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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/22/18 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/22/18

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/22/18 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/22/18

Post by Ssmith on Tue Oct 23, 2018 7:23 am

RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/22/18 Tony_p11

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff notes by Sunny)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! We are going to bring somebody else on the call. I want you to hear what he has to say. Then we’ll talk about it.

Person we’ve been hearing from for years.  (at this point Tony’s voice became garbled)

Ray: . . .After that we will do the updates and that will take us into the call.

Guest Caller, Tacoma, Washington:  Approx 10 minutes before closing here in Washington I went in to cash my paycheck and inquired about the IQD.  Teller said wait a minute then she said it will be $1.67 to sell to us.  Then another teller said it’s $1.25 for us to buy it.  They asked how much I wanted to sell them.  I said 300,000 and she went to get assistance.  Then they did the calculation again and the manager calls someone and then she said if you do over 250,000 (notes or $ ?) we can give you a higher rate.  It was WS bank that we trade with.  She said she would get back with me on Monday.

“I was so ecstatic sitting there with thinking I could walk out the door with over $250,000.  That particular day I did not have the IQD with me.  I was inside the bank, with the doors locked, and security in the bank.  It was a good, good experience.  Really I was expecting .84 cents but they said $1.25.  This was on Friday.”

They printed out for me the ??? with rates that indicated $1.25.  I had to sit back in the chair and take a deep breath.  I said I needed to get the dinar and return with it.  While I was sitting there they were standing over me.  It took three of them.  They counted 2-3 times.   They are going to do the math over and over again . . . the key point was anything over 250,000 (notes or dollars ??) of exchange they will give you a higher rate.

Tony:   Why should I believe you?

Caller:  I had the paper showing the rate and the amount.

Tony:  You went back on Saturday.  What happened?

Caller:  When they called back into the system it was grayed out and she was having technical difficulty logging in. Then Saturday morning she tried to reboot it.

Tony:  This morning, 10 minutes ago you tried again this morning.

Caller:   Teller told me the manager was downtown at a meeting and would relay a message to call me back.  Still awaiting to hear from them.  Must be something big taking place right now for her to leave her location and go to it.  She had already told me I would get a small percentage in cash and the rest in cashier checks even though I was not an account holder there.

Tony:   This is where he would normally go to cash his paychecks.  There was some relationship there.

Tony: On Friday, while we were doing our call, we were informed there was a memo going out to at least 7 banks.  We started to verify that even while we were on the call.  Heard that was not supposed to happen before hours of closing.  Some banks said they never received it.

We talked to somebody at Wells at a higher level.  Told rate was $1.25, then Saturday $2.25 but not authorized to do any exchanges until Monday.  Supposed to start on Monday.  Waiting to get more updates from bank.  They are in a meeting.   That’s what was supposed to happen over the weekend.  That’s what is to happen this week.   We are in a good position!

Ray: . . . Updates that went out over the weekend:

TNT UPDATES, Sunday, October 21, 2018

Update #1: Parliament meets today to resolve 70% or more of Mahdi’s cabinet selections amidst assurances that he would not select previous ministers of PM Abadi cabinet or any deputies from the current session.

The intent is to conclude that the votes on the government of Mahdi does not exceed this week.

A memo, intended for banks to arrive late Friday evening, has not appeared with some banks and did with others. The basic emphasis is on expected changes on Forex. Let’s just wait and see what happens later today when it opens. Screens were grayed out over the weekend. #wearethepeople

Update #2:  News reports indicate that cabinet names are to be submitted on Monday and votes taken on Wednesday

Tony:  Articles out this morning saying they will vote on Wednesday. . . Thursday.   Articles out saying ‘don’t believe the articles.’  Articles saying they agreed to let Mahdi select his own.  I do look for it to get done.  Articles out the US going to support the new government as long as they get rid of Iranian military forces and Iran will support them as long as they get the US out of Iraq.

They only thing that can be agreed on is it will not be 2019.  By the end of this month is when they are actually shooting for.

All excitement for today is because the Arab Monetary fund got together, banking boys got together and the President was presented with a gift of the fils and lower denom’s.  That’s the picture we sent out.  They are not on the street or out but you can see it is real and is going to happen.  Putting out articles like these so if you’d been paying attention you should see this. . . or this.  In the article said they are ready to do this and including all of their monetary, financial institutions in the process.

They are including the little guys (small banks) The biggest issue right now is the majority of the banks are government owned and they are trying to change that.  Trying to put some of them together.  Some are crooked and don’t want someone else looking over there shoulder.

Some people tell you they got to clean up the government first.  . . that is a long process.  You cannot get rid of all the corruption in 48 hours. . .

CURRENT WINDOW:  Tony:  banks were ready and trying to do something and then they changed the dates on them.  They are having meetings right now today!

Tony:  They take the vote, pass the ministers.  Then we just wait for this to take affect.  . . I know they are ready but for some reason keep putting it off.


CBI: used the Arab Monetary Fund to release information of the LD’s and fills.   See AMF under Int’l heading.

Parliament:  Vote to take place Wednesday or Thursday.

Media:  Many, many articles out this morning.  Contradictory articles and . . .  Tony:  Articles out saying ‘don’t believe the articles.’ . . . they are putting out information but you have to pick the pieces to find information.


AMF – Arab Monetary Fund:  Photo TNT tweeted out this morning was an announcement showing the presentation of framed IQD lower denom’s and fils to the President of the AMF.  The small Iraq banks were also there to see the presentation.  Tony:  It’s 36″ X 24″.  Rather big.  Four bills and multiple coins.  Actual bills and coins framed as a gift.

Currencies:  Last rates Tony got for the Dong was over $1.50.


Banks: Bank meetings going on today.  Tony:  People from Wells (Fargo) that it was going live Saturday. . . again this morning.

Taxes:   Ray:  No update on taxes today.

800 #’s:  UST and the banks chose who get’s the 800#’s.  They chose five people.  Once they are out they can be copied and published elsewhere.  Tony:  We are on that list.

EXCHANGING:   Tony:  We are looking prior to opening or close of the banks.  I know they are prepared to begin within 1-2 hours. . . no one has been asked for receipts yet.

Now saying 30 million people with dinar.  Banks are acknowledging they will be challenged to have enough wealth managers to service the new wealthy.

ZIM Information:  No update yet.


Tony . . . Okay guys. Basically pay attention to the articles.  The information is definitely coming out, a piece here, piece there so in the end they can say, ‘we put it out there, you just weren’t paying attention.’

Bank meetings today.  Did not go like they wanted last week.  New day, new plan today.  Based on what GOI is doing and when they will take the vote once again.

From others over in Iraq, ready to go.  Everything again at the AMF.  Go read the article.  Says, “We are ready to go!” Put out another article that explains the history of CBI and GOI, Abadi’s accomplishments and their accomplishments since 2003.  In the end it says, “We are ready to go to complete the reforms!”

It has to happen and we know the plan is to get it done one day this month, hopefully by the end of the month so we can go with stage two at TNT.  Enjoy the rest of your day.  We are going to see what happens when the guy comes back from the bank.  We will put out an update.  Whatever it is, we’ll go from there.

Ray . . .This is marvelous Monday.  Between now and Wednesday anything new to pop out we will send out an update. (played “I Believe.”)

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   10/22/18 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 10/22/18

Post by MidnightRider on Tue Oct 23, 2018 12:14 pm


Tony . . . Okay guys. Basically pay attention to the articles.  The information is definitely coming out, a piece here, piece there so in the end they can say, ‘we put it out there, you just weren’t paying attention.’

Seems this goes against the mantra of "watch what they do, not what they say."  Phony tony cannot even keep his stories straight from one call to the next.  One thing for sure, he will tell you it is happening next week.  LOL
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