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Becky McGee/Oootah Scam-A-Thon! Becky Has Nothing To Hide? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Becky McGee/Oootah Scam-A-Thon! Becky Has Nothing To Hide?

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Becky McGee/Oootah Scam-A-Thon! Becky Has Nothing To Hide? Empty Becky McGee/Oootah Scam-A-Thon! Becky Has Nothing To Hide?

Post by RamblerNash on Thu Nov 01, 2018 11:01 pm

Becky claims she has nothing to hide! That statement is far from being true.

First, Becky gathers a following, based on the lies spread throughout Dinarland, claiming it's from her sources.

Then she decides to to elicit money from her victims because she has no money for her to move.

When not enough came in, she through a fit and threatened to cancel her calls if folks didn't pony up.

Money started rolling in, but to further prey on her victims, she started to try and help some families in need, through her PayPal account, of course.

Send a little, keep a little, and use those she sent to to bolster that she is doing a good thing. She has to look big in front of her sheep.

As Becky was getting more and more attention to her internet panhandling scheme, she started to have a raffle for ZIM notes to draw some attention away.

Collect a lot and spend so little. At least one person said they didn't receive their prize. It does bring up the question of who is accountable and/or who is holding Becky accountable. The scammers themselves?

There have been many posts and comments on her twitter account, but if you asked the wrong thing or questioned them in any way, you were blocked from doing so again.

Becky, but mainly her followers, were getting a lot of feedback, they say it was negative, on how it was all supposed to work, well kind of. Quite a bit was pointing out the scam that's been going on for years.

That now brings us to Becky's claim that she has nothing to hide. She made her twitter account private, so only her flock can see.

That did not work out so well for Becky. Her posts were still getting out for all to see, showing her scam, and exposing her lies.

That still didn't sit well with Becky, and crew, so they made another private twitter account that required a registration fee to join, to attempt to stop the "Flow Of Information" that she didn't want anyone, but her marks, to see.

Some outright complained, some couldn't afford the $5 (for what ever the reason), some don't have PayPal (and wont get PayPal), others were reluctant, but sent the $5, thinking that they would be left out of the supposed "INTEL" and 800 numbers. Some were even wondering if they were still on their 800 number email list, due to the twitter change.

On another note, Pastor David decided to make a few remarks on twitter, deleted them, and also made his account hidden from view.

Becky, and her team members, will do anything that stops the income from flowing. They will even make things up if they have to. Many have heard Becky's rant on her calls to support her ego, and saw what Pastor David wrote. A distinguished member at Dinar Daily indicated that these are "playground insults". I happen to agree.

If you have nothing to hide, why all of a sudden hide, unless your running a scam? What could Becky possibly be afraid of, if everything is legitimate?

Will Becky put out the PayPal address, or gofundme page, of the families she would like to have you help so you can select them directly? That would certainly take her out of the loop. Didn't she post a receipt to a PayPal recipient?

If Becky truly wants to help get the message out about helping families in need, why hide her account? No can see it, but her sheeple, and no one can retweet it spreading the word around for more to see. That is of course, it's not all a scam...

Becky also claims the "ZIM" is a bond. She has a website, but wont put anything on there backing it up or talk about it on her calls, with the details. Is Becky just parroting what the other Gurus are saying? Do the other Gurus have the proof?

Two simple questions that she can't answer:

Where is the money going to come from and who is going to pay someone an outstanding amount of money for a demonetized currency (ZWR aka ZIM)?

When did the "ZIM", issued as a currency, convert into a "Bond"?

Becky, The proof is in the pudding, pumpkin.












(Courtesy to Ssmith)

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