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 Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18

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 Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18 Empty Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18

Post by Ssmith on Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:57 am

Trust The Process

Things were so much simpler back then. Way back when all we had to deal with was Iraq and the RV of the IQD. The best part was the RV was only two weeks away. And as far as we knew, the GCR had yet to be invented. Oh, if we'd only known at the time just how good we had it.

Sure, ten years ago Dinarland already had its own lingo. Constantly being bombarded with phrases such as "In the coming days", "Sooner than later", "So and so is in lockdown" and the well worn "We're in the window". Endless rumors, never any results.

So much so that those rumors all but became water off a camels back. Just a series of mirages, never amounting to any visual proof of forward progress. But we knew we were close. If only because numerous sources told us so.

 Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18 A-trust-pic_orig

Even the biggest "players" of the day, names such as Maliki, Shabibi, Talibani, Barzani, Sadr, and the list goes on, could never seem to make any real progress, one way or the other. They'd all stake their claim to fame, continually shouting from the rooftops, stirring up their own individual dust-devils. Yet, none of their "talk" amounted to any sort of progress. At least nothing visible anyway.

Nope, week in and month out, article after regurgitated article, not a one of them was able to walk their talk. One "glitch" after another and nothing was being accomplished. For some reason, when the button was ready to be pushed, Parliament always seemed to be on vacation. And to be honest, looking back, although doubt existed, for some strange reason we still thought we were close.

Sure, we'd heard all the hopium telegraphed back by all the super secret sources over in the Sandbox. Confirmation of all the things that were supposedly happening in the Green Zone.

True, few of us had a clue what the Green Zone actually was, let alone WHERE it was, but it sure sounded like a cool place to be. At least as far as Iraq was concerned. After all, they had an Embassy that held 5,000 people and that's also where all the Contractors were getting paid all the ultra-high RV'd rates. So who wouldn't want to be there.

Fast forward a decade and here we are, still broke, barely hanging on with our last cuticle in this "too good to be true" dreamarathon. At least those of us that are either crazy enough or fortunate enough to still be hangin' in there.

Unfortunately, we've lost quite a few of our own "soldiers" along the way. Many that were dedicated to the dream, taken in by the amazing possibilities, wined and dined by the "what if's", are no longer in the running to see the finish line. Truly a shame.

Anyone that says this trip hasn't been difficult, hasn't been a workout, hasn't both physically as well as emotionally taken a toll of some sort, hasn't truly participated to the deepest of levels. Hasn't truly invested in this endeavor.

Which is okay. If you're one of the rare, fortunate few that don't really need this to happen. Then more power to you. This ride has likely been much easier for you.

But I'm willing to wager that for the majority of us, this journey hasn't been anything even resembling easy. Not in the least.

Our reward for such deep diligence? An edumacation in global economics that even the best of colleges couldn't even dream of offering. As well as a new found knowledge of the true "behind the scenes" going's on that many of us only wish we could unknow.

Yes, for many of us, we've learned more than we ever wanted to know about the rampant corruption that has had our wonderful Country in a stranglehold for far too long. But as with any online course, we don't necessarily get to pick the curriculum. Fortunately, there seems to be an amazing cleanup taking place on Aisle No.1600.

Another thing we've learned in all this time is that this is a process. A process that, albeit excruciatingly slow, believe it or not, is in progress. Simply look around you and the "signs" are everywhere. Progress to the left of us, progress to the right.

And that progress leaves us with no other option than to trust the process. There are no delays, no holdups. Plain and simple, this process simply hasn't reached it's release point as of yet. Hopefully that will soon change.

With the implementation of each phase, there is bound to be unknown issues that will need to be dealt with prior to the release of the next phase.

The real question is how many more phases remain in this process prior to the phase that we all await. The release phase. The phase where the USD goes asset-backed, the USN is released, and we begin to make our appointments. That will be the true sign of progress.

Hang in there fellow currency holders, we're almost there. The process is in progress. We're in the window and sooner, rather than later, we'll all be making our exchange appointments.

Dr. Dinar

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 Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18 Empty Re: Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18

Post by Scotchie on Sun Nov 04, 2018 6:16 pm

No exchanges in the future

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 Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18 Empty Re: Dr. Dinar: Trust the Process 11/3/18

Post by Sam I Am on Sun Nov 04, 2018 10:17 pm

The process is not an RV or GCR. The CBI's monetary reform plan is a redenomination. Whether or not they ever lop there will be no RV/GCR, no matter how much progress Iraq makes or doesn't make. It's all a lie/scam/fantasy.

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