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Tank - Steffen Rowe/Tank   "Walk" - SPEAK Intel Update   10/24/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Steffen Rowe/Tank "Walk" - SPEAK Intel Update 10/24/18

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Tank - Steffen Rowe/Tank   "Walk" - SPEAK Intel Update   10/24/18 Empty Steffen Rowe/Tank "Walk" - SPEAK Intel Update 10/24/18

Post by Ssmith Thu Oct 25, 2018 9:26 am

Tank - Steffen Rowe/Tank   "Walk" - SPEAK Intel Update   10/24/18 Tank_112

24 October, 2018 11:22


Update: 11:16 AM 10/23/2018

Our walk through life is our testimony. Right now theres a growing concern about a convoy of so called refugees allegedly walking across Honduras, through Guatemala and Mexico towards the US border. Last I heard numbers were up to 17,000, mostly white males of fighting age, a majority of the actual Hondurans had turned around to head home, a 100 or so ISIS members were identified, gang members from MS-13 were identified, and a mix of middle easterners were all included in the mix.

This situation is a classic False Flag with real consequences. It’s false because these so called refugees were being paid to march by one of George Sorros’s minions, and their entire effort was organized by someone from California. It would take them 68 days to walk that far but somehow, they’re scheduled to be here just before primaries after only a few weeks. This is in large part due to the travel arrangements made by the organizer. People were loaded into trucks designed to carry lifeless cargo, to be hauled across multiple countries. In other words, it’s not the oppressive government of a third world country coincidentally forcing them out just in time to make it to the United States to vote. There is no evil dictator for us to be mad at or some Super Villain for us to fear. It’s a fake narrative created to program our expectations, opinions, and beliefs.

The damage however, will be real. Our borders are protected by people with guns, charged to make real time decisions to protect the American people. If thousands of exhausted people, hungry, thirsty, and determined were to start to tare down the fences at the Mexico/US border, there’s a good chance that trained military soldiers will see this as a viable threat. If that threat puts the soldiers in danger or compromises the integrity of the country’s safety, then they will be charged to make a decision in that moment.

One can imagine how this serves a nefarious agenda. The Deep State has created another situation to guide our understanding of a false reality we have commonly accepted as fact. If the convoy is allowed to come through freely, President Trump will lose support from his base for not tightening security at the border. This would potentially allow terrorists to sneak in as well, by overwhelming the border security with the sheer numbers. In addition, this would send a strong message to the world about a very weakened Government in the United States. It could make us appear compromised due to a strong political divide amongst the leadership, and ideological differences amongst the people. All of these issues combined means allowing the masses to cross the border is not an option.

The military has been deployed to secure the border and a stand off at the border has disastrous potential. Crowd psychology is an often discussed phenomenon that tries to explain how a peaceful protest or gathering can suddenly turn into a violent rioting mob. One doesn’t have to stretch to see how this building situation has many outcomes that could cost human life.

The soldiers on location are young men and women who have probably not had too much experience with crowds of this capacity that they have to turn away. If a soldier feels threatened and responds with force before the crowd does something that actually requires such action, the crowd could suddenly unify with an “us against them” mentality that could result in a type of organized chaos.

With a new sense of purpose, recalling years of oppression from their version of the Deep State, the crowd could transmute those experiences towards the soldiers as a symbol of that authority, quickly identifying them as their actual oppressor. With a sudden sense of ill advised courage, some triggered programming, and a massive number of seemingly unified people behind them, an energy takes over that inspires individuals to act in ways they normally wouldn’t. Most people will avoid violence in their day to day life, but everyone has a breaking point. As a member of the crowd it’s easy for that energy to drive the behavior of even the most peaceful person.

When this happens to an individual they are usually detained and calmed down. When this mentality effects a crowd, a mob of angry and morally compromised people suddenly become a danger to themselves and to others. This is like setting off a firecracker in a room filled fireworks.

The soldiers are well trained and loyal to the oath they’ve sworn to protect the country against threats both foreign and domestic. They could find themselves dramatically out numbered, but well armed. It will only take one shot fired to turn a bad situation into a historic failure. Even if the shot is fired in the air as a warning, the stimulation of this can activate a fearful response from a few that sparks the fight response to the group. With the crowd suddenly feeling like they have no choice but to fight for their life, anything is possible.

At that point the potential for massive casualties to unarmed “refugees” becomes a very real threat. This would serve the Deep State/Shadow Government’s agenda by giving the faction determined to discredit President Trump, the opportunity to gather sound bites, visuals, and misinformation to use against him in an effort to take away the momentum he’s built coming up to the primaries. The scary part is that this scenario is not only possible, it’s probable.

