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 "A Little Cult Info" by Still Hanging On - 11/27/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"A Little Cult Info" by Still Hanging On - 11/27/18

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 "A Little Cult Info" by Still Hanging On - 11/27/18 Empty "A Little Cult Info" by Still Hanging On - 11/27/18

Post by Ssmith Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:07 am

This post is also applicable to Dinarians.  Think about it!

Sometimes it can seem everyone and everything is connected to the Dinar story. Along the way of the RV/GCR tales, the NESARA myth became attached to the overall storyline.

A few years ago there was a book that talked about how everyone on earth was connected to everyone else by just a few degrees of separation. It is the same concept that multi-level marketing is based on. If you name 100 people you know, and each one of them names a 100 people, and that process is carried out about five, six or seven times, you will eventually have a list of all the people on earth.

I was once with a small group of people visiting New York City, which was several states away from our home state. We were sitting at a table in a night club. There was another small group also sitting at the same table. Eventually a conversation was established. Turns out we were all from two towns about 60 miles apart, all single and all college students. Some of us had mutual friends from the two small groups, and one female in our group had dated a brother or cousin, or someone from the other group. The club was called Your Father's Mustache.

Years later I was in Chicago. I stopped for gas. I asked the man in front of me while waiting to pay if I was near such and such exit. He said yes. He then asked me where I was from. I told him a little town about a thousand miles away, Red Berry. He then said, "I got a place at Rabbit Hill!" Rabbit Hill is about six miles from where I was living at the time in Red Berry. Those, of course, are fake names.

Then, 20 years ago I was in a rib place in Louisville, five states from my home. While waiting for my ribs I started talking to a man. Turns out he lived in (BTW...I love ribs, love, love ribs) the same state I did, about 200 miles from me. I just happened to know a man who lived in the same town as the man, who like me, was waiting for his ribs. The guy I knew from this town was involved in this really "far out" money thing. I asked the gentleman in the rib place if he knew so and so. He said he did. We looked at each other for a few seconds. I then said a certain word, kind of a code word. He nodded yes. You see, as it turned out, all three of us were involved in that "far out" money deal!

All things have a history. And sometimes two or more different things converge from a shared history, and sometimes in a complicated, convoluted manner. That seems to be the case with all this RV/GCR stuff.

For personal reasons, I have a cursory interest in the general topic of cults. Some of my interest goes beyond cursory. There are people who will totally disagree with my take on certain cult behavior that I think can be applied to NESARA. Chief among them is the absolute inability of some to even consider that NESARA may just be a sham. Rational people who become irrational. Additionally, the concept of NESARA touches a need, a longing, a type of separation from bad things, a crying out for some kind of universal justice. I maintain it is a concept, an ideal dream, but not a legally enforceable law. If you disagree with me that is OK. But don't, out of ignorance, call me a paid shill. Respect me for my 25 years of being really close to certain activities and my rather intense studies regarding some of those activities (ever heard of a snake handling mountain church?). Seems to me that a lot of strong NESARA followers have a cult-like type background to one degree or another, or at least some tendencies in that direction. Cults can consist of highly educated people:

https://www.nytimes.com/2018/05/30/magazine/sex-cult-empowerment-nxivm-keith-raniere.html to those with a minimal amount of education: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5O1RVWB8MQ

and can be found throughout a wide spectrum of human group behavior. There is a difference between a group having a strong united mindset to accomplish a goal that is based on rational thought, and a group who abandons rationality and acts in a reckless manner.

