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Tank -  "Why Tank and Kim are No Longer Relevant" by Reallucky1 - 10/27/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Why Tank and Kim are No Longer Relevant" by Reallucky1 - 10/27/18

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Tank -  "Why Tank and Kim are No Longer Relevant" by Reallucky1 - 10/27/18 Empty "Why Tank and Kim are No Longer Relevant" by Reallucky1 - 10/27/18

Post by Ssmith Sun Oct 28, 2018 8:26 am

Good afternoon family,

I am not writing this to put Tank or Kim down, just to let people know what I believe is the truth after reading and researching for several years.

First, Kim did have the power she professes, but it is to the old finanicial system not the NEW QFS or the CIPS system. She was in charge and granted powers under the Draconian and Khazarian system of the SWIFT finanical fiat money system. Which by now most know has been removed or in in the process of being removed. The main reason none of her transactions go through is the old is being eliminated and the banks have orders from the highest sources not to allow these transactions. You would think someone of Tanks abilities would know that that after a good 10 months of being involved with her.

What has happened is he has believed her to the point of losing the support and blessings of this community. I am not one to argue or disagree just want to point out a few facts that can not be denied by anyone.

First, to get to the truth I use longevity as a strong guideline as anyone that has stuck around for over ten years through this battlefield, gains my respect for the long haul of this operation. I do not believe anyone thought we would still be here in October 2018 waiting for the RV or RI of the currency old fiat money system to change over to the new Quantum Financial system.

I have followed Neil Kennan for many years, and he has had more battles and death threats and if you read his story recently posted on IDC, the whole 120 pages you would know more about what is really going on, I personaly read the entire article from beginning to end. Its the last two pages that really got my attention. First he calls out all the staged and fake people that tried to infiltrate the system along the way OPPT, and specifically calls out Heather Tucci Jarraf, as a fake. He also calls out SwissIndo (This one was hard for me because I truly believed the Swissindo stories), He also calls out the fake Mr Sino not to be confused with the real Mr Seno. He also calls out whistleblower Karen Hudes and many others. His timelines ends about 2016, but what I thought was most interesting is that Kim Possible the Draconian Queen was never even mentioned.

I believe because Kim did not come on the scene until January 2018. By this time, the new system was already taken over. She may have some actual evidence like plates and codes that were active that have been changed and why when she puts in her codes the system does not work. This may be why the banks continually have people trying to hack the system. The old system that is and why none of the banks honor her codes.

It would be easy to be mistaken if it looks like when you put in the codes the transactions will work, only to be stopped midprocess and not be allowed to go through. Any of this sound familiar, like the TDA accounts we tried to access with the Harvey Dent and Heather Tucci Jarraf situation.

I personally worked with Tank (Steve Rowe) and know that he is a smart man, but he has been bamboozeled by Kim, and does not stop and realize why none of this stuff is working now. You think the banks would not honor a true recipient of the funds? No, by law they cannot. But if the codes and the access terminals have been changed for humanirian purposes, then none of the transactions will go through.

This does not mean Kim nor Tank are bad people, it just means things have changed and that all the articles in the world, and explaining the Assassination of the US economony will not change the fact that the White Hats and Alliance and even the leaders of the world have changed the system.

Its foul proof and will not be hacked or used by anyone regardless of what codes or authority a person not on the corrected system has access too.

Most interesting to me, is the fact that in the end, Neil Kennan the man who has been named the Amanah and the true N1 not M1, but which means the same thing is now the guardian of the underground wealth of the Indonesian people. The US Treasury, not Steve Mnunchin as he was a Cabal penetrator and will be publicly named to be removed sometme in the future. Tank got that part correct. But he changed the truth about the Manna World Holding Trust, which is DEAD. That is the reason when the Saudi Arabian government which tried to pay off the US for the death of the journalist in the Turkey embassy with the fake Gold bonds that listed the Manna World Holding Trust, Steve Mnunchin knew they were WORTHLESS. Mnunchin went to Saudi Arabia, against the Presidents orders.

All the money from the Manna World Trust and the TDA accounts have now been moved into the US Treasury. Neil Kennan named many people with which to trust these kind of surprised me but once again, I go with longevity of the mentioned. He named Anna Von Reitz, which I have followed for years and this name really surprised me but Drake Bailey was also named. This would give you an idea of people that can be trusted.

Neil Kennan has been fighting the good fight for humanity since 2010, living in the Asian hideouts around the world, and facing numerous death threats, poisonings and lose of his long time accomplices.

Now after the Amanah celebration held just a few days ago, I believe Neil Kennan is the Trustee that the US Treasury is working with and that Kim Possible has been replaced as the Manna World Holding Trusts are completely DEAD as named by Mr. Ed and Intel Sitrep report dated October 25 as well as several other soures. Use your own discernment, but I read many people that said they were confused or get sick when they read the printed material of Tank and Kim. They are still trying to convince us, I do not know why beause the truth is either believed or not. Continually laying it out there does not make it true, I believe the truth they used to have on their side has been changed and is no longer relative and why none of there transactions work. Its not a mistake, Kim was named by the Draconians as laid out by Anna Von Reitz, it is just now that I get to read that from other people, but I now know that that is what I believe to be the truth,.

You do not have to listen or believe me, do some research go to the NeilKennan.com Group K site, and under the timeline and historical events read the stories and follow the links. Also AnnaVonReitz.com has a thousand different articles to read through. The Asians obviously trust Neil Kennan, as he is there N1 and the only Westerner to ever enter their underground bunkers.

Hope this is helpful and you feel more informed of why the stories continue to be misinformation.



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