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DinarDaily Has The Links - IQDCalls Going Around In Circles 11/29/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

DinarDaily Has The Links - IQDCalls Going Around In Circles 11/29/18

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DinarDaily Has The Links - IQDCalls Going Around In Circles 11/29/18 Empty DinarDaily Has The Links - IQDCalls Going Around In Circles 11/29/18

Post by RamblerNash Thu Nov 29, 2018 11:59 pm

If only IQDCalls would allow links, they would have all the articles, instead of going around in circles. LOL


Baxter   http://burathanews.com/arabic/he try this chattels
chattels   Baxter " The request does not exist "
chattels   Baxter I have checked the burathanews site for the article without success.
Baxter   its in the article...... thats all I have...

Comments Posts    http://burathanews.com/arabic/he future of the Iraqi currency !!
The future of the Iraqi currency !!   2018-11-28     Diaa Mohsen
Baxter   this is the way the article starts
chattels   Baxter I have read what appears to be the content of the article, but I am suspicious when I cannot find the actual article with a link.
Baxter   well.... I got it off another site..... and thats the link that was in it
chattels   Baxter Not being critical at all.
Baxter   Oh.. I know      no problem
chattels   Baxter I just want to confirm before I spend alot of time analyzing content.
Baxter   I understand.....   there never was a regular link that I saw
chattels   Baxter It is interesting on it's face if " real ".
Baxter   yes... I thought so too... thats why I wanted you to look at it
Baxter   it was on Dinar Perspectives too... maybe their link is different.. I got it off the PTR site
Chattels   Baxter The article just does not show up at the site when I clicked on it or went directly to the news site itself.
Baxter   Ok
Foxmulder   chattels Baxter good morning ! I've been looking for that article on there
foxmulder     clicked on the REPORTS page , it is there
Baxter   thx Fox...
Foxmulder    It's an op ed piece ! by a gent Diaa Moshen whomever he is
chattels   foxmulder I cannot find the article using the link cited is my problem.
foxmulderThe future of the Iraqi currency !!
Diaa Mohsen 486 2018-11-28        http://burathanews.com/arabic/he
chattels   foxmulder I have all of that. but no link that brings up the article.
chattels   " The request does not exist ' is what I get at the news site and cannot find the article on their economic page.
foxmulder   chattels the banner page of the front page , click on the tab for reports ! on top of page there are various tabs with various subjects.
foxmulder   ok sorry , comes up for me
chattels   foxmulder I am finding it under reports. Thanks.
Zig   Baxter posted the article being referred to above at "28 Nov 18, 02:53 PM" Scroll way up.......


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