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TNT Chatter 11/2/18

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Post by Ssmith Sat Nov 03, 2018 9:23 am

KitKatattack: What speech did Tony and Ray refer to from President Trump in the call today?

LadyB22: In his speech yesterday, Trump told the whole world, in the second part of his term he was going to wipe out the $20 Trillion debt of America.

Airam: Bush said something similar about the war expenses…….long.long time.ago….Hope this time is true

Skipper2:  from JFK EO 11110 – “In 1961, at my direction, sales of silver were suspended by the Secretary of the Treasury.

As further steps, I recommend repeal of those Acts that oblige the Treasury to support the price of silver;   and repeal of the special 50-percent tax on transfers of interest in silver and authorization for the Federal Reserve System to issue notes in denominations of $1, so as to make possible the gradual withdrawal of silver certificates from circulation and the use of the silver thus released for coinage purposes. I urge the Congress to take prompt action on these recommended changes. ”

57 years later… efforts to replace the FRS with the new, blockchain-based QFS. Drumroll please; secure decentalized architecture + well-engineered internet security = Rothchild “on the ropes”…

Harambe:  Reuters: Struggling to cope, Iranians fear more misery from U.S. sanctions https://reut.rs/2EW7Qs4

Spagetti:  Bank and Market holidays in US this year. https://www.kiplinger.com/article/investing/T038-C000-S001-2018-stock-​market-holidays-bond-market-holidays.html

Lynette Zang:  THE GLOBAL SLOWDOWN: What Could Speed It Up?

Streamed live 16 hours ago


X22 Report:   Published on Nov 2, 2018

Will The US Sanction The Central Banks Payment System? – Episode 1706a

Intel starts at minute 1:20


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