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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Highlights by Clare 10/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Highlights by Clare 10/22/18

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Highlights by Clare 10/22/18 Empty KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Highlights by Clare 10/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Wed Oct 24, 2018 10:45 am


Clare » October 22nd, 2018

WOW! Frank, Walkingstick, Delta, Angel-1 & Teams!! Where Would We Be Without You All? You All Are Amazing! Many Thanks!!!!!

Frank started out-- Let's Make it to the Finish Line...The Blessing is well calculated...KTFA is well calculating to use this Blessing!

--We are waiting for Art 2 ...from the CBI...

--Symposium @ University of Ceyhan … hosted by CBI representatives... on Iraqi Currency... "Hot Topic"

--WS's firm was there...

--talking about LD's (250, 500, 1000) coins are still currency in translation (LD's or small categories)

--Waiting for Art 2... it will contain pictures/ descriptions/date of RI/ metals will be part of 2nd Art, which only work when 3 zeros are lifted from exchange rate...

--Hundreds asked questions at the end.. WS's firm representatives of 4 banks in Iraq have also asked questions & already have been told, MR is happening.

--Many Symposiums, all over Iraq (tell the citizens what you are doing with your currency)
this info is being presented in stages, well calculated...

--More of Art 2 will be exposing itself due to these meetings & will only bring that 2nd Art faster to us!

--Much was told @ Symposium to cause the Rose to unfold & much was shown!

Frank has no interest in the seating of the Gov. Allawi, Maliki, now Abadi, all have not shown a fully seated Gov. -Mahdi has said he is going to fully seat the Gov. He won't. But it is for a reason...A powerful reason...

Symposium Questions :

Question: about small category notes/fils/metals ... We know you are in the process to release this info

When will we see this happening?

Ans: The process is ongoing with the CBI and in motion.

Question: Your intentions to RI are well known- When will this happen?

Ans: We are a proud people & nation. Iraq is a sovereign nation, a sovereign people with a sovereign currency & plan to be international.

Question: The value of currency is still at PR, when will this change?

Ans: We are undervalued, yes, we should equal the US Dollar.

They were trying to circumvent the date and rate...the Answer is Art 2!

There is NO Denial...Admission, it is in progress and coming about soon!

-Article form, to Video, to Symposium..to straight from the horse's mouth (suitable environment)

Question: What about ongoing training for the currency, when will you teach them about small categories?

Ans: Classes to begin.

WS's firm asked questions because they know them very well...great to hear a voice from a CBI representative with no fear & answers the questions! To hear it was motivating to Frank's teams! (and how motivating and what a blessing, that we also are privy to all this)!

(Big thank you to WS & your Associates! We wish you the very best, huge, success with your firm & all your endeavors).

At symposium were billboards/white board screens/overheads...the next they are to have on them is pictures like we saw on the article (Sunday) from Samson, titled "The Arab Monetary Fund is Discussing with the Central Bank & the Association of Iraqi Private Banks to strengthen the concepts of financial inclusion"

Wow...hope you did not miss that article and pictures!! The CBI got hold of AMF and those pics, of those men were all smiles!

They were presenting small category notes & metals from 1947... why? Because Alaq is using something they used to show, in place of what he can't show, until they lift the value of the currency.

1 dinar note from 1947 & coins ...given to AMF as a gift, which has a lot of meaning ...WS's firm banks Representatives were at that meeting...they are sure about the old currency... Not uncommon for Alaq to give these to important people as a gift..
"A gesture of what the CBI is soon to introduce" Alaq can not disclose the pictures yet but uses what they used to use before program rate... More evidence of Art 2 inching closer & closer!! That picture is a precursor of Art 2 which will show small category notes/metals/everything else...

AMF was going to play a very important part of the MR, for them to be presented with that gift is a reason...

WS Article-USA will shut down anybody in Iraq that shows pro-Iranian support....Bad Mistake

especially after Nov. 4th (testing 1, 2, 3...)

Article-"Mnuchin Open to Change in Currency Test as U.S. Spars With China" Mnuchin in Jerusalem, the first stop of a six-country tour of the Middle East this week... how many countries in Basket?

The USD is being used in the ME...part of this tour is on Iraqi subjects.

-Nov. 4th Iran Oil Embargo goes in effect, along with all the others already in effect...means Iran can not do business with the USD...Mnuchin in ME..he has a large part of what CBI is doing...Mnuchin to reinforce sanctions of Iran (don't use USD)

Nov.4th Iran Oil Embargo/ Nov. 6th Elections in USA

WS-A lot is happening right now... things concerning reform not even in print... education process on small categories & metals not started, they're not out yet...begins with Art 2..

-Art 2 is the start of the End...

Note Abadi still PM with his seated Gov. for a good reason..

Delta- Nov. 4th Iran sanctions -toughest ever...SWIFT will be disconnected.. can not wire money or use USD

IHO CBI knows exactly what will happen...needs to act fast...

-CBI updated Financial Statement-Currency Issuance Expenses…. $54,553,333

-printing is not stopping, introduce it gradually...

-Iran can't use USD Holy week coming up, have to pay a fee to get there..1 Million Iranians to visit

made IQD attractive right now...more demand on IQD now! Iraq is all the focus right now "Babylon is going to rise"-Delta. All eyes on Iraq...will be very successful!

I-Team & 2 other Teams in their opinion, reporting 2-3 weeks they are seeing large volumes of IQD moving from 1 bank to another/from 1 nation to another...very interesting!

WS- 5 More questions (only answers sent...)

1. Answer: We are going to mint coins.

2. Answer: Return to it's former exchange.

3. Answer: We are a sovereign currency.

4. Answer: Dinar strong to the World.

5. Answer: Believe to be environment.

Frank shared some very wise words at the end,regarding this wealth transfer...I would encourage everyone to listen to this call again, it is so worth it!

A big shout out to Tink, all the Admins, Don & Samson...KTFA is Outstanding!

Bravo, Frank, Walkingstick & all Teams...we appreciate you all and all you have done! Blessings to you all....

This CC is in Frank's opinion and this post is in my opinion.


Wednesday Night KTFA CC 3-12-18

The first part is business Promo and the second part is Dinar/Iraq Intel

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 KTFA CC w/ Frank26, DELTA Highlights by Clare 10/22/18 Ic-field-logo

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