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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   11/16/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 11/16/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   11/16/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 11/16/18

Post by Ssmith on Sat Nov 17, 2018 6:55 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Ray: . . .No updates since Wednesday’s call . . .

Tony:   Goooooooooood Morning, TNT!   It’s Friday.  It’s going to be a weird one, I can tell you.  On the bright side, the sun is shining and the sky is clear.

Where do we start with this weirdness.  A lot of information coming out about our government, Iraq, negotiations  . . . so everybody knows we do this call at 1:00 on Friday.  You guys calling me right now are interrupting the call.

Trying to figure out why they won’t release it and US vetoes it every time.  . . . yesterday Kurdistan opened a pipeline that hadn’t been open for a year because of what was going on . . . as far as Article 140, etc.

Article today saying the US is pressuring Iraq to give their citizens more wealth.

Article at: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65091356/detecting-a-letter-addressed-to-abdul-mahdi-by-the-white-hou/

If our government has stopped everything and now telling Baghdad, which they are, they need to get an agreement with Kurdistan.  Some kind of agreement.  HCL is already there.  Kurdistan with it’s oil wells, gets 12% and they still want . . . the 17%.

Last call talked about Iran and US trying to get influence with Baghdad.   Some think US lost that fight since Abadi not in and had to settle for Mahdi, which everybody did.  The US we know now is playing both sides.   They want the power in Baghdad because they already have the power in Kurdistan.  Kurdistan been with US the last eight years.  The biggest embassy in the world is being built in Kurdistan.  It’s a military base.  They agreed to it already.  We (the USA) put it there because if a split with Iraq the US will have boots on the ground.  Deal was you take care of me I will take care of you.

Until Baghdad gives Kurdistan what it wants the US is holding back the RV.   Heard yesterday there is an agreement in place that Kurdistan wanted. It’s to be revealed at the same time as the eight ministers. Started opening the pipeline yesterday letting oil through.  Before anything else happens that had to be done.  Been a big hold up.

Come out tomorrow or Sunday for everyone to see.  Everyone seen the open letter from Washington, DC urging Iraq to give their people more money. . . They are pressuring them to do that right now.  We know they cannot do that until things change.  We are looking for a lot of things to change.

Heard new bills hitting the streets today.   Article came out today that says, “The Central Bank Reveals the Amount of cash and gold.”  “removes damage currency and replace with a new one.”  Bill for bill or with a new category?  Depends on how you read it.  Also says, “no intention at the present time to issue new categories and existing categories that covers the needs of Iraq”along with the news people are saying “new notes” on the street.  We are waiting to see for ourselves.  They put out one thing and do another which is not unusual.

The US had a purpose for holding everything up.  Forcing Baghdad to deal with Kurdistan. . .

Things are starting to come together.  Baghdad and Kurdistan coming together, Article of no new categories,  missing dinar when Maliki was in charge and why are they trying to make it look like Alak did it.  On TV saying Alak was in it with Maliki and for him to not be governor.

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  Anything could happen.  Mass confusion today. . . Kurdistan pipeline opened; new money on the streets, conflicting articles, etc.  Banks on alert with rates on hold.  Anything could happen!

  1. Still feel this will go by the end of the month?  Tony:  Yes, it did look good.  There is a lot of craziness going on today, which could very well mean this things are about to happen.   The plan was for it to be done by the end of the month.

We have US citizens in Iraq, who are government positions and places to know what’s going on and they told us earlier there is transition but it looks like this is going to first quarter, 2019 but it looks like this is in transition right now.  Then a bunch of things happened today . . . and it could very well be happening.  When we get confirmation new currency is out today then we will know definitely know it’s about to happen.  That’s all I can tell you.  It’s all I know.

Tony:  Right now we are squeezing Iran.  They are still trying to figure out what to use without using USD.  US said this morning we know what your doing.

See:  https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65088545/us-envoy-warns-european-banks-and-companies-from-trading-wit/


CBI:  Rumor is there is new money on the streets of Iraq.  Tony has no confirmation from his sources yet.  Dr. Shabibi has always been at the CBI.  Tony:  He does not have to be the CBI governor to be involved in it.

