truthcall.com Hope to welcome you as a new poster today! ... :c-punch

Zig  We need new blood!.....Please join us and post today!.....All opinions welcome here!!...... :yes:

Zig  You are welcome to defend Frank.....just type and duck.....lol..... ;scared

Tuscaloosa1  blackgold Sorry for the error, good catch. :hi-5

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IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More! Empty Re: IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More!

Post by RamblerNash Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:02 pm

IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More! Scree192

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IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More! Empty Re: IQDCalls Chat - tman23: "Frankie equals FRAUD" Plus More!

Post by Scotchie Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:32 pm

Donald Trump owning dinars?  LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I never laughed so hard.

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