I respectfully ask someone who considers himself or herself to be a firm believer and knowledgeable in the "Law of NESARA" to explain the history of NESARA before the advent of the proclamations of the Dove of Oneness about NESARA around about 1995. How did Dove learn about NESARA? From whom? What are the relationships connecting Clyde Hood, Omega, JZ Knight, Ramtha's School of Enlightenment, St. Germain, New Age teachings and NESARA? Where in the Paris Climate Agreement is the NESARA Law? How did numerous countries enact the GESARA Law? By what process? When? Please be specific in defining a NESARA Law and not just concepts contained within the general topic of NESARA. For example, there is a huge difference in two sports commentators agreeing that there needs to be some changes to college recruiting, and for them to actually report that these recommended changes are now required by the NCAA. Someone please explain all this NESARA stuff. Give sources other than the many repeats of Dove's story line. Maybe Al Hodges, who has said NESARA is real, can explain it all. World peace is a wonderful idea. But is there an actual World Peace Law that all countries adhere to? It is my position that if the Dove of Oneness and all her activities regarding NESARA are erased, then nothing is left? No trucks in Washington, DC with NESARA signs on the sides, no late night talk radio shows about NESARA, no e-mails to the Supreme Court about NESARA, no people standing in front of the World Court holding NESARA signs. Dove did all that. Without Dove, NESARA is nothing. But Dove was untruthful, a hurt individual. Sad story.

I am familiar with the things NESARA is supposed to do, and the alleged claims about Navy Seals and Delta Force, and the FORCED signing of a document by a US President, and a Supreme Court gag order preventing people from talking about NESARA under penalty of death. Most of it all is lunacy and totally illegal. ( Vote yes or we shoot. Really. Really? REALLY? Does the Constitution say it is OK to aim guns at people and tell them to vote? REALLY? Where?) It is frequently claimed that a gag order exists that says if people talk about NESARA they could be subject to treason and get a death penalty. How foolish, how silly, and how untrue. People have been talking about NESARA openly ever since Dove started her campaign. It is talked about here all the time. Anybody at this Website, ever been charged with treason for talking about NESARA??????????

Below is a link giving update information about a group of people who were influential in Dove's life at the time she invented NESARA .This group/school and its founder/leader have an interesting history. As for Dove, she actually stole her NESARA information from Dr.Harvey Barnard's writings, and DID NOT GET IT FROM AN ASCENDED MASTER. Dove attended this "school" (see below) Yes, many times things converge in really odd ways. And sometimes in very destructive and disturbing ways. I am sure that some people would still say that JZ Knight is full of love and light, and that Dove told the real, true story about NESARA. We hear a lot about about fake news.The simple truth is that the NESARA story according to Dove is fake. If someone can show otherwise, please do so. I am sure my words shock and anger some. But I ask that you question those who say NESARA is a real law, to provide some real evidence. Ask them to provide one person with some actual credentials who will say NESARA is a real law and can explain what that means. I suggest Al Hodges. Someone get in touch with Hodges. I would like to hear from Hodges concerning NESARA.

The second link below is about a long running cult group in North Carolina. Interesting, but sad and dangerous stuff. Notice the common descriptions (cult behavior) given for both Dove's old "school" and this "church" in North Carolina. I am aware of individuals from a very fundamentalist Christian background who also have bought into the Dove/NESARA/New Age/Ascended Master storyline. That is a really odd marriage. It seems to me, more than religious or spiritual concerns or "light and love", it is all mostly about those elusive, as ZAP wood put it, "first funds arriving next week" that never arrive. Show me the money. People will do and believe almost anything if the amount of "expected returns" are high enough, like becoming a trillionaire.

The origin of snake handling churches (mentioned above) in southern Appalachia is not entirely clear. One often hears that they began when a man heard at a church service a woman talking about handling snakes based a tiny few words from the Bible-- the end of Mark to be exact. The man, who could not read, started going around to churches, when he was not making moonshine, and preaching about handling snakes. The practice caught on and became a tradition throughout the southern Appalachian mountains This started early in the 20th century. What about that--someone steals another person's story and preaches it far and wide and develops a group of believers and followers!! Have you ever heard of such a thing? (hint, hint: Dove) Shocking isn't it?

J. Z. Knight

Former congregants of Word of Faith church reveal years of abuse done to 'purify' sinners in the name of God - NY Daily News

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