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 "Triangulating Dinarlandia" by PNW - 11/12/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Triangulating Dinarlandia" by PNW - 11/12/18

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 "Triangulating Dinarlandia" by PNW - 11/12/18 Empty "Triangulating Dinarlandia" by PNW - 11/12/18

Post by Ssmith Tue Nov 13, 2018 9:31 am

I think many Dinarians would benefit from the help of a trained therapist.  Case in point:

Greetings and salutations everyone. I'm writing you as the date went from November 11 to November 12. I share in your pain as we enter mid November 2018 with no RV, NESARA, or any sort of revalue that affects us tier 4b folks. Every week this does not happen is literally painful to experience. I know many of you share in that. I am so sorry. Truly.

It wasn't too long ago we all read the back wall was October 31, and really the question was, would we RV just before or right on Halloween? I remember when the back wall was Trump being elected. Hmmm.

Now we sit entering the middle of November with governmental changes in Iraq and Zimbabwe, but nothing has initiated redemption. I'm starting to read December and January dates now, and these are coming right on time as they did last year, and the year before. I remember reading last year and in 2016 it had started in China, and was on the way here. I also have read, I think 3 times now, that it has officially started from multiple sources, and we are just waiting for it to get here. We all share in these memories, don't we.

I read today somewhere on the internet that part of the plan for the Deep State was to evoke complacency from people who would otherwise act. Now this caught my eye. There's a side of me that wonders about that here in Dinarland. Have we fallen prey to a scheme to evoke complacency? I'm not saying we have, I'm posing the question.

It seems the vast majority here are financially destitute. I read often of the pain people are in. I believe those letters are real and I believe the pain rendered in them is real. To these folks I offer my love. I am so sorry. I have been financially insecure my entire adult life, so I understand many aspects of unbearable financial pressure with no options to turn.

I also know there are folks on this ride that are not financially destitute. They are not rich, but they have a job and life hasn't kicked them into the place that it's kicked a lot of folks -- I think that's great. I wish life had been that way for me, actually. So I don't write that in a way of shaming, I write that simply to acknowledge there are some here who have taken this on as an investment and while gainfully employed and living a somewhat normal financial life, are riding the wave hoping for a payoff. I ask those people this question, and really, it is a question...would you be acting any different in your effort to help be a part of changing the world if you were not tied into this?

I know for me personally, I have made some poor choices in the last few years because I've thought this RV thing would happen. No blame. That's my fault. But I know that had I never heard about the RV, my life would be different than it is now. Not saying it would be better, I'm saying the hope for an RV has altered my life path. I'm just stating that as a fact.

But here's the mind twister, had I not ever heard of this, I may have committed suicide since the RV offered me hope at times when there was no other hope in my life and without the hope of it i would likely have ended myself. I'm a 40 year recovered Christian (thank God), so I'm fully aware there is no hope believing in Jesus the God-man. Don't get me started with mind usurping religions.

The last 6 years of my life have been horrific financially and in my family life, and in my friendship life. The RV has given me tangible reason to keep going when I've been kicked in the dirt so hard by people I trusted. So regardless if the RV is real or not, it created this odd conundrum that had the hope of an RV not been shared to me, I likely would not be alive. I don't know for certain, but not likely.

My life is my choices so I understand there's no one to look at for my position in life but me. It's just all these endless delays and endless hope for an RV has left me very confused because I like to trust people in general. But this ordeal is causing me to relook at that aspect about myself. I'm grateful for the hope, but is it wise to continue to drench myself in the words of people saying things that simply never come to pass? I don't think it is. It's certainly not something I'd encourage my own kids to do if they told me about it and I'd never heard of it. I don't think a responsible parent could give an argument to support such actions --or lack thereof-- from a child.

As we enter now into the holiday season (this will be my 3rd waiting for an "RV thanksgiving") without any RV, I find myself really questioning the whole thing. Is it wise to keep hoping in this? Is it healthy? I'm not angry at anyone I'm not becoming a nay sayer or anything like that. I'm simply looking at my life and posing the questions I've just not been willing to ask, because I was so sure the RV would hit within a week or so I wouldn't allow myself to entertain them. I'm in years of that behavior now, and psychologically it can't be healthy. They say doing the same thing over and over again while expecting a different result is insanity. Am I acting responsibly if I am doing exactly that here in Dinarland?

Offering myself and others some sympathy here, I've really believed these accepted intel providers. I mean I listened to Bruce, and Tank, Kim, One Who Knows, Bluray, Anna, AdminBill, Frank, and countless others, and I say to myself would I do that in any other area of my life outside of Dinarland? Have I surrounded myself with people I take advice from who say things that never or rarely happen?

It can't be reasonable to continue to walk into each week thinking this will happen, can it? Doesn't the mind need a break from repetitive thinkings and actions? That seems only wise. But all I'm seeing in Dinarland is repetitious thinking, arguing, predicting, hoping, but no results.

No offense to any intel provider at all--they are free to say whatever they want and I welcome free speech. But it's my responsibility as a grown adult to consider the words of the people I listen to and affect my life choices, because it's my life choices that form my actual reality. It's only being fair to myself and the life I share with others close to me to question who I'm taking life cues from, yanno?

Ive written enough and don't want this to turn into a rant and honestly I'm not angry or pointing any fingers at all because really the hope for an RV likely saved my life. That is my actual experience. But maybe that was its role for me, and its hopium will serve similarly for others. I'm truly just trying to be objective here, step back a couple paces from my normal positioning, and look at what has really actually happened, and is actually happening.

As an adult who has raised children into adulthood, I ultimately must take responsibility for my choices, and most certainly who I give access my mind which influence those choices. All I suggest here is for everyone to take a few moments to objectively consider what you have been told each week for years now, and ask yourself...is there a situation in life which would justify such consistent inaccuracy as acceptable like experienced in Dinarlandia?

These questions will triangulate, and identify self conflict inappropriate behavior to rectify through self awareness.

All the best to everyone here and I'm sorry if I have come across as upset or offensive. Really, I feel no anger towards anyone. If I feel anything right now it would be tremendous sadness because I never, ever thought I'd see Thanksgiving 2018, with no RV. Absolutely tragic.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas everyone.


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