Foreign civilian casualties is a bad public relations move, but if one of the American soldiers is hurt, or worse yet killed, it becomes political suicide. We Americans love our mass media. Many of us grew up with a TV playing in the background with everything we did. They control what we want by telling us what to be excited by, discouraged by, disgusted by, and so on, and so on. The majority of the population still believes the Government acts in their best interests and the media just reports the news. In reality, if we want to have those luxuries then the Nation famously founded by, for, and of the people will need those people to step up and get involved to demand accountability from the Government and truth in journalism.

This is why we love President Trump. Because he’s not a politician. He appears to be one of the people with the courage and bravado to call out the nonsense we’ve all seen but felt powerless to change. And somehow, he’s our President, yielding the power to actually change the corrupt system of stagnation and control.

The mainstream is still not our friend. They are fighting desperately to maintain their current status and have demonstrated no integrity or fair balance in their reporting. CNN has become so desperate that they’ve set up African Americans to use intentionally racist terms to towards Rapper,Kanye West to try and fire up the self indignation of the violent sect of the Democratic Party. The obvious bias and half told stories have become so clear to the discerning viewer that the American people are witnessing a cultural divide unlike anything in history. It is the great awakening.

Behind the scenes, movie producer turned US Secretary of the Treasury has been advocating for the legitimacy of the Rothschild claims of superiority since he first took his position. Reports say that he was recently appointed as the new Head of the Cabal, a position allegedly held by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Eric Prince, and Dick Cheney. He has currently been relieved if his duties as the Secretary of the Treasury after refusing to follow any Presidential direction. This hasn’t been reported in the media yet but a clear sign was his trip to Saudi Arabia after declaring that he and President Trump decided he would not go. He went to try and retrieve funds for the military from a separate source rather than accept the funds allocated by the MWHT (that we’ll just refer to as “the Trust”).

The afore mentioned is the entity that houses the assets of the world. In 1978 every country in the world dedicated their assets both in-ground and mined in return for an allocation of US Dollars. By 2007 the Trust has taken possession of all the assets in the world. The various Dragon families, sometimes called the Cabal, the Order or the Illuminati, were just front organizations lead to believe they were the world elite rulers, divinely appointed to rule the planet in any way they saw fit.

They would take possession of the assets and submit them to the Trust as part of the Asset Redemption Program. In return they would receive an allocation of currency complete with an allocation number connecting their cash to the asset itself. The ability to turn assets into spendable currency has always existed under UCC Law at the M1 level. The Trust is the only entity able to legally execute that procedure.

Lord Rothschild made the statement
“Give me control of a nation’s currency and I care not who runs the government.”

At the core of all this political posturing and impotent governing is a war over the control of the money. All of the elected officials have been in the con benefiting from the structure set in place to enslave humanity. They have all had some illusion that they were powerful, not recognizing that they too were enslaved to a system that does not care if they live or die.

The money has always acted as the chains of our enslavement and allowed them to control us. They used the banks to control the flow of money deciding who would get paid and how much. The bankers lost control of the Trust after the untimely demise of the previous Comptroller.

This left all of the money the Dragon families stole stranded on the back ledger. They haven’t had access to these accounts since 2007. A new comptroller and Trustee was set in place in 2012 and has been the first one over these accounts to ever act in the best interests of the people and life on Earth. The war has waged between them since the Trustee decided to empower the people instead of fueling the genocide of 90% of the human population proudly displayed by the Cabal on the Georgia Guide-stones. For those of you actively opposing her efforts, make no mistake, you are supporting your own extinction.

This agenda has been broadly accepted by anyone who gains the financial capital or position of power where they feel counted amongst the elite that would be allowed to survive this evil planetary cleanse. This is why President Trump is such an anomaly. He’s been counted amongst the elite, but never bought into their agenda. He identifies with the people and advocates for our right to thrive.

That’s THRIVE, not just survive.

We have lived our entire lives as slaves to an authority that created an illusionary existence, hiding our true power, and burying us all in debt, shame, and a controlled messaging. The previous World Dictator’s life came to an abrupt end just a couple of years ago. He ruled the world by creating the illusion of separate Governments, religions, and races using them to start wars between us constantly. This tactic made it so the outcome of every conflict worked to the benefit of this ruler regardless of who the victor was. By keeping us in a constant state of chaos we were never able to see that we were both being manipulated and controlled.

The Dragon Families were the top of the slave chain, obediently carrying out the orders at the behest of the various factions that they served beneath the former planetary Dictator. They were told their bloodline was special and made them superior to the rest of us. This is why they operate with such arrogance and contempt for the human race. They have been following the Dictator’s last orders ever since his demise believing he will rise from the dead and they will be rewarded. They have held on to execute their plan to eliminate a majority of the population and remain the power center over every Government and soul on the planet. This is the fight we’re in now. It is a fight for control of each of our lives and the right to live free.