Parliament:  New ministers still not presented to Parliament for a vote.  Next vote is scheduled for Monday.

Media:  Articles out saying the CBI will not issue any new money or categories and reports on the street of new money.  Article out saying there is a new CBI governor and another article out saying that article is a lie.  Tony:  Mass confusion.   Anything could happen today.

Kurdistan opened a pipeline sending oil into Iraq that has been closed for the last year.  Kurd’s still arguing for 17% of the oil agreement rather than the 12% Iraq wants to give them.   The US is vetoing the RV until Iraq agrees to give Kurdistan 17%.

Celebrations for currency reform completion:  Tony:  Not going to be one as they said they’d done that many times and the US had vetoed the RV.

Process:  Tony:  Our government handed out four or five things at a time for Iraq to comply with.  We were sitting here waiting.  Putting out it was going to happen because they were trying to get things accomplished.   As of this morning our government is openly saying, “Give the people the money.”


GCR (global currency reset) is a repatriation of money.  163 +/- countries involved.  Tony:  Some of the countries have already been getting funds in anticipation of the GCR and some countries will be removed.

Vietnam:  Tony:  Dong to me is the best value.  If it doesn’t go I can still take it back to the bank and get my money back.  If you don’t have a thousand dollars to get Dinar then get what you can.

Currencies  Dinar, $4.13, contract rate $28.50; Dong, .47,  contract rate, $2.23;  Rial, $3.85;   Rupiah, $1.08;  Afghani, $3.37 are all on the screens today showing “Hold.”  Tony:  They were not there yesterday but are today.  Looking for answers this morning. . . They are all scheduled to go in the first basket.

UNITED STATES:    US is vetoing the RV to pressure Iraq to give the Kurd’s 17% of the oil revenue.

Banks: Tony:   Banks are on alert with rates on hold.   Anything could happen! Cash moved to the banks two weeks ago is still there.   Banks are saying they will take the ZIM.

Taxes:   No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s:  No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

EXCHANGING:   One of five major banks will require you prove you are a US citizen.  Make sure you have your documents with you.   Rate:   Banks will all not all offer the same rate.  Differ by pennies.  They all have 800 numbers you can get the rate from before you go into the bank.  Ray:  You can also think about combining currency purchases.

ZIM Information:  When the new Zimbabwe government came into power they said they could not meet the previous agreement regarding the redemption of the ZIM.  Tony:  The US has discovered that Zimbabwe has been embellishing instead of just plain out lying, about the amount of gold reserves they have and unable to prove what they have said.  It’s being investigated and looked at right now.  They feel (Tony’s committee if this does not go by the end of the year, Zimbabwe will not be included.  If they don’t come up with a plan and rectify this gold situation they WILL NOT BE included.  That being said, the banks said they will take the ZIM.  They are preparing to take the ZIM.  As of last week a regional bank VP said, “we are taking it.  We are not leaving anything on the table.”  So we don’t really know.  Our committee member said this morning  the ZIM is a 50-50 shot if they come up with a plan as the gold is missing.   He said, “this is a lottery draw at best.  We don’t know.”

I told you guys this years ago.  Where did Vietnam and Zimbabwe come up with these gold mines, nobody knew about?  The entire financial system is a Ponzi scheme but nobody knows it because it works!  It’s all digital money so where does it come from. . . The negotiations (between US and Zimbabwe) are still ongoing.

Ray:  That does not mean to discard or get rid of any currency you are holding.

Q & A: Callers

  1. –  Will an expired Visa be a problem for someone to exchange? Ray:  I would think it would be a problem if she got a parking ticket!


Tony . . . Okay guys, we will send out new information if we need to.  Don’t hold your breaths.  It is Iraq.  Crazy things do happen.  We’ll keep you updated.  See you on Monday if we have to if not before.

Ray . . .Again, don’t discard any of your currency based on what we shared with you.  This is just information we’ve shared with you.  Keep believing (played “I Believe.”)

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