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Central Iraq Target Force

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Central Iraq Target Force Empty Central Iraq Target Force

Post by claud39 Wed Nov 28, 2018 6:34 pm


Central Iraq Target Force


Central Iraq Target Force Wdew22

The civil war in Lebanon lasted for a decade and a half. It broke out in 1975 and ended with the Taif Accord of 1989, which dedicated a new country to a different existence, but it is protected by international guarantees and followed by the development of many clear strategies and policies to strengthen the economy, which is dependent on the protection of political and military security. To develop an effective strategy to raise the price of the Lebanese pound through economic measures, and action plans by legislators, economists and academics, and drawing on the experiences and experiences of major countries and banks, it is possible in a short time to restore the impact of the Lebanese economy and its vitality The confidence of the major banks and governments around the world has reached him and the major investment companies have turned to him. Politicians and governments have expressed this confidence through financial deposit and structured investment in various sectors in Lebanon, which we have seen become a strong and influential country in the Arab and regional environment.

After Iraq was exposed to many problems at the level of organized violence and terrorism and faced the challenges of policy and its successive governments to address the imbalances in performance and finding effective solutions, the Central Bank of Iraq steps taken positive and effective until it is possible once again rely on Iraq in the field of investment and the efforts of the Central Bank And its successive administrations, Iraq has reached a stage in which international confidence has been confirmed and the connection has become strong with the international banks, which have once again expressed their desire to deal with Iraq. The size and importance of this can be seen through the actions of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, Yeh to lift the sanctions on the Iraqi economy and facilitate the Iraqi currency and to support diversity in the sources of economic measures to deal.

The Central Bank needs the support of the parliament, the government, the local economic forces and the media, and does not allow it to be diverted to a goal that aims at drawing arrows for various reasons, but to look at things professionally and professionally because it is not a partisan or political institution that bears the slander and squandering. It is the foundation of the state and its financial institutions. Iraq and its people and it is worth to address matters according to the economic and political vision Vtqit central bank policies adversely affect the local economy and push foreign investors to hesitate to enter the Iraqi market and thus weak national currency, which needs to be called They face constant international currencies supported by strong economies by protected and gain support from governments, economies and institutions of global banking major.

It is important to act professionally in the issues of money and economy and if it is through what is dealt with in clear legal ways and not through social networking sites and if there must be parliamentary hearings or questioning it is important to be closed and limited to the Speaker of Parliament and the heads and members of the committees concerned to maintain prestige and strength The national economy is not allowed to break down the wings of officials who have proved their successes during the last period because this would weaken the performance of the institution from the inside and the national economy is dangerous and drives investors to flee and not risk to enter the local market.
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