The walking refugees are just one of the many attempts being made to disgrace President Trump. It’s shameful really. The big move was the false sexual assault allegations against Trump’s nomination for the Supreme Court. They attacked with a CIA operative, paid for by Black Water to disgrace and distract from the real issues. This triggered the deepest defense mechanism of a population filled with unacknowledged personal experiences if abuse in an attempt to cause a civilian war. Not long after, a law suit was filed against the President by an Adult Film Star that resulted in her having to pay for President Trump’s legal fees, and brought attention to her lawyer unveiling unpaid taxes in the millions. The media attacks with a constant barrage of linguistic programming designed to plant thoughts in our subconscious that later masquerade as our own ideas. This is a system of attack designed to overwhelm the truth that has finally found a voice strong enough to drown out the lies.

Kim-Possible, the Comptroller, Trustee, and Custodian for the Trust has been working with President Trump’s team to assist in bringing down the Deep State. At this point the Trust, the assets held within, and Kim’s authority over it have been validated and cleared by the UST, BIS, NSA, FBI, Homeland Security, CIA, Bank of London, the White House, and every nation in the world. Knowing that might make you wonder why it is that significant funding hasn’t come in for projects, infrastructure, or other types of relief.

This is where we win or lose based on our ability to hear, accept, and act upon the truth. The Banks have defied Government authority to accept our transfers even after they themselves have cleared them. The Bankers and the Dragons are one in the same, and they have drawn a line to ensure that no significant money comes into the United States. It’s a war between us and the banks. The joke is that the Trust holds every holding trust that backs the back ledger of every major bank. The Trust is the master ledger that all others are measured by.

The Bankers, Chinese Elders, Rothschilds, Deep State, Cabal, have created the illusion that they are the good guys by intoxicating the semi enlightened masses with promises of unlimited wealth for those holding certain foreign currency. A revaluation is promised and has been expected not only by people by by countries all over the world. Massive debts have been paid off to countries counting on this insurgence of wealth from the Chinese Elders. Most countries are still expecting the Chinese faction of the Dragon families to take their turn on the seat of power over the world.

But as I have said repeatedly, the Chinese Elders, the Rothschilds, The Clinton’s, the Bush’s, nor any of the various blood line families who try to lay claim have ANY access to the global collateral accounts, or any of the money held in the Trust. The claims that people make about speaking to the one’s who are “really in charge” are just not true. These well intentioned individuals are being deceived and leading others down a path that does not pay out at the end.

The Order is working to execute their plan, and they have considered us little more than a speed bump on the road to world domination, mass extinction and the creation of their own personal utopia. They are not able to see how far we’ve come. Even now, that they are defeated their arrogance and lack of respect for humanity won’t allow them to accept it as real. They expect one of their false gods to rise from the dead and restore their glory in some way.

It is an arduous journey and victory goes to those that endure to the end.

We have a window to liberate the human soul from bondage and oppression. It requires humanity to choose life over death, service to others over service to self, trust over fear, and love over hate. These are decision we make everyday, and their repetition and consistency creates the pattern which broadcasts the frequency that creates our reality.

We are just about ready to bring in funding to rebuild and revitalize the planet. Many won’t accept it even if it’s offered for fear they won’t be allowed to exchange. As we press forward the world will change dramatically as we get to build the world we’ve always dreamed of creating. The desperation and fear that has allowed the Dragons to control us is merely a figment of our imagination. All of our changes, our realities, our victories, and our losses exist within us. Our efforts can best be appreciated with a personal detailed investigation of essential matters of our own heart and mind.

The paid caravan marching across Mexico as I write has reminded me of something that I think is valuable. The narrative meant to scare us is about people marching that have nothing. When they get here they’ll be tired, dehydrated, and hungry. They are symbols of all of us desperately marching towards freedom. As a group they have struck fear into the American people, and stood down two government’s border security to get to us. The story was designed to create fear. But for those if you reading this it should do the opposite.

The secret to accessing our latent powers within is to realize that all things work to the good for those birthed from the substance of love and life. Realize that you are that and walk accordingly.

The caravan headed towards our border are symbolic of the power we possess. Although it’s really filled with paid mercenaries, gang members, and others that are part of the show, we can just abstract the value from the narrative the Cabal has created. With nothing this group of people walking together are immensely powerful. To “walk” means to live. As in live the life as the one you want to be as if the world you want exist is already here. If we walk that way together we too are immensely powerful. When we recognize the unalienable rights of our fellow humans, take a stand for ourselves and each other, there is no force strong enough to stop us when we do.